CEO Spotlight: Anurag Kumar

iTexico Story

Austin, TX-based software and technology company iTexico is changing the way American industry thinks about mobile and cloud applications development — no easy feat, in a world that is still largely adapting to the dynamism in today’s technological landscape.

CEO Anurag Kumar and his 120-strong team of developers, programmers and program managers are doing this by erasing — and redrawing — the lines by which such fast-tracked development is defined. Adopting a near-shoring approach that leverages the explosive growth in technological resources in Mexico, and agile development processes that is lauded for its efficiency, iTexico has eradicated the conceit that great outcomes need to come at a high cost in both time and resources.

Delivering on this promise has been a test of mental and physical wills for Kumar, who nonetheless has persevered to create a dominant player in the mobile and cloud applications development space — one that bowed on the Inc. 5000 list in 2015 and is on track to continue its growth by focusing on delivering value to its clients.

Why iTexico Tapped Chief Outsiders

CEO Spotlight: Mike Mansbach

PunchTab Story

Mike Mansbach, CEO of PunchTab, has helped shape a market that simplifies the way tens of thousands of customers communicate worldwide.

PunchTab is a Consumer Management Platform (CMP) for brands to build and improve powerful, direct consumer relationships. Many leading brands use PunchTab’s platform to deepen audience engagement, build awareness and gain data-driven knowledge of consumer behavior and purchase drivers. With a self-serve, easy-to-implement product, and fully customizable, white-labeled loyalty and engagement programs, PunchTab’s platform allows brands to give the ability to the consumer to opt into a direct relationship with them.

Due to the fact that consumers are so focused on a digital footprint, many consumer brands that grew up in a pre-digital era have really struggled to connect with their consumers, until PunchTab. Not only can PunchTab create and improve direct consumer relationships for digitally advanced brands, but Mansbach also mentions how “brands that grew up historically in the offline world can accelerate and catch up with a purely digital brand almost overnight.”

Why PunchTab Tapped Chief Outsiders


CEO Spotlight: Michael Feigin

MainStreet America Story

Mike Feigin, CEO of MainStreet America, epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit. Feigin is a native born Texan who has started a number of established businesses in Texas that have changed the landscape for home builders.

MainStreet America is a year-round showcase of homes that inspires, educates and empowers people to build or remodel their homes. The venue, a home product theme park, is a true novelty and the only of its kind in the country to have dining, retail, entertainment, educational opportunities, and a number of charity and seasonal events added to the blend of activities in one location.Visitors to MainStreet America enjoy the opportunity to see and tour twelve dynamic model homes, along with the two-story 45,000 square-foot Guest Center.

The homes vary in architectural style, interior décor, square footage and all operate as retail furniture showrooms. Green building methods and products are an important focus at MSA and as a result, all homes featured are built according to the leading industry recognized green building programs.

The consumer experience is redefined at MainStreet America by the specially designed Technological Education Device, that allows each guest to wave their device over products and gain audio and or video feedback to provide buying information and create a virtual shopping list. MainStreet America is more than a showcase of homes, it’s a pioneer that will revolutionize the way people learn and make decisions about their homes. 

Why Mainstreet America Tapped Chief Outsiders

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