Executive Marketing Positions

  • VP Marketing, GMAC Residential Funding Corporation
  • VP Sales and Marketing, C.H. Robinson
  • VP Product Management and Marketing, Deluxe Corporation
  • SVP Sales and Marketing, Charter Solutions, Inc.


  • Transforming annual strategies into actionable monthly and quarterly initiatives
  • Leading market seam analysis for organic and inorganic growth
  • Creating monthly operating dashboards that cull out sales, marketing and product actions
  • Cross-selling methodology incorporating sales white space and prospect analysis
  • Designing sales tools that accelerate direct sales activity, especially in mature sales forces
  • Creating analytics dashboards from existing disparate data sources to make business decisions
  • Marketing function assessment and structure, balancing insourced and outsourced skills
  • Product Management assessment and best practices
  • Product line assessment, roadmap creation and optimization (growth, retirement, rebirth)

Success Stories

  • From $343M at Plan to $346M Actual in Revenue and $132M at Plan to $143M in Operating Income; Channel growth from $229M at Plan to $248M Actual; first growth year for this Financial Services division in a decade
  • From $41M Net Revenue at Plan to $46M Actual in fiscal year ending 2010 attained double-digit growth after a stagnant 2009; repeated double-digit growth fiscal year ending 2011; increased new product line growth to 41% in 2010 and 74% in 2011
  • From $27B at Plan to $36.7B Actual in annual top line production; from ($44M) at Plan to $39M Actual in net income; from 1.6% to 2.2% market share
  • From $1M to 12.5M in annual consulting revenue, and $6M to $45M annual pull through revenue
  • Established client grading model aligning sales, risk and operations for the first time in GMAC history; optimized client-to-sales ratio, managed to a declining associate base while total production increased 28%, primarily responsible for maintaining our favorable position through 2008
  • Transformed a manufacturing check reorder commerce site into a best-in-class ecommerce digital property increasing product cross-sell from 5 to 17% in two quarters
  • Tied target marketing, product, sales structure, sales skill and sales tools to compensation; created a sales scoreboard (i.e. monthly dashboard) as a territory and sales strategy tool driving behavioral change and shifting to a culture of accountability
  • Transformed the recruiting function into a "recruiting engine" improving people, processes and systems resulting in over 300% improvement in candidate sourcing volume, over 500% improvement in client interview conversions through candidate quality and over 60% improvement in recruiting velocity
  • Created an integrated approach to reaching a valued client proposition through assessment and consulting, products, and traditional marketing services as a method to differentiate the firm from the competition

Where Petro Can Help Your Business

  • Organization is not moving at a pace the CEO wants
  • Revenue is not predictable
  • Organic or inorganic growth strategy is not clear
  • Analytics are not embedded in the business, nor understood or practical
  • Flagship product line is stagnant
  • New product launches are not meeting expectations
  • Sales channels seem stagnant, varying in productivity
  • Sales tools are inadequate or do not match sales team abilities
  • Marketing or Product Management is misunderstood or misaligned

Petro Tsarehradsky Biography

Petro brings a background of change management particularly in organizations that are seeking an aggressive vertical ramp. His skills historically have been honed in organizations that have matured in their business model and are seeking a methodical approach to organically or inorganically reinvent their brand and find that next growth curve.

Petro brings a background in services, consulting and product through career engagements in hi-tech, financial services, marketing services and manufacturing. Petro has led most often from the marketing and product management area; but because change is never a one-department endeavor, he also has considerable experience in cross-functional team leadership. His track record of increasing profitability and positioning companies for growth is based on a sound assessment of the problem, creation of vision, development of a roadmap, and a laser focus on business fundamentals and execution. Petro’s change efforts are supported by data analytics, with weekly, monthly and quarterly checkpoints to track progress and provide for mid-course corrections.

Petro holds an MBA from St. Thomas University and Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Music from the University of Minnesota. Petro serves on several advisory boards within the Twin Cities.