Executive Marketing Positions

  • Director, Amazon Advertising,
  • Global Chief Marketing and Creative Officer, LMVH
  • Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Moxie
  • VP, Executive Creative Director, FCB Hacker Group
  • Executive Creative Director, Belong (Australia)
  • Senior Strategy and Creative Director, Rauxa
  • Creative Director, J Walter Thompson


  • Building, fixing, managing and growing businesses.
  • Entering new markets. Introducing new products and services.
  • Strategic planning leadership. Building and executing sustainable go-to-market strategies.
  • Change leadership across products, teams and markets. M&A integration.
  • Reasoned problem solving, thorough analysis and insight, root cause analysis.
  • Anticipating and uncovering opportunities and roadblocks, getting to the truth.
  • Customer, Market and Competitor insight and analysis.
  • Metrics-driven direct response marketing & lead generation.
  • Product Development, Pricing and Management
  • Marketing effectiveness measurement. Reporting, Analytics and ROI Optimization
  • Marketing Resources Management and Strategic Vendor Sourcing
  • Organizational Development: Team Building, Alignment, Development and coaching.

How Anthony Can Grow Your Business

  • The Amazon-effect: Amazon’s impact doesn’t pertain purely to Amazon. Due to their continual innovation, every B2B and B2C brand must continually reassess their marketing, supply chain and advertising strategy to remain focused on winning. 
  • Amazon Expert: Anthony worked inside Amazon and knows when brands should lean-in and engage and when they should stand back. He understands Amazon advertising, retail, programmatic, AMS, and video. 
  • Digital Navigation: Build marketing, public relations, branding, creative, social and eComm plans with a distinct digital focus.
  • Awareness to Acquisition: Customers (B2B or B2C) can move from awareness-to-sales-to CRM within seconds, marketing campaigns need to be able to reflect the new customer. Anthony focuses on the 3Cs – Customer, Content and Commerce. 
  • Customer-focus: In this customer-driven era, companies that focus more on their customers and solving their problems consistently deliver better returns in the short- and long-term 
  • Brand/Start-up Launches: He can understand the essence of a brand and how it relates the final audience. 
  • Retail growth: Initiate social influencer and ambassador campaigns, e-catalogs, launch eCom sites with demand channels and shoppable video to drive direct sales with proven Strategies to
  • Household name: Launched little known brands and help them quickly become a household name via eCommerce and digital. Including award winning short and long form video, DRV, DRTV, search and banners.
  • Talent and Team Building: Build teams for growth and collaboration.

Success Stories

  • Axe by Unilever: Increased eCommerce sales for a Unilever brand by 208%yoy.
  • 2XU/LMVH: Increased eCommerce gross profit 20% YOY in the first six months.
  • First Tech Credit Union: Relaunched a mid-sized credit union, allowing it to compete and win against significant banks
  • Carnival Cruise Lines: Along with an acquisition strategy, led an eCRM campaign that shorted the cruise cycle from 24 months to 19 months.
  • Verizon Wireless: Delivered Verizon’s single biggest acquisition day in history with Connection Day.
  • Introduced the new sailing line through America’s Cup and implemented crowded-sourced content models.
  • Boogie Wipes: With the challenge of wiping a child’s nose being a painful experience uncomfortable or painful Anthony’s campaign had 4,578,170 views on YouTube and sales up at retail by over 21 points.
  • Poo Pourri: Launched the stink-free guarantee slogan and garnered over 35 million views, over $10,000,000 in sales and many copycat brands (and one talked about response video – pre Dollar Shave Club)
  • Rebuilt the 110+ people business to work as one across six offices.
  • Built new, cross-functional, content creation units to support our clients’ and consumers’ need for authentic always-on content. The model is transforming Media, Content, Data and Creative development.

Anthony Reeves Biography

Anthony Reeves is a marketer who lives and breathes a ‘customer-first’ mentality. He understands how customers feel, think and act. Importantly, he understands the psychology behind today’s branding and shopping behavior of the “connected” consumer. 

Both in the B2C and B2B world, Anthony is an expert in maximizing the digital age to grow brands, grow demand and grow sales. Anthony’s expertise has resulted in increases in incremental online and offline sales, successful M&A, increased gross profits, customer growth, and faster decision making.

As a leader in digital (named one of the top 40 Digital specialists in 2018 by Campaign Magazine), Anthony brings the distinct advantage of having being a problem solver across most industries (apparel, health, travel, tourism, CPG, FMCG, technology, innovation, telecom, fast food, entertainment, lifestyle, automotive, finance, construction) as marketing and creative leader. Before becoming a marketer, he was a world-renowned creative leader and a change-implementer. He looks at problems in an entirely new way, can get to the core of the issues fast, and utilizes his innate ability to picture the result way before other leaders. 

The lessons Anthony has learned from large multinational companies, and start-ups and everything in between are transferred between businesses and operations. Anthony has partnered with CEOs and their leadership teams to deliver highly-effective solutions which have driven significant results for some of the world’s best-known companies and brands.

As a thought leader, Anthony also delivers keynote speeches around the world. From Russia to Australia, to France and the USA, his thinking on eCommerce, Digital, and the new consumer make leaders and brands of all levels, sizes, and Fortunes sit up and take notice. He has been interviewed for numerous publications, including Fortune, The Drum, Forbes, Advertising Age, Campaign, iMedia, and SXSW. 

He is Australian born and now lives in Seattle with his wife, Joni, and daughter, Eleanor (4).



"Anthony is one of the creative strategists I've worked with that truly understands the full lifecycle of marketing and the impact of data on those campaigns. As a result collaborations with him were always the most productive of any of the teams I've worked with. He always brought a well thought out strategy to the table taking into consideration all the pieces of the campaign from creative and data all the way to production and reporting out on the results. He's well versed in multi-channel marketing in all aspects not just the creative side and can help bring understanding to even the newest of clients. He has a great personality, he is a great presenter and an extremely hard worker. He has the never-give-up spirit that makes him a valuable asset for any team."

Neal Thomas, Senior Business Consultant at Anthem, Inc.


"Anthony is a strategic, creative partner who knows how to articulate a brand visually while managing a team of creative professionals. Anthony welcomes creative input from team members and strives to find the best "creative solution" for his client's brand. I highly recommend Anthony Reeves as a creative partner and team leader."

Sally Bjornsen, Director Brand Strategy


"Anthony embodies traits of a true innovator. He is courageous in his expressive thinking and pushes the envelope both from a business standpoint as well as from an agency perspective."

Brittany Paris, Account Director, Client Leadership at Moxie (Publicis Groupe)


"Anthony is one of the greatest creative minds I've come across in my career. His ability to identify what works in the market and what is like none I've ever seen. I enjoyed how Anthony was always available for conversation regarding the campaigns we worked on together even if it meant being on the phone during international time zones at 2am! Anthony is strong-willed, direct and an all-around salt of the earth kind of guy that I look forward to working with in the future!"

Andrew Doherty, Global Director of Media Sales & Sponsorships at PitchBook Data


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Anthony Reeves as the Chief Marketing Officer at 2XU Sports Ltd. One of the most remarkable qualities Anthony possesses is his ability to demonstrate mastery for his core role and successfully tackle ambitious projects that are crucial to a brand's success and growth. His vision and execution of the ‘Voice of the Coach’ campaign for LMVH's 2XU brand will always be remembered as one of the most exceptional campaigns in the sports industry. He is an inspiring team leader and a wonderful human being."

Natasha Shahbaz, Marketing Manager, Member Engagement, SCENE LP (Cineplex)