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Business Executive Develops Decision-Making Skills in Peer Advisory Group

Posted by Neil Anderson

Vistage Member Increases Decision Making Skills with Higher Impact, Higher Confidence, and at a Faster Pace

Chief Outsiders Fractional CMO, Neil Anderson, has a conversation with Vistage Member and President of Linx Multimedia, Travis Deatherage, about his experience with Vistage, an executive coaching organization that provides leadership training and business coaching to CEOs and Executives.

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Turn it Around: Apply the Visions of a Microsoft CEO to Your Business

Posted by Gary Fassak

I just finished the new book, “Hit Refresh,” written by Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. More than just a memoir, the tome is a mid-course report of Nadella’s learnings about life and leadership, and how he is applying these lessons in specific ways to turn around Microsoft. 

Nadella likens the techniques in “Hit Refresh” to those of refreshing a web page – every time you do it, some of the content stays, and some is replaced by new content. Repeated refreshes over time creates a whole new web page, just as repeatedly learning, and then applying these lessons to our lives, creates a more capable, up-to-date person.

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What is Account-Based Marketing and Why CEOs Should Care

Posted by Blaine Mathieu

If you are the CEO of a B2B company, you may have heard of the latest innovation in generating revenue: Account-Based Marketing (ABM). This article will explain the why’s and what’s of ABM so that you can ensure your company is driving the maximum results. 

Let’s face it: your leads probably suck. They suck either because there aren’t enough of them, or the quality is poor. Most likely it is both. Your sales team is always asking for more and better leads – and you are too.

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Is The “VP of Sales and Marketing” Role Becoming “Mission Impossible?"

Posted by Mark Coronna

Here’s to those of you who currently have that title and are performing effectively in a “Vice President, Sales and Marketing” role today! If you are confident, balanced and managing both roles effectively at the same time, you are unique. I think, though, that this combined role will become less common in the future.

Here’s what is driving my thinking. I’ve been in a VP Sales and Marketing role in three companies. Most recently, I served in an interim VP Sales role added to an interim VP Marketing role for a client which had an unplanned executive opening. After five months of trying to perform both roles productively and with balance, I have greater empathy for those who have that title and who actually can do both concurrently.

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Got a Big B2B Deal On the Line? Three Questions to Ask

Posted by Gary Fassak

Consider this situation: A large enterprise service firm – we will call them Steady Company- spent two years cultivating a Fortune 500 prospect. Their selling approach was professional, persistent, and “by the book.”  They asked penetrating questions to fully understand their prospects needs. They had a “top-to-top” of the key players from both sides. They identified decision makers at each level, and crafted detailed execution plans to support their bid. They understood the competitive bidder’s relative advantages and disadvantages.

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