Executive Marketing Positions

  • Chief Marketing Officer, St. Moritz Security Services
  • Vice President of International Brand Strategy, Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
  • Chief Executive Officer, the BISCH Group
  • Area Vice-President, Sprint PCS
  • Founder & President, Multimedia International Consultants, Inc.
  • Vice President and General Manager, Group W Cable, Cablevision Industries, Wade Communications
  • Director of Operations, Valley Cable TV


  • MBA in International Marketing and Finance, Fordham University, New York
  • Bachelor of Science in Management, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY
  • Executive Certificate in Computer Science, NYU


  • Working with mid-sized company CEOs to transition their vision from dream to reality
  • Developing Strategic Plans that lay the foundation, and create the road map, to growth and expansion
  • Implementing, measuring and monitoring specific marketing and sales initiatives to achieve targeted goals
  • Designing, creating and developing high-performance management teams in sales and marketing
  • Leading and managing change processes across domestic and international products and markets

How John Can Grow Your Business

  • Determining maximum potential for growth within the company’s existing infrastructure and resources
  • Identifying improvement areas and introducing additional marketplace opportunities
  • Developing a consistent and sustainable growth strategy
  • Refocusing, refining and realigning the company’s marketing strategy with successful sales initiatives
  • Serving as the leadership partner to facilitate rapid and sustainable organizational change for profitable growth

Success Stories

  • Led the comprehensive re-marketing and re-branding strategy, and managed all sales initiatives, of St. Moritz Security - to accelerate its growth past the $50M annual revenue goal of the retiring President and achieved national ranking on the Top 20 Security Company Listing.
  • Created the International Brand Strategy for Las Vegas and managed their expansion into 75 global market cities resulting in unprecedented increases in international visitation, and the direct contribution of hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy.

John Bischoff Biography

John’s selection as a Chief Marketing Officer for Chief Outsiders represents the culmination of an executive career serving Chief Executives in mid-sized companies across a comprehensive portfolio of industries both nationally and internationally.

Immediately prior to joining Chief Outsiders, John worked directly for the CEO of St. Moritz Security Services Inc. The CEO’s five year vision for the growth of the company that would not only allow him to retire, but also cement his 30 year legacy as President. John was appointed as Chief Marketing Officer and tasked with transitioning the CEO’s vision into the day-to-day character and operations of the company. John was able to assimilate himself into the relationship-based culture of the company and its key customers. The successful marketing and branding overhaul of St. Moritz included an efficient blend of the tried and true, with the introduction of digital marketing: social media, new web site, SEO, company newsletter, employee reward and recognition programs, new domestic market launches and international expansion, and the list goes on. The results exceeded all the performance goals the CEO had set and he retired ahead of schedule. John was asked to continue as a Project Management Consultant for the next generation of St. Moritz Security.

Before bringing his experience to St. Moritz, John enjoyed working for, and with, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau and its diverse Board of Directors – Public Officials (elected government officials) and Private industry Executives (hotel and casino Chief Executives). In addition, the scope of industry partner stakeholders consisted of small and mid-sized business owners across all industries impacted by Las Vegas Tourism. These owners were intent on actively participating in any marketing initiatives on behalf of Las Vegas, as their financial success depended on it. John conceived and wrote the “International Brand Strategy for Las Vegas” and was flattered to accept appointment as the Tourism Boards first-ever Vice President of Brand Strategy. The sheer magnitude of the undertaking – creating the LV Brand in over 75 markets, managed through 12 International cities, with over 80 staff – was a rare opportunity for John to demonstrate his passion for marketing that was both culturally smart, and country specific. Each of the Las Vegas international offices, ad agencies, and travel partners were led to “think globally” and “act locally”. As a direct result of John’s efforts, and the depth and scope of his international team, the Las Vegas Brand was successfully launched around the world. 

John is the first to credit his career executive achievements to the marketing foundation built early in his career within the Bell System, and his entrepreneurial experience with the BISCH Group. John started his career in the accelerated management programs of New York Telephone and AT&T. The rotating annual assignments across major business divisions of the company uncovered John’s early skills in (and preference for) Strategic Planning and Marketing. He credits the Bell System Executives for teaching him the disciplines of marketing, the value of branding and the direct correlation to shareholder value. Later in his career, John formed an international consulting company (Multimedia, later the BISCH Group) that developed in John the real importance of business relationships beyond the reaches of marketing. He successfully led the creation and development of numerous Consulting Projects for CEOs of mid-sized companies in various industries whose financial and operational challenges were not unlike those John was facing in his own company.

John completed his undergraduate B.S. Degree in Management Science at St. Francis College, his MBA in International Marketing and Finance at Fordham University, and his Executive Certification in Computer Technology at NYU.