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Executive Marketing Positions

  • VP Workplace Solutions (Business Dining), ARAMARK
  • VP Product Development, NutriSystem
  • Executive Director, New Products, Johnson & Johnson
  • VP Marketing, Zany Brainy
  • General Manager, New Ventures Group, Campbell Soup Company


  • Innovative new products, services, processes, and business systems for B2C & B2B,
  • Food and consumer healthcare verticals
  • Creative strategies to build brands and product lines efficiently and effectively
  • Unique customer insights, based on a mix of intuition and analytics, that drive productive solutions to business issues
  • Experience with Fortune 100 corporations as well as start-ups, as both internal executive and consultant.
  • Entrepreneurial zeal based on extensive real-world experience

Where Phyllis Can Help Your Company

  • Driving strategic planning processes to determine your best long-term growth strategies
  • Discerning where your growth opportunities lie within your current portfolio and/or with new products
  • Sharpening your branding, clarifying your unique selling proposition, and refining your product portfolio for maximum profitability
  • Supporting employee engagement in any/all projects to gain ‘buy-in’ and commitment from all involved

Success Stories

  • Led cross-functional teams to build over a dozen world-class profitable business lines with realized revenues exceeding $500M
  • Drove acquisition of Viactiv Calcium Chews for J&J, doubling sales in three years to $45M
  • Developed new product/usage for Keebler Big Cheez-Its crackers and Vlasic Sandwich stackers, resulting $100M+ in sales for each brand
  • Launched 3fresh Market Café, an innovative food service business model designed for mid-sized corporate dining venues

Phyllis Levy Biography

Phyllis Savar Levy is a nationally respected developer, acquirer, and marketer of new products and services for companies such as Campbell Soup, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, and GlaxoSmithKline. Her career spans over 25 years as both an executive within and as a consultant to Fortune 500 firms in the food, pharmaceutical, and general consumer packaged goods industries. She is known for her ability to integrate creativity and analytics for innovative product development and branding strategies that yield dramatic sustainable results. 

Prior to joining the Chief Outsiders team, Levy most recent corporate assignment was to serve as VP-Workplace Solutions for Business Dining at ARAMARK, where she pioneered a new dining services business model. She also made a major contribution as VP-Product Development for NutriSystem, in creating a new product development process to establish that company's portfolio approach to weight management. Business concepts ranged from introduction of unique economy-driven short-term initiatives to creation of longterm revenue stream opportunities, targeting multiple new consumer segments.  Prior senior management roles included Executive Director for New Products for McNeil Nutritionals (J&J) and VP-Marketing for Zany Brainy.

Levy also has significant experience as a consultant, having launched her own boutique consultancy, The Outrepreneur Group (TOG) in 1994.   She established TOG to lend her expertise as a strategic consultant to other companies trying to achieve significant growth. Among her early assignments, she developed a start-up business plan for VTV, a company in the videoconferencing market; engineered the re-launch of Transderm-Scop, a prescription scopolamine patch product for Novartis;  led the strategic planning process for QVC; and helped Sunshine Biscuits launch its first successful new product launch in five years, Big Cheez-Its. 

Levy enjoyed early career success at Kraft Foods, marketing brands such as Jell-O and D-Zerta gelatins, and at GlaxoSmithKline. She first developed her expertise in new product development at the Campbell Soup Company, leading the team responsible for creating Le Menu frozen dinners, which became a $250MM national brand within two years. As General Manager of the Business Development Group, Levy directed the establishment of a pipeline of five projects, including a full-course weight management line of shelf-stable foods and the innovative launch of a line of microwavable, healthful products. Vlasic Sandwich Stackers, a line of longitudinally sliced sandwich pickles, is one of her more well known new product success stories. Levy has also had significant acquisition experience in the health and wellness category, spearheading the acquisition of Viactiv Soft Calcium Chews for Johnson & Johnson from Bristol Myers Squibb.

Over the past several years Levy has enjoyed her position as a project faculty member of Wharton’s Global Consulting Practicum, advising graduate MBA student teams on international marketing consulting projects, most recently in Peru and Israel.  She has also taught Entrepreneurial Marketing at Wharton to both undergraduate and MBA students. 

Levy holds an M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing from The Wharton School.