What We Care About

At Chief Outsiders, work is not our number one priority. Life is. Our CMOs and our firm care deeply about a number of causes and contribute our time, talent and treasure to help create a better world. Chief Outsiders corporately supports Kiva, who provides microloans to help grow businesses in impoverished countries.

Our CMOs' Passions

Art Saxby, Chief Outsiders

Art Saxby

Passionate about Meeting People Who are Business-builders and Creators

enterprise_forum_logo_-resized-170The American can-do entrepreneurial culture is what makes (and will keep) this country great. I’m living the American dream by building a company that helps other company builders bring their visions to life.  I donate time helping early stage companies as an advisor on the MIT Enterprise Forum New Venture Clinic in Houston. I’ve also enjoyed serving on the Leadership Initiatives Advisory Board for the Bauer School of Business at the University of Houston.

Linda, my wife of 30 years, and I grow and strengthen our family by being actively involved in the lives of our children and in our church, where we participate in small group Bible studies and serve in leadership roles. One of our favorite activities is raising money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society by riding in their 150-mile bicycling rally from Houston to Austin each year.

Specific Roles:

  • Advisor, MIT Enterprise Forum New Venture Clinic
  • Advisory Board Emeritus, Leadership Initiatives, Bauer School of Business, University of Houston
  • Member Northwest Cycling Club 
  • Elves for CYCLE (Changing Young Children's Lives through Education) in Houston 



Pete Hayes

Passionate about Serving God by Serving Others


While I’m working hard to create a lasting company that helps businesses grow and marketers to thrive, my primary joy comes from knowing it's all in service to a Greater Purpose. That includes helping my family grow and thrive. My greatest passion outside of family and work is serving as a worship music leader at a small church in Dripping Springs, just outside of Austin. Plus as a member of C12, I have opportunities to consult with Christian-based businesses, churches and organizations where I can apply my professional skills to aid in their growth.

Specific Roles:

  • Worship Leader, Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church
  • Advisory Board Member and Past President, Wonders & Worries
  • Advisory Board Member, EMPACT Africa

Atul Minocha

Passionate about Education, Entrepreneurship and the Natural World

wwf“The more one learns, the more he understands his ignorance”. I strive to learn something from daily experiences, and inspire those around me to develop and satisfy their own thirst for knowledge. I bring this passion as a volunteer for Junior Achievement, and into the classroom at undergraduate and graduate level.

In the world of entrepreneurship, I volunteer my time as mentor and coach for students and entrepreneurs in the United States and other parts of the world. 

Linkage between Entrepreneurship and the Natural World is not obvious at first. To me, both represent creation, innovation, symbiotic relationships and a natural cycle of life & death. Just as most of us pay our respect to our favorite musician or artist by appreciating her masterpieces, I find myself paying homage to the Creator by appreciating and caring for the Creation. I do this through National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund & various local organizations. 

Specific Roles:

  • Volunteer at Junior Achievement
  • Mentor at Young Entrepreneurs’ Program in South Africa
  • Co-chair of Elite Mentoring Corps at Sierra Angels in Lake Tahoe

Matthew Benner

Passionate about Helping Children

march_of_dimes_2-1Because every baby matters, I’m committed to the March of Dimes. There have been several members of my family who the March of Dimes has helped in both success, and loss over the years, I have been a volunteer; fund raiser; and board member for nearly 40 years in a wide range of roles and locations. I know every baby helped has brought joy into the world. 

I’ve also been active as both a coach and sponsor of youth sports for over 30 years. We’ve focused on helping children who were troubled, or wards of the state. We’ve given the children a place of structure and accomplishment where they can reclaim their self esteem.  

Specific Roles:

  • Volunteer and Fund Raiser March of Dimes
  • Board Member March of Dimes Texas Chapter
  • Youth sports coach and instructor

Jim McDonald

Passionate about Assisting Nonprofit, Helping Socially Handicapped Young Adults

fw_opera_logo-resized-170Throughout my career I have done volunteer work as a marketer for nonprofits. The Pacific Rim Film Festival (Hawaii), Houston's Wortham Theatre, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the San Francisco Zoo, the Fort Worth Opera, the Youth Orchestra of Greater Fort Worth, and Business Volunteers for the Arts are among the groups I've served. Currently one of my Chief Outsiders clients is a nonprofit (Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Texas) that I am donating my time to.

Closer to home, my wife Pam and I are operating a nonprofit. It's called The 500 Olmos Club and it consists of about 25 young adults (including our son Sam) and their parents. These are young people (with varying diagnoses including Asbergers, ADD, ADHD, and assorted learning disabilities), who have aged out of many school-based social services and lack social skills, a network of friends, and regularly held activities where they get to hang out and work on their social skills--while also having fun. So they plan and throw weekly parties, go to movies, and concerts and dozens of other activities. This summer they all spent 2 weeks together experiencing college life together in dorms at Trinity University. It's the hope of the parents involved that this 5-year-old network of young people will provide lifelong friendship, companionship and greater happiness for our children after we parents are all gone. We are also working to franchise out this concept to help similar nonprofits form up elsewhere in the country, to help even more disabled young people and their parents live richer lives.


Rex Bull

Passionate about Helping the Least of These

foundations_for_the_homeless-resized-170All men may be created equal, but not everyone has the same opportunity. Some of us are just luckier than others. My heart goes out to those born into bad situations with little hope to change their circumstance. 

Poverty is the number one reason people fail to thrive. The simplest and most basic need for shelter, water, and food are everyday challenges for the vast majority of people on the planet. At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day and according to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. The good news is that we have the resources and ability to eliminate poverty in our lifetime. 

Specific Roles:

  • Board Chair Foundation for the Homeless
  • Volunteer and donor Austin Samaritans
  • Volunteer and donor Bill Glass Champions for Life

Karen Hayward

Passionate about Connecting Dominican Children To Brighter Futures

download.pngAs global crises go, poverty is often marginalized and dismissed as an unsolvable and persistent world challenge. Fortunately, the volunteers behind Charlie’s Foundation don’t share these views – and are working to make a huge difference to bring opportunities to children in one of the world’s poorest countries. 

charlies-foundationI am proud of my association with Charles Le Pierres and his daughter, Ali – who are single-handedly changing lives in the Dominican Republic by teaching youth the English language through tennis instruction. By acquiring these skills, these children gain a valuable connection to a world of opportunities outside of the Dominican Republic -- improving their chances of breaking free of the grip of poverty that ensnares nearly half of all Dominican citizens.


Yvonne Brown

Passionate about Preserving our Natural Resources for Future Generations

mothers-out-front.jpg“As our world leaders debate climate change and sustainability on a global stage, I believe that the preservation of our natural resources starts locally, with an individual commitment. I demonstrate my devotion by helping to lead the ‘Mothers Out Front’ community organizing team in my hometown of Belmont, Mass. Together, belmont_goes_solar_png.pngmy neighbors and I work to encourage the use of clean energy sources over fossil fuels; ultimately, we hope that Massachusetts becomes the first state to pledge to meet its new energy needs through conservation, efficiency, and renewables.

Specific efforts I’m involved in are working closely with our local sustainable energy interests to promote the installation of solar panels by residents and businesses; and encouraging citizens to actively engage in efforts to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in our town.”

Specific Roles:

  • Activist and organizer, Mothers Out Front
  • Steering Committee member, Belmont Goes Solar
  • Active member, Sustainable Belmont

Paul Sparrow

Passionate about Helping Others Find or Strengthen Their Faith

M2Mlogo.jpgWhile I’m highly motivated to help small and mid-market CEOs achieve their vision and grow their business, I’m also driven to help my family know God more deeply and intimately. This is a responsibility of all men of faith—to actively serve as the spiritual leader of our families. I’m equally passionate about helping other men encounter and know the living God. At Seacoast, a large multi-site Christian church based in Mt.Pleasant, SC, I HikeLogo.pngserve in Men’s Ministry coaching and guiding the efforts of our Men's Hike leadership teams. Twice a year we lead 100 guys into the mountains for a spiritually-based backpacking adventure. I’m eager to help others start this highly relational ministry at their church and in recent years, I’ve advised pastors and volunteers in that effort. There’s nothing quite like a mountaintop experience with the Lord, and it’s a pleasure to help others engage in it.

Specific Roles:

  • Congregational Elder, Seacoast Church
  • Seacoast Ministries2Men Small Group Leader & Coach 
  • Board of Advisors, Strong2Rescue Hike Ministry
  • Member, Low Country Hike Council