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Chapter 2: The Fundamental Don’ts of Modern Marketing Transformation

Posted by Craig Oldham

Most CEOs are action-oriented by nature—and get certain results from “just getting it done.” Once the strategic direction is set, they are often pulled into putting out the “tactical” fires. While putting out tactical fires may give you the feeling that you’re making progress, it’s far more important to set your organization up for success by creating a cohesive, growth-oriented business strategy and marketing plan. Transforming into a modern marketing organization involves building an approach based on not only where your company currently is, but where you want it to go. With this mindset, you will realize tangible results faster and more effectively.

Before you build a fully-fledged action plan, it’s critical to understand what not to do. Based on my work with a variety of B2B and B2C businesses who are looking to reenergize their growth, the six most important “don’ts” of marketing transformation are:

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A CEO’s Guide to Modern Marketing Transformation

Posted by Craig Oldham

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. There’s a reason that some things – like the number of tires on a car -- or in this example, how we use shampoo – remain decidedly the same. The old axiom that tells us not to fix what “ain’t broke” has served humankind well for generations.

For successful businesses, it has been hard to argue with the status quo. For those fortunate to celebrate multiple years of exponential growth while deploying tried-and-true business strategies, it makes sense to keep doing what’s working.

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