Executive Marketing Positions:

  • Vice President, Marketing, Danaher, Gilbarco Veeder-Root
  • Vice President, Marketing and Engineering, Outdoor Technologies Inc.
  • Senior Vice-President, Marketing, Interim CMO, Cv International Inc.
  • Sales & Marketing Manager - Canada, Black & Decker Inc.
  • Director of Global Marketing, Stanley Works


  • Bachelor of Commerce, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • MBA, Wake Forest University


  • Identifying/developing executable growth and profit expansion strategies in B2B and B2C durable goods and services environments
  • Utilizing segmentation, market analysis and customer input to establish effective brand positioning and value propositions
  • Achieving competitive differentiation and improving channel and sales force effectiveness
  • Global leadership via development of innovative, effective marketing and operations strategies
  • Partnership and acquisition strategies to accelerate core growth
  • Pricing and go to market strategies

Where Richard Can Help Your Business

  • Translating your firm's vision into clear customer them into clear benefits and growth areas
  • Helping you identify opportunities for repositioning, line extensions/eliminations, and new product/category development
  • Clarifying the messaging utilized by your sales team and channel partners to improve sales effectiveness
  • Evaluating and assisting with your acquisition and partnership strategy, due diligence and integration
  • Identifying and leveraging consumer or customer insights that can drive sales and brand/business growth

Success Stories

  • Transformed Danaher- Gilbarco's product from a gas pump to a media center by developing new products, promotional techniques and services that resulted in over $200M in incremental industry valuation
  • Helped Danaher-Gilbarco capture over 85% share and revitalize its brand in key industrial market segment, and convert competitive distribution to exclusively support the program
  • Repositioned Black & Decker DustBuster product to enter new market segment, expanded market share through distribution partnerships, and converted competitive distribution to exclusively support new product line
  • At Stanley, successfully partnered with Wal-Mart to create a Black Friday promotion that delivered the largest order in the divisions history


Richard Browne Biography

A business leader with experience in redefining B2B and B2C strategies and products to achieve growth in North America, Europe and Asia, Richard Browne applies a unique blend of strategy and pragmatism to deliver innovative solutions to business problems. He has led the turnaround of struggling businesses by identifying opportunities for improvements in market expansion, product features, price capture, , promotion and sales force/channel effectiveness.  His emphasis on understanding the drivers of channel partners has seen him “carrying the bag” as a national account manager, working on construction sites and MRO counters, pumping gas and selling on the retail floor. By understanding users' applications and buying motives as well as a company's channel needs and goals, Browne develops effective strategies that expand operating income and enhance brand positioning. His teams’ efforts have resulted in numerous "Best New Product" and "Supplier of the Year" awards.

Prior to becoming a Chief Outsider, Browne provided strategic marketing leadership for Danahers (NYSE DHR – Fortune 200) Gilbarco Veeder-Root business.  During his 9 years with Gilbarco, his team significantly increased average selling price, expanded market share in both retail and commercial markets, integrated acquisitions to expand the product and geographic footprint, and improved channel relations. These efforts improved the firm's Net Promoter Score and resulted in multiple “Best New Product of the Year” awards. 

At Stanley, Browne increased the firm's profitability and helped globalize its mechanics tools business. He developed clear brand positioning and supporting product strategies, identified channel drivers, and performed a competitive gap analysis that allowed the business to expand in North America, Europe and establish a foothold in Asia. Working closely with operations, he was able to optimize value through his understanding of the manufacturing value stream. He introduced innovations in the mature category of wrenches, ratchets and sockets that raised selling prices and won recognition as “Best New Product." A conversion of the (competitor produced) Wal-Mart private label program to a Stanley branded program delivered significant sales growth.

At the start of his career, Browne held the lead marketing position at Commodore Computer in Canada, helping the startup firm differentiate itself from competitors and grow to $100M in sales within two years. Browne also assisted with the brand transition of Black & Decker's small electrics category following B&D’s purchase of the business from GE. He was then promoted to lead the Canadian Power Tool Accessories business, where he converted the leading competitive distributor, gained the first branded listings in the category at the nations largest retailer, and captured the private label supply contract for the customer's largest category.

Browne holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and an MBA from Wake Forest University, where he graduated with top honors. He also holds a Black Belt in Accelerated Product Development (StageGate) and Effective Commercialization Processes.