Executive Marketing Positions

  • CMO, MDLIVE Inc.
  • VP Marketing Brand and Customer Strategy, Life Line Screening
  • Global Executive Director, Marketing, Brand and Creative (SMB), Dell Inc.
  • VP Strategy, Brand Engagement Marketing and Business Unit Lead, IMC2
  • Director Global Consumer Strategy, e-Business, e-CRM Product Development and Interactive Marketing, Mary Kay Inc.
  • Director Market Management and Strategic Accounts, TXU Energy Corp.
  • VP Marketing, Sales and Strategic Partnerships, E-Rewards, Inc.
  • Strategy Consulting Leader, Bain & Co.
  • Business Development Director, Revlon International (Russia & UK)


  • MBA, Harvard Business School
  • BA, International Business and Russian, The University of Texas, Austin


  • Development and activation of integrated brand strategies
  • Initiation of efforts to determine customer segmentation, demand generation, Omni-channel engagement and monetization
  • Creating of growth acceleration and positioning programs
  • Introduction of brands and products to global and emerging markets
  • Curation of strategies to foster consumerism in the healthcare segment
  • Implementation of technology enablement, application development, user experience and e-Commerce strategies
  • Vast expertise in FMCG, Services, and Varied Industries (Cosmetics, Toiletries, Health & Wellness, Automotive, Food &Beverage, and Computer Technology)

How Malinda Can Grow Your Business

  • Defining, Developing, and Activating Business Strategy, Integrating Brand Vision and Go-to-Market Plans
  • Transforming Marketing Strategies to Results-Driven Outcomes
  • Identifying Growth Acceleration Opportunities, New Markets, Offerings, and Adjacencies
  • Optimizing Business Positioning and Competitive Differentiation
  • Segmenting, Identifying and Prioritizing Profitable Customers, LTV modeling, Database Monetization
  • Generating Consumer Based Demand, Building Sustainable Customer Relationships, Acquisition to Advocacy
  • Developing and Implementing Omni-Channel and Engaging Customer Experiences
  • Clarifying Positioning, Messaging Architecture and Brand Identity
  • Improving Revenue Generation, Product/Service Line Profitability, and Focused Portfolio Management
  • Forging and Facilitating Collaborative cross-functional teams and Engagement
  • Assessing Modern Marketing Maturation and Driving Organizational Alignment

Success Stories

  • Identified and developed new engagement strategies for a leading DTC preventative health screening company, growing retention revenue almost 40% within the first year while maintaining contribution margins above 80%. Increased customer life-time value and revenue per person while achieving and maintaining 65% NPS.
  • Led global SMB marketing, brand and creative teams for Dell's SMB business unit representing approximately $15B globally.
  • Transformed the SMB business from a pc vendor to a trusted technology and solutions provider. Led award winning product and solution launches (Vostro, 12G, Cloud). 
  • Developed a “fan-centric” social strategy for Coke globally across major social platforms.
  • Initiated and executed digital engagement strategy leading to iconic Diet Coke brand re-positioning and growth.
  • Increased personal website revenue and subscription to record levels for Mary Kay Independent Consultants; introduced cross-selling and up-selling online; launched major persona based site functionality.
  • Engineered GTM strategy and demand to delivery process for Energy retailer preceding Market Deregulation.
  • Single-handedly pioneered the launch of Revlon into the Former Soviet Union and developed the strategy for corporate operations in this new market. Exceeded initial sales targets by 25%. Achieved record profit margins within first 6 months and attained leading market position in first 9 months.
  • Repositioned Revlon's global flagship brand leading to market leadership and global best practice; Awarded Company's highest global award for exceptional creativity and innovation

Malinda McFarlane Biography

A view of business today must reflect an understanding that globalization – fueled by a rapid evolution in technologies – forces us to have a much broader world view of our marketplace than we ever thought necessary.

Brand development pioneer Malinda McFarlane embodies the skills needed to command respect and ROI in this phase-shifting marketplace – a strategic marketing sage who has gained insights about how globalization has impacted companies of all sizes -- and a proven practicum in building marketing strategies to embrace such changes.

For more than two decades, McFarlane has traveled the globe, igniting brand and product awareness for some of the top companies in the world in established, growing and emerging markets. Household brands such as Procter & Gamble, Ford, Nestle, and Dell have thrived under McFarlane’s insightful leadership.

And if you’ve interacted with the Coca-Cola Corporation’s successful fan-centric social strategies in support of their soft drinks, you’ve discovered McFarlane’s deft ability to blend customer-centric strategies, a command of digital technology and Omni-channel marketing, and customer segmentation to help a company or its clients connect and sell most effectively.

Whether it’s been pioneering the launch of Revlon into the Former Soviet Union, or increasing personal website revenue and subscriptions to record levels for Mary Kay Independent Consultants, McFarlane has truly been a consumer brand game changer through two revolutionary decades of consumer marketing strategy.

Passionate, creative, and hands-on, with an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit and a holistic approach to each problem or project, McFarlane possesses a unique blend of strengths in operations, delivery, and general management. She is a passionate team builder and results-oriented leader who delivers energy, innovation and creativity to every endeavor.

McFarlane comes to Chief Outsiders with a laser focus in developing and implementing interactive and integrated business vision, growth strategy, and engaging customer experiences for multi-billion dollar corporations. She speaks Russian and conversational French, and has helped develop marketing foci for several core countries, including China, Brazil, Russia, India, France, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, US and Canada.

Over the past several years, McFarlane, a Harvard MBA graduate, has honed her skills and expertise in technology enablement, application development, user experience, and e-commerce, all essential for marketing success. She makes her home, as part of the Chief Outsiders’ Southwest tribe, in Dallas, TX.