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Emotional Intelligence with Your Customers - Four Rules To Live By

Posted by Gary Fassak

I see you over there, CEO. You’re the one who’s all business – presiding over meetings with your singular focus on the numbers and the results, and that cool appearance that broadcasts to all that you mean business – only business. 

But, at the end of the day, are you looking beyond the dollars and cents, to that emotional connection that brings the most loyal contingent of America to shower your company with hard-earned loyalty?

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“Less is More”: Four Steps to Aligning Your Project Queue and Goals Today

Posted by Chris Wallner

There was a time in our lives when “busywork” might have been a good idea. Back in school, it was the way many of us created that semblance of subterfuge when we had expeditiously completed the assigned work, and were now just interested in writing a note to the girl two seats over.

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Command Your Data: How Marketers Can Avoid Legal Hot Water in 2018 – and Beyond

Posted by Rob Talbot

Except for those times when a sauna is involved, staying out of hot water is generally considered to be a good idea. For corporate marketers, the rising tides of consumer data collection have dialed up the temperature of the surrounding salty waves, making it easier for companies to be pulled into the undertow.

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Supercharging Your SWOT, Step Three: Execute for Success

Posted by Paul Sparrow

Welcome to Step No. 3 of 3! By making it here, you have hopefully completed the initial steps to SWOT success. Is your SWOT consolidated? Check. TOWS matrices built? Check.

Now, it’s time to fully activate — or shall we say, execute — your SWOT to propel and grow your business. As you recall, the initial steps of this process have been focused on eliminating the inertia that often follows the SWOT exercise at most companies. You’ve leveraged and defended your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You’ve processed them through the TOWS matrix in Step 2 to uncover immediate and actionable changes — mini-strategies that can alter your market position and engage the mechanisms necessary to grow your company’s business.

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Supercharging Your SWOT, Step Two: Activating Your SWOT

Posted by Paul Sparrow

Congratulations! If you’re reading this blog, you’ve mastered the art of collecting the data for your SWOT (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) analysis, and have grouped similar concepts into manageable chunks of information.

At many enterprises, this is where the SWOT work dies — leaving company executives with a keen understanding of the state of their business, but lacking a clear path to rendering the findings actionable in an effort to foster real change. Think of the Starship Enterprise never returning from years of space exploration — all that knowledge and data stored in the ship’s memory banks and officer logs, yet nobody ever does anything with it.

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