2020 Vision Marketing Toolkit

The following approach and resource links will help you define,
or refine, your grow plans for meeting your 2020 goals 

Getting from "Here to There"

Your vision for your company in year 2020 is the place to begin. Understanding what "There" looks like - in specifics - is your starting point. But it's not enough to articulate your growth vision. You should also clearly make the case why staying "Here" is unacceptable. Then, plotting your course can begin. Have a look at this diagram and the supporting materials.


Download this PowerPoint Worksheet to Get Started

Also, read this blog post by Chief Outsider, Pete Hayes on "Here to There"


How Will You Approach 2020 Growth?

Let's start by framing up a simplified way to approach your growth vision. While it's tempting to jump to the executional steps for generating more business, it's actually most effective to start with bringing your business and marketing strategy into clear alignment with the customers you serve. The following "Growth Gears" model was developed as a result of research at a major university. Big news: When companies deploy a short list of market-focused disciplines, they will grow faster than their industry peers. Have a look:growth-gears-new


While every great vision is informed by gut instinct, every great and lasting organization is built on data-driven insight and a market-perspective. Check it out:


With knowledge gained from market insights, a highly relevant market-focused strategy can be developed. This includes defining the customers and segments served, the offerings that will satisfy demand, priced to maximize a return, and positioned to win.


Go-to-market success requires careful alignment and organizational coordination with the company's strategic plans. Only then can promotional investments deliver results in the most efficient means possible. And with fully transparent objectives and measurement systems, the business stays in touch with successes and realignments to ensure marketing is repeatable, driving profitable growth.

Grow Your Business Profits


Strategic roadmapping is a valuable tool for organizations to collectively visualize its long term strategic direction. In this presentation, Chief Outsider Beth Somplatsky-Martori, shares a simple but powerful approach to this process.roadmapping

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