Executive Marketing Positions

  • Managing Director, The Dallga Group, LLC-Management Consulting
  • Vice President of Marketing, Weston Foods North America
  • Partner, Trion Consulting LLC
  • Vice President of Marketing: General and Hispanic Markets-Mission Foods, Inc.
  • Vice President of Marketing, R&D and Customer Relations-Brach’s Confections
  • Executive Vice President-Camelot Communications, Inc.
  • Vice President of Marketing Children’s Snacks-Frito-Lay, Inc. U.S.A.
  • Vice President of International Marketing-American Home Products (Cyanamid Inc.)
  • Vice President of Marketing-PepsiCo Foods International
  • Brand Manager-The Procter & Gamble Company


  • Focused problem solver, opportunity identifier, commercial planner
  • B2B management and marketing consulting success including: 

   - Medical device and equipment categories

   - Physician and practice segmentation and targeting

   - Healthcare business development

   - Senior home health industry start-up

   - Medical equipment distributors

   - General Management experience with franchise firms

   - Biotech and surgical specialty start-ups

   - Industrial agriculture chemicals

   - Small and large dairy operations and animal health

  • Business assessment and marketing plan evaluation for identification of growth and profit opportunities
  • Strategic plan development creating focused initiatives, metrics, and time frames
  • Marketing plan creation, implementation management, and executional leadership for B2B and B2C
  • Stage-gated product development and innovation with impactful launch planning and management
  • Start-up business planning, launch, and early stage incubation
  • Recruiting, reconfiguring, redefining, and leading high impact marketing teams and agencies
  • International and global marketing experience, with local and practical application

How David Can Grow Your Business

  • Serving as a fractional CMO for organizations needing part-time and experienced marketing leadership and hands-on executional excellence to make your vision a reality
  • Uncovering key drivers and initiatives that make a significant revenue and profit difference
  • Solving problems via high impact yet affordable marketing solutions
  • Identifying opportunities for product innovation, line-extensions, new segments, and refreshes for growth
  • Analyzing the competition to identify untapped revenue and profit opportunities

Success Stories

  • Venture Start-ups: Launched a start-up home health agency specializing in private-duty, licensed nursing assistance for senior citizens, providing certified hands-on caregivers and insightful advice to seniors and their families, to help them live better and age-in-place. Achieved billable hour and profit targets, ahead of plan in the highly saturated senior care market in Southern Florida. 
  • Established brand reboot: Led the turnaround of a national bakery brand in French Canada, by repositioning the portfolio, new product offerings, re-staging in-store retail trade merchandising, and energizing consumer awareness and engagement via regional advertising and promotion. Revenue results rebounded from -15% during the previous 12 months to +35% in 6 months.
  • B2B revised sales strategy: Successfully repositioned the go-to-market strategy of a division of Johnson & Johnson in the surgical instrument sterilization category, by identifying and redefining core competencies and re-targeting specific surgical procedures and specialty instruments benefited by J&J’s unique technology. This led to highly targeted sales account penetration planning across the U.S., at the individual surgeon practice level.
  • Product innovation: Overhauled the product innovation program and strategic planning process for the largest dairy federation in the U.S., resulting in renewed growth during a period of consumption stagnation. More than 25 development projects were upgraded with a practical real-time tracking process, accelerating launch time frames and innovation quality.
  • Extending portfolio lifecycle: Grew the U.S. tortilla category’s leading retail brands at double the industry level, by successfully extending the product portfolio with healthier, better-for-you offerings, upgrading packaging, launching an innovative recipe-based web site for non-Hispanic customers, and entering new territories in the Northeast and Midwest.
  • Strategic Planning: Worked with 3 different manufacturers in the ophthalmology category (Lasik, cataract surgery) to identify key opportunity areas for domestic and international revenue growth.  During this engagement, David led the development process and co-authored strategic plans and presentations, which were approved by clients’ board of directors. 
  • Growth analysis and assessments: Assessed a Southwestern electricity provider’s customer database to filter critical insights to better identify strategic initiatives and tactical price promotions, leading to increased customer acquisition and duration of engagement in a highly competitive, price sensitive, commodity category.
  • Hispanic Marketing: Grew Mission Foods brands uniquely targeting Hispanic consumers across the U.S. As a diligent student and practitioner of the Latin culture and language, David created insightful marketing campaigns geared to reach and engage this growing target group.  His leadership on the Guerrero® and Calidad® product launches grew share, revenue, and profit in the Mexican food category, bringing a new level of product insight and innovation, retail impact and mass media pull, to the category.

David Garrett Biography

Corporate: David began his career with Procter & Gamble in brand management and sales.  He then extended his experience, joining Frito-Lay and its direct-to-store distribution system in the U.S., Caribbean, Western Europe, UK, South Africa, and Canada.  Later, David led marketing for Mission Foods, the world’s largest tortilla manufacturer, as well as Weston Foods North America, a Canadian-based industrial bakery. 

Global Experience: David has lived and worked in a variety of domestic and international locations including; Caribbean, Mexico, Spain, Latin America and Belgium.  David has also lectured at global marketing seminars in Australia, Canada, and Thailand.  

Services and Consulting: David is also experienced in the business services arena as Executive Vice President of the largest privately held strategic marketing and media agency, Camelot Communications, where he managed client services for 7-Eleven convenience stores.  Camelot also manages marketing and media efforts for Southwest Airlines.   Residing in Dallas Texas for more than 15 years, David also was a partner in a business management-consulting firm, later starting his own consulting company as Managing Director.  David has successfully driven results for clients including; Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Weston Bakery Ltd., Dairy Management Incorporated (DMI), venture capital firms, and more.

Leveraging corporate experience for small and mid-sized companies: David has successfully translated his corporate experience to small and mid-sized companies with insightful perspective, practical solutions, and roll-up-your-sleeves tactical implementation, to capture incremental revenue and profit.  Some examples: 

  • Repositioned marketing strategies for a mid-sized B2B, which was challenged to grow sales, unlocking new revenue streams and share growth. An insightful analysis of the needs of the target customer based led to a revamped approach and accelerating revenue trends.
  • A B2C regional manufacturer, which had long-term success and strong share, began to lose traction, resulting in revenue loss. Working with local sales management and assessing the competitive set, David developed a new marketing plan with solid in-store support and consumer elements, turning the business around in under 6 months
  • A B2B distributor/manufacturer needed experienced marketing leadership prior to the development of an operating plan. David stepped in, quickly learned the business, and worked with the key team members to develop a thorough business plan incorporating an integrated path to revenue growth.
  • A venture capital company needed an assessment of a category they were planning to enter. David not only provided a detailed review of the competitive set, pricing model, and potential for growth, but also created a draft-marketing plan to illustrate how to reach the VC’s targets. 

Marketing Philosophy:

Based on 30+ years of business experience, David has learned more than a few lessons about successful marketing from hard-won experience from around the world including: 

  • No product “sells itself”. Target customers must always be educated and engaged in a creative and compelling manner, to address their needs, sometimes even before they know they have a need.
  • You’ll never spend “enough” money marketing a product or service. Invest in the right targets, with an effective, differentiated, value-added offering, and with an insightful message, and you‘ll invest in true, profitable growth.
  • The “worlds greatest product” that nobody wants, is a losing proposition. Simply put, clearly understanding the end-user’s needs and wants is critical.
  • Research has its place, and often the best research can be talking with and observing those who will use the product or service, and asking good questions.
  • You only have one attempt at making a “first impression” with your product or service. Make sure that opportunity is as flawless as possible.
  • Internal enthusiasm for a business proposition is necessary, external enthusiasm is essential. 

Personal: David and Lilly, his wife of 36 years, live in Southwest Florida and enjoy time on and near the warm water, following an assignment in Toronto Ontario.  They love spending time with their granddaughters and their adult children.  David engages the local community by serving on the Board of The Parkinson’s Association of SW Florida.  David and Lilly helped start a Christian college-preparatory school in Dallas Texas, which continues to thrive.  David is an avid World War II historian. 


I had the pleasure of working with David Garrett for a period of 3 months at Fiesta Mart LLC where he was the acting VP of Marketing, hired in from Chief Outsiders. David is very knowledgeable and intuitive in the Hispanic marketing space. His strengths were in optimizing our marketing spend using data, he helped us take the first step towards digital and his consumer goods experience gave us a great viewpoint on our merchandising direction.

David started with no marketing plan in July and was able to build out a plan for the rest of year and set us up for success for 2018. He worked effectively with multiple outside partners including marketing research, a new outside creative agency, and a digital agency.  

David took a chaotic situation and created clarity and a path forward for Fiesta. He dealt with the team in a respectful manner, and was able to bring them onboard to support him in his endeavors. Working in a private equity environment, he was able to have a quick impact on some of our short terms needs, while planning for future success.

David is a pleasure to work with and any team would be fortunate to have them work on their team. 

Sid Keswani, President and CEO, Fiesta Supermarkets


-Very solid thinker about brands and their positioning

-Can take very complex and chaotic circumstances and create clarity and a path forward

-Doesn’t get rattled in tough situations. Calm under pressure

-Willing to take on tough issues internally without being combative. Good people person

-Understands the workings of an ad agency and how to leverage their capabilities

-Very solid planner both short and long term

-Embraces and drives positive change

-Values and understands consumer research

-Has a good eye for design and its implication on branding

Paul Sabattus, Chief Merchandizing Officer, Fiesta Supermarkets


"I wanted to follow up and thank you for your help on the national branding project.  I feel with your help that we have a detailed and solid plan that we will now execute.

Coming into our engagement we were pretty certain as to what we wanted to accomplish but far from certain as to how we would get there.  Your help as an objective outside view helped us work through the loads of data and emerge with a plan we feel will help us achieve our goals."

Brit Reich, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Lignetics, Inc