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The Dallas Morning news

"We Attained an 80% Sales Lift in a Mature Market..."

"Like the rest of the industry, our single copy business, where we sell newspapers through retail stores, was struggling. We were down 20 percent in year-over-year, dropping by some $6 million in three years. Even though we have decades of industry experience in our department, we thought we might benefit from somebody taking a fresh look at the business. That's when we sought out Chief Outsiders, and they really filled the bill. Matt Benner with Chief Outsiders helped us look at our current practices and take them up a notch. They helped us to understand where the opportunities were, that quite frankly were there all along. But, by looking at it from a different perspective and then creating analysis and presentation materials that would click with our retail audience, it really helped grow our business with them. The investment was well worth it — not only from the extraordinary response we attained in incremental sales — but also from having the experience of broadening the way we think about selling newspapers and identifying new opportunities for growth. The results speak for themselves. We are up significantly in retail partners who participated in this program. The initial chains that implemented the plan saw an 80% increase within 60 days and shattered the paper's orginal goals of a 5 percent increase. It was a really successful process."

- Chip Danneker, VP Circulation Distribution, The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX

Michael Felgin

"Best Return on Investment..."

"Before engaging with Chief Outsiders, I thought their cost was high, but I took the plunge. It has been the best return on investment of any consultants that we have ever had. After a few months, I normally find that consultants haven't added any value. We have been working with Clay Spitz for five months, and that has not been the case. Chief Outsiders' network of really smart people is vast, and if they don't know something, they know someone who does. We had a very complex marketing situation, and Chief Outsiders was able to assess the situation and develop some strategies to lead us to success."

- Michael Feigin, CEO, MainStreet America, Houston, TX

Michael Branning

"Uncanny Ability... Surgical Precision..."

"Over the past 18 months, Richard Browne with Chief Outsiders has helped us assess and develop Avtec’s marketing and growth strategy. He has an uncanny ability to identify the key issues and get to the heart of the matter with surgical precision. Richard has worked with our team to identify, prioritize and execute effective plans. Our relationship with Richard has evolved from consultant to trusted business advisor. I added him to our Board of Advisors in 2013. Although Richard is strong, it is great that he’s able to reach into the rest of the Chief Outsiders team for other specialties. We are receiving Fortune 500 executive level marketing insights on a fractional basis, enabling Avtec’s marketing and sales team to function at a higher level without a full time CMO and the related expenses.”

- Michael Branning, President, Avtec, Lexington, SC

Greg Forehand

"Challenged to Think Differently..."

"My firm provides CRM technology and I'm most productive when focused on product development and sales. A Chief Outsider is a member of my small business group and brings a marketing perspective to our issue discussions. He presents the theory of what should be done with the pragmatism of what a mid-sized firm can accomplish, within my staffing and budget. As with others in our group, I appreciate being challenged to think differently about what my business is and how it can grow most profitably. Richard's comments help me stay up to date on new stuff going on in marketing that I didn't learn in marketing courses. Chief Outsiders is on my short list for marketing help."

- Greg Forehand, President, Ekos, Charlotte, NC

Joe Gleinser, CEO, GCS Technologies, Austin, TX

"Redefined Marketing...Reinvented my Business"

"Chief Outsiders has redefined marketing, and my business for me. When I first contacted them, my business was successful, but I could not see a way to scale to my desired level. I thought marketing was just about the lists, campaigns, and website changes that needed to get done. As it turns out, Marketing is the key strategic driver that GCS Technologies needed to move to the next level. The customer-driven marketing strategy really is the only thing that needs to get done to make everything else work to drive revenue. When Matt Benner and Mary Doizé first engaged with us, I never expected to get help at this level on my core strategy and business architecture. Matt and Mary guided me through a process that is reinventing my business."

- Joe Gleinser, CEO, GCS Technologies, Austin, TX

Joe Gleinser, CEO, GCS Technologies, Austin, TX

"Great Experience For Us..."

“Working with Yvonne was an excellent way to get high-value marketing advice. It was a great experience for us. Over the course of our collaboration, Yvonne changed the way we approach marketing. She has the goods to back up the promise of the Chief Outsiders value proposition – high quality and focused resources to deliver results. We got a lot of value out of working with her and will undoubtedly work with her again.”

- Cathy Jirak, QueBIT COO and Principal, New York, NY

Joe Gleinser, CEO, GCS Technologies, Austin, TX

"Went Beyond What We Expected..."

“We wanted to rebrand to increase awareness, but Yvonne’s recommendations went beyond what we expected to include market and business strategies. Her insights were perceptive, on target and well-supported, helping us quickly coalesce and move forward with a clear direction. We’re now in the process of adjusting our strategy and brand to better support our mission and also secure our financial viability into the future.”

- Alisa Jones, President and CEO of La Comunidad Hispana, Philadelphia, PA


“Something that We had no Idea How to Accomplish."

“Chief Outsiders helped us launch an innovative product into a new market, something that we had no idea how to accomplish. Clay and Beth, supported by the Chief Outsiders team, did a great job!”

- Dennis Mason, President, Kings III of America, Inc.

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