Executive Marketing Positions

  • Vice President of Global Marketing, Marmot Mountain LLC
  • Vice President of Marketing & Product Development, Yes! Entertainment Corp.
  • Business Director, Nestea Nestle Beverage Company
  • Director of Marketing & Sales, Spreckels Sugar Company
  • Brand Manager, The Clorox Company


  • B.S. Agricultural Business, University of Illinois
  • MBA, Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management


  • ROI-based Growth Strategies
  • B2B2C Marketing
  • Strategic Brand/Product Positioning & Development
  • Cross-Functional Alignment
  • Omni-Channel Strategic Planning & Development
  • E-Commerce & Retail Channel Development
  • Coaching & Mentoring Young Business Executives

How Tom Can Grow Your Business

  • Developing & executing actionable business strategies for profitable growth
  • Creating results-oriented go-to-market strategies based on key insight discovery
  • Identifying and pursuing new target markets to achieve growth objectives
  • Crafting compelling brand stories and messaging to drive customer engagement
  • Uncovering hidden organizational strengths and leveraging them into business-building opportunities
  • Forming partnerships and strategic alliances to forge new growth-oriented programs
  • Providing experienced, objective thought leadership to executive and internal teams from an outside perspective

Success Stories

  • Led Marmot’s global marketing efforts to achieve growth from $30 million to $200 million in sales via distributor, wholesale, retail and direct-to-consumer channels.
  • Doubled Marmot US brand awareness in seven years and increased global brand impressions from 50 million to 4.5 billion.
  • Repositioned toy company Yes! Entertainment from pre-school to pre-teen electronics to achieve growth from $18 million to $80 million.
  • Drove worldwide marketing and product development programs for over 25 toy products and brands to achieve up to 50% growth per year.
  • Introduced first Nestea new products in over a decade at Nestle to achieve sales growth of 30% in one year.
  • Doubled Nestea profit by implementing a margin improvement program including cost reductions, increased plant capacity utilization, strategic price increases and optimized marketing program efficiency.
  • Revitalized multiple brands at Clorox from stagnation or sales declines to sales growth upwards of 15% (e.g. the Tilex brand).

Tom Fritz Biography

Tom Fritz is a proven team-oriented business leader who cultivates commitment to achieving company goals and has a prosperous record of building businesses from startups to Fortune 500 brands in numerous industries. 

With diverse experience working in outdoor apparel & equipment, pre-school & youth toy, food & beverage, household product and chemical companies ranging from 50 employees to 50,000 employees, Tom has found success in bringing teams together and leading them to collectively achieve extraordinary business results. He has demonstrated leadership in both high growth product innovation-driven businesses and highly competitive market share battle businesses.  He has also successfully grown challenger brands in resource-thin environments. 

Before joining Chief Outsiders, Tom served as Vice President of Global Marketing for Marmot Mountain in the outdoor apparel and equipment industry.  There he either rebuilt or built from the ground up all strategic marketing programs since 1998.  He led all marketing communication channels for Marmot including online, content, catalog, social media, print/digital/TV advertising, product integration, sponsorship, events, trade shows, e-commerce & retail stores.  The company grew almost seven-fold during Tom’s tenure. 

Prior to Marmot, Tom was Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for startup toy company Yes! Entertainment.  There he created and sold millions of Yak Baks, a revolutionary youth digital recording device in the mid-90s, as well as more than 25 other products/brands of youth electronic toys oriented towards learning and constructive play.

Tom’s work at Nestle as Business Director of Nestea and as Director of Marketing and Sales at Spreckels Sugar Company was focused on business growth through new product development and new market cultivation. 

Tom has unique experience working in both highly functional organizational environments and fairly dysfunctional environments.  Having worked on “both sides of the fence” enables him to bring key insights to companies looking to grow their businesses but lacking alignment throughout the organization.

Having spent 18 years coaching 65 teams in Little League baseball, recreational youth soccer and YMCA basketball, Tom has lived, taught and learned through the concepts of positive coaching and team-building.  He also sits on the board of a non-profit organization called the dZi Foundation, working in partnership with remote communities in Nepal to create lasting improvements in their quality of life. 

Tom is based in Santa Rosa, an hour north of San Francisco in the Bay Area of California.  He holds a B.S. degree in Agricultural Business from the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois and an MBA in Brand Management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Evanston, Illinois.  He spends a fair amount of time on mountain bikes, road bikes, stand up paddle boards and in kayaks, when he’s not working of course.