Executive Marketing Positions

  • Vice President, Marketing Transformation; Vice President, SMB Marketing; Vice President, Solutions Marketing, Unified Communications and Emerging Technologies; Vice President, Solutions Marketing, IP Communications, Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Chief Marketing Officer, SS8 Networks
  • Senior VP, Sales and Marketing, Maple Optical Systems
  • Senior VP, Global Marketing, Nortel Networks
  • Senior VP, European Marketing, Nortel Europe
  • Vice President, Call Center Marketing, Northern Telecom, Inc.
  • Vice President, National Account Sales, Nortel Communications Systems


  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Politics, University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada)


  • Strategic product marketer adept at creating and driving strategies to capture growth in new and evolving markets
  • Oversight of the development of new products, services, processes, and systems for B2B enterprises
  • Deep background in networking, applications software and on-demand products and services in a B2B market
  • Creation of product positioning, market vision and messaging
  • Assurance of customer focused products and organizations
  • Implementation of technology solutions: Complex enterprise, online learning/testing, healthcare, education, professional services, and certification

How Rick Can Grow Your Business

  • Leading strategic planning efforts to ensure market focus, product viability and opportunity for long-term growth
  • Developing and launching successful strategies for new markets and new products
  • Rallying disparate teams toward a unifying vision by creating a culture of engagement, contribution and achievement
  • Using communication and alignment skills to ensure effective and efficient use of resources to accelerate results throughout broad ecosystems
  • Help partner sales organizations work with manufacturers

Success Stories

  • Grew sales for a telephony offering by 900%, capturing the top share of the market, in just four years for a world leader in networking technology
  • As the product marketer responsible for data/voice integration for a global enterprise organization, lead a worldwide team to deliver new products responsible for $3.5B in annual revenue
  • For an enterprise networking organization, led a team of 1,700 global associates responsible for generating $6B in annual sales.
  • Led a US direct sales team covering exceeding sales objectives by 135%
  • Developed a new pricing strategy that helped foster a 250% annual sales increase for a European unit of a worldwide voice and data solutions enterprise
  • Developed integrated business plans for cross-company transformational initiatives for one of the worldwide leaders in telephony services

Rick Moran Biography

There is something energizing about restoring the luster to a classic for product marketing executive Rick Moran. Though flipping homes has been an enjoyable sidelight, it has served as a reminder of where he brings his greatest value, and derives his greatest satisfaction, in the marketing strata. 

For more than a quarter century, Moran has spearheaded product-marketing revitalization strategies for a variety of B2B enterprises – with a particular emphasis on the world of telecommunications and networking. His imprint remains on products that are widely revered the world over for their technological advances and reliable service – most notably, the market-leading line of telephone and video products from Cisco Systems, Inc.

Along the way, Moran motivated teams to deliver results that are measurable on the bottom line, including one repositioned product that needed just four years to grow from 4 to 37 percent market share, while growing sales by 900 percent.

In another instance, Moran and his team helped lead a manufacturer into an adjacent market, where it doubled its book of business within a year. Finding the right channel for growth and the right message, in both instances, was a key aspect of Moran’s vision in supporting change and powering ROI. 

Companies that have benefited from Moran’s unique vision and marketing leadership include Nortel Networks, Maple Optical Systems, SS8 Networks and the aforementioned Cisco Systems, Inc.

In joining Chief Outsiders, Moran is excited to bring his globally honed talents to the type of mid-market, inflection-point companies that seek out Chief Outsiders for right-sized, temporary CMO leadership. A self-styled “roll-up-my-sleeves” type of leader, Moran enjoys plunging into the fray head-on – gaining a quick understanding of the inherent challenge and using market-driven insights to promote expeditious, tangible change.

A resident of Southern California, Moran enjoys sharing his expertise for the greater good, having served as an advisor to the American Cancer Society and other non-profits. He matriculated form the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) with a B.A. in economics and politics, and has also completed coursework at the University of British Columbia and the Stanford University School of Business.