While aligning all three elements in the Growth Gears model is important, the most critical connection is the alignment between market insight and strategy. The reason? This is where your business reflects its relevance to the marketplace and your customers. High relevance means customers are seeking your solution, that it's featured and priced properly, and that they can buy it how and where they expect to. 

Have a Product, Sell a Product?

While many companies find initial success based on the instincts of their founders, markets change. The best strategies for growth will be built upon the knowledge of seeing and anticipating changes in the marketplace. The outside perspective of a fractional CMO accelerates the process of finding these insights and putting them into context.

Great Strategy Drives Effectiveness

Aligning to insight from your markets, your fractional CMO works with you to refine the routes to markets, product strategy, pricing, positioning, and messaging. When we're done, together we'll have a tight, executable go-to-market strategy focused on the right objectives, assuring the highest level of effectiveness.

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