Executive Marketing Positions

  • Head of North American Sales, Whitford  
  • VP, Sales & Marketing, Coyne Textile Services
  • Senior VP, Business Development, Alexander Proudfoot
  • VP, Global Marketing & Sales, Aviom
  • Executive VP, Global Marketing & Sales/Chief Revenue Officer, Shure
  • VP & GM, Asia Pacific, Ecolab
  • VP & GM, Kodak Canada and UK
  • President, Kodak Caribbean


  • B.A., St. Bonaventure University
  • MBA, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University


  • Driving sustainable, profitable growth through strategic leadership
  • Leading organizational transformation through improvements of capacity and capability, direction, accountability and focus
  • Leading corporate initiatives for market expansion through alignment and integration of sales and marketing strategies
  • Optimizing human resources to foster organizational efficiencies
  • Generating growth strategies through integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns

How Mike Can Grow Your Business

  • Developing a revenue roadmap and strategic alignment plan to ensure coordination between marketing and sales organizations
  • Identifying your company’s vision and developing a system of accountabilities to ensure profitable sales growth
  • Leading corporate strategy sessions to identify opportunities for improvement, growth and efficiency
  • Overseeing your expansion into new product lines, new markets and new verticals

Success Stories

  • Grew revenues by 52 percent in a three year period and operating income by 15 percent or more each year while serving as EVP of Marketing and Sales at Shure. His revenue roadmap and strategic plan helped the organization renew its focus on continuous improvement.
  • Oversaw an organizational transformation of the sales and marketing units as a VP at Coyne Textiles. This restructuring led to an immediate 12 percent sales increase and helped the company achieve key financial milestones.
  • Produced a 25 percent sales increase in a two-year period while leading an organizational transformation and global market expansion as a VP for Aviom.
  • Developed and implemented the “Safe Steps” marketing and sales program which led to double-digit sales and operating income increases for Ecolab in the Asia Pacific Region.

Mike McGinn Biography

For most marketers, the desired outcome of an engagement is to sell products or services and have an impact on the bottom line. But often, a cherished side benefit is to actually observe how your offering has added significant value to the end user.

In an early-career stint as a key U.S. sales representative with the consumer division of Eastman Kodak, Mike McGinn learned that such improvement is of paramount importance to the marketing and sales paradigm – a lesson he has employed liberally throughout his storied 25-year executive career.

This approach served Mike well, as he rose through the ranks in the US Consumer Division, culminating in a role as the head of Marketing for US Cameras. During this time, Mike spent his weekends earning his MBA from the Whitman School at Syracuse University.

Upon graduation, Mike was offered an opportunity to start a new distributor organization serving countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America. This position not only gave Mike experience outside the US, it also included P&L responsibility and required the leadership of all functional disciplines. From this role, Mike was promoted to become the President of Kodak Caribbean (including responsibility for the management of a chain of Company owned retail stores), the VP and GM of Kodak UK and finally, the VP and GM of Kodak Canada.

The Kodak experience gave Mike the opportunity to witness firsthand what it took to arguably create one of the greatest brands ever, while also experiencing what would ultimately lead to an icon’s demise.

Mike took those learnings and very successfully applied them as VP of International Marketing at Ecolab, where he was later promoted to VP and GM of the Asia Pacific Region.

From there, Mike returned to his passion for Marketing and Sales and became the Chief Revenue Officer for Shure. (A mid-size, privately owned Company.) During his time at Shure, Mike developed a reputation as a profitable growth champion and was offered an equity position as VP of Global Marketing and Sales with a VC backed start-up in the same industry.

Collectively, Mike has had experience as a “CEO” with P&L responsibility up to 300M and over 1K people, “C-level” combined responsibility for Marketing and Sales for most of his career and extensive international experience, having lived and worked outside the US on four continents.

The one constant in all positions, industries and continents has been his ability to drive sustainable, profitable growth.



"Mike is a strong leader with a high level of personal integrity, a broad business perspective, and a substantial amount of first-hand working knowledge of many countries around the globe.”

"Mike always sees significant new growth opportunities outside of existing competencies and infrastructure.”

"Mike has a great ability to connect the vision to execution and keep the execution on plan."

"Mike is tenacious and can deliver results by defining what success looks like for the team as a whole, while supporting each individual’s success, growth and development."

"Mike is an exceptional leader and an outstanding coach and mentor who empowers his team members, encourages them and, when necessary, demands excellence."

"Mike’s greatest strength is investing himself in ensuring the success of others.”

"Leader is the best role for Mike: he knows the people around him, assembles the right talent for each task and gets results.”

"Mike has an unwavering commitment to leading the people and processes he puts in place while having a continuous eye to the future."

"In my eyes, Mike McGinn is a ‘true Professional.’ He is very thoughtful and a critical thinker. I value his opinion and respect his character and values.”

"Mike is an exceptional leader with a great ability to learn, assess and create while energizing those around him. He knows how to attract great talent, knows how to develop them and utilize their strengths. He creates a collaborative culture making working with him a true pleasure. As a seasoned executive he is able to quickly assess a business and its industry then develop a clear, concise plan to grow both its core as well as adjacencies. He understands the needs for creating sustainable growth while not sacrificing the short term. Mike is a unique talent and a class act!"

"I worked with Mike at Coyne Textile Services, as he was tasked with taking a sales organization that had been decentralized for over a decade and building a centralized, organized, and successful team. Mike saw the big picture and created an organization that focused on the success of his sales representatives. Mike also grew the organization from 15 sales representatives, to over 50 sales representatives, 5 regional sales leaders, and a marketing department. The processes and procedures that it took to hire, train, and execute this vision was massive, but Mike was able to ensure that the company kept on goal. I worked with him directly at the corporate headquarters and saw that he was able to lead this organization that covered over 30 states. It was a pleasure to work for Mike, and I learned a great deal about creating, organizing and then implementing new processes and procedures."

"I've worked with Michael in two different organizations, and in both cases have seen the impact delivered through his attention to strategy, growth, and disciplined process. Michael is a master of the fundamentals of sales and marketing, and continually drives those fundamentals throughout his organization. He is comfortable operating in a variety of markets and geographies, and maintains a global perspective without losing sight of the regional and local nuances. He is an excellent manager, offering freedom to operate while remaining ready to assist and disciplined regarding deliverables. All in all, a great addition to any management team."

"As the Director of Marketing, I worked closely with Mike for several years and witnessed firsthand the impact his discipline, organization, and vision had on the Company. Mike was instrumental in formulating renewed strategic focus both for the Sales and Marketing departments and for the Company as a whole, and in developing processes and organizational structures to support the implementation of that strategy. Mike is an effective leader and an outstanding coach and mentor who both empowers his team members and encourages (and, when necessary, demands) excellence. Mike contributed to the Company's growth in innumerable ways, ranging from the broadest strategic discussions to organizational development to mundane procedural issues. I personally enjoyed working for Mike, and I recommend him enthusiastically."

"I had the pleasure of working directly for Mike nearly his entire tenure at Shure. Through his vision and leadership Shure successfully expanded beyond its core business – tapping into new markets/channels; driving revenue/profit; and positioning the company for growth outside the Americas. He put in place a disciplined approach to create a long-term business vision & plan and to monitor marketing/sales execution against this plan. Mike is a strong leader with a high level of personal integrity; a broad business perspective; and a substantial amount of first-hand working knowledge of many countries around the globe. He always communicated clear objectives/goals and held you accountable while providing the support/freedom needed to do your job. I personally enjoyed working for Mike and highly recommend him for any senior leadership position."