The Coach Plan

For SaaS companies that are not ready for the START Plan, the COACH Plan provides access to the same best practices and expertise. Even if you don't have time or money yet, you're making marketing decisions around positioning, pricing, and building your first website.

Your coach can help you make the most out of those early and important choices.

Who's it for?

  • CEOs who are doing the CMO job on the side
  • CEOs who want a foundation in marketing before hiring a marketing team
  • CMOs who are new to the Job, SaaS or B2B, and want to speed up their ramp

What's it for?

  • An experienced CMO who has your back when you make big decisions
  • Learning marketing best practices and getting from Minimum Viable Product (MVP) closer to Product-Market-Fit (PMF)
  • Using seed investment wisely or for help in raising Series A money
  • Build your Marketing Function in the right sequence, and minimize wasted resources

Start by yourself

If you can’t wait to get started to build the marketing function for your software company, here are two “mini” projects to get you started:

Build Your Story
Scale Your Marketing Foundation

We recommend you complete the above two prompts before you hire a digital agency to help with your website, or engage help from for example a PR firm. If you don’t do these basics first, it’s likely the resources spend my these resources would go wasted.

Feel free to schedule a free consult to discuss the two assignments and get some hints or feedback.

Program Details

What you get

  • Hands-on, practical advice and assignments to get your Marketing going
  • Weekly meetings with your CMO Coach executive mentor to discuss key initiatives, challenges, organizational issues, and communications opportunities
  • Ad-hoc access to your CMO Coach as things pop up during the week
  • Continued challenge to build your Marketing function to drive growth.

Why it Works

Combining the inside day-to-day responsibilities of your marketing leader who responsible for leading the marketing charge and delivering results, with a seasoned marketing executive who’s “been there, done that” for decades, is the perfect formula for professional growth and as a result, business impact.

The Right CMO

Every situation and person is different. Chief Outsiders will pair your marketing lead with a CMO who has the experience that matches their marketing development needs.

How You Meet

The rhythm of a weekly one-hour meeting creates a tight professional focus. The use of SKYPE/ZOOM or other similar video meeting technology allows your marketing lead to meet with the properly matched CMO from anywhere in the country.

When You Meet

Meeting weekly ensures a solid rhythm for discussing top priorities and related issues. In addition, quarterly check-ins with the CEO or supervisor keeps everyone on the same page and allows the company to track progress in professional development.


The monthly retainer for our Coaching program starts at $5,000/Month for a pure mentoring package, including the sharing of all SaaS B2B Best Practices. In this case you do the work. If your Coach needs to take ownership of a specific project, and deliver results (do part of the work), we offer a richer Coach package, at $7,500/Month. Finally, an Advisory Coach at $10,000/Month provides all the Coaching benefits, but will not only own a strategic project, but also participate in your Executive Leadership team to help with strategy and company positioning, and long term growth planning.


If you can’t afford to hire a marketing team yet, we can help. Our COACH Program provides access to the same best practices and expertise employed by top B2B SaaS companies. Until you’re ready to staff up, you do the work yourself at your pace, as your budget and team resources allow.

You can also take advantage of the COACH offering after you have your marketing leader in place. Doing so allows you to continue professional development or help “challenge’ the status quo and drive continued growth.

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