EP17: Your Data Story is Your Business Story

EP17: Your Data Story is Your Business Story

Jun 7, 2023 1:26:41 PM | Posted by Deborah Fell


What happens when Deborah’s guest, Xena Ugrinsky, asks her first acquisition company, “If you could get anything, what would you want that would make you wildly surpass your peers?” Xena shares her personal journey from immigrating from Germany to the US with her parents who completed their higher education in America and became a college professor (father) and geneticist (mother), and became a US citizen at the age of 8.  She also speaks to how she and two other partners boot-strapped and co-founded Pilot Wave. The technologies that had only been available to companies like Alcoa could now become available to smaller companies.  Join them for this half of their conversation, "Your Data Story is Your Business Story." About Xena Ugrinsky Xena Ugrinsky - CTO, Co-Founder and Senior Transformation Executive at Pilot Wave Holdings Management, LLC, and Principal, Founder and Data Science Evangelist at Genre-X, Inc. She is an AI expert, author, and previous Partner at KPMG as well as Booz Allen Hamilton.  She believes that data-driven competency will be the main source of competitive advantage over the next few years and that if leaders of mid-sized and large enterprise companies are not actively exploring how applied data science can be propagated through their organizations based on clear business objectives and measures of success, they risk being left behind. Links from this episode: Pilotwave Holdings Xena Ugrinsky on LinkedIn Xena Ugrinsky on Twitter Deborah Fell on LinkedIn Chief Outsiders

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