About Neil

In a career which includes executive management roles at privately held companies and large, publicly-traded corporations, Neil Anderson has spent the last quarter century infusing the interrelated, seminal elements of business strategy and marketing. His insights, which include competitive differentiation, determination of target markets, messaging, and selling, and the development of cohesive, gain-driven strategy, are perfect for businesses seeking assistance in navigating the leading edge and landing ahead of the curve.

Executive Marketing Experience

  • BoD Matrium Technologies PTY Ltd.
  • VP Strategy & Development, Matrium Technologies PTY Ltd.
  • CMO and CSO Hubble Team at insightsoftware.com
  • VP Enterprise Solutions, Spirent Communications PLC
  • VP Global Services, Spirent Communications PLC
  • CEO Tolly Research
  • COO The Tolly Group


BM, Hartt College of Music, University of Hartford


Industry Experience Specialties
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Strategy/Refresh
  • Positioning & Messaging
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