Case Study: Salient Systems

Security Software Goes National

"Pete very quickly understood our business, was able to think strategically, and without pause added value to our planning and decision making process."

- Bob Wilbur, CEO, Salient Systems


  • Security software innovation leader going from regional to national.
  • Industry in transition from analog to IP (digital) technology.
  • Innovative channel strategy, great product positioned company for success.

"I really appreciate Pete's leadership. He worked collaboratively with me to pull together a thorough plan which was invaluable to me. Now, we're working together to get it done."

- Mary Wilbur, Marketing Director, Salient Systems

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Collaborate with executive team to develop and execute the annual marketing plan.

Define implementable strategy to support a national rollout of Salient Systems' Video Management System security solutions, increasing sales 3.5x the prior year level, while reducing marketing investment as a percent of sales by 50%.


Conducted in-depth interviews with key executives and managers, sales leaders, industry pundits and partners; analyzed industry research documents; performed competitive reviews; led website search visibility assessment. Collaborated with marketing team to evaluate prior year budget effectiveness and prioritize new year opportunities.

  • Go-to-market channel map - including key investment points and relationships.
  • Marketing objectives - three pillars and integral components.
  • Key Leading Indicators - monthly measurements for each pillar and component.
  • Key marketing investments - expected spending for each pillar and component.
  • Marketing investment landscape - model that visually captures investment magnitude and relevance across the sales and support cycle.
  • Key message summary - message grid (two pronged) with supporting proof points called out for both company relevance and product relevance.
  • Company and product differentiation points - message maps relating key company and product differentiators to separate reseller and end-customer audiences.
  • Social media guidance - snapshot recommendation of how to approach content syndication (priority), BLOGging (opportunity) and Twitter (dabble) in new year.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) situation assessment - solicited and performed by 3rd party, this assessment demonstrated massive opportunity for increasing visibility (top-of-find) with relevant search considerers.

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