Growth Insights for CEOs

CEOs: The 7 C's of Hiring Management Consultants

Posted by Pete Hayes

Since Christopher McKenna signaled the rise of ‘The World’s Newest Profession’ by publishing his book in 2006, the trend towards hiring and deploying management consultants has only been on the rise. But how does a CEO go about it? Surely it’s not the same process and set of qualities you’d look for in an executive hire?

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9 Ways to Improve your Marketing Dashboard

Posted by Stijn Hendrikse

A marketing dashboard holds every measurable piece of data that is relevant to the growth of your business. Dashboards of the past were often uneditable screen shots, or endless Excel columns that blurred into mind-numbing statistics. The truth is, your dashboard is the star of the show, and can be a revenue-building machine if done smartly.

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Bridging Silos – Four Steps to Creating High-Performance Teams in Your Enterprise

Posted by Andrew Poon

I was moved recently when I saw football quarterback Tony Romo, leader of the Dallas Cowboys, address the public.

Sidelined by injury, Romo, a marquee player and one of the top quarterbacks in the league, was now forced to play second fiddle, as his backup, rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, played his way from obscurity into a permanent spot in the starting lineup.

And people talked – they wondered, “How would Romo take the demotion? Would he get angry? Ask for a trade?”

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How to Survive the 5 Fatal Factors that Threaten Your Business

Posted by Sean Klunder

Understanding the external factors that hinder your growth and survival

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics in 2016 reports that only two-thirds of businesses will survive 2 years, half of all businesses will survive 5 years, and a mere one-third will survive 10 years or more.  Most of us have heard these statistics, or at least a version of them. In the modern market, the success of a business depends on its growth. But why do some businesses successfully grow and survive while others become a failing statistic?

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What happens if the dog doesn't like the dog food?

Posted by Mike McGinn

“If the dog doesn't like the dog food, everyone can go home.”

This rather provocative statement came from my supervisor many years ago. Like most truths, I still remember it. It stuck. Even now, I know he was right. Dogs know!

In fact, I would expand on his point-of-view and suggest that not only does the dog have to like the food, the dog needs to like it a whole lot better than the competitive alternatives. So much so that the company gets its desired ROI in the process.

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Timing is Everything: Three Ways to Set the Clock to Your Advantage

Posted by Gary Fassak

Flash back with me for a moment to the 1980s. The decade of big hair, Reaganomics and the DeLorean, the 80s was also the cherry on top for more than three decades of stupendous growth in the music industry.

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It Just Got Real: The Final 3 of 10 Reasons Why Your SWOT is a SWAG – and How to Activate It

Posted by Paul Sparrow

Congratulations – you found a way to hang on, childhood stories and all, through seven of the 10 reasons why your SWOT analysis is really a SWAG! Give yourself a high five while reexamining the SWOT process and what it means to your business. You’re almost ready to reengage and take action.  This is very important, because you must ACTIVATE the SWOT to complete the mission.

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A Marketing Metric You've Never Heard Of

Posted by The Chief Outsider

The explosion of digital marketing, social media, and technology has driven marketers to collect more data about the activities marketing departments perform. Metrics, KPIs, and analytics are all the rage. As a CEO or CMO, do you ever ask the question, what does the metric mean? Better yet, have you ever asked, once you now have the metrics, if the marketing department is getting better at what they do? If the organization is really learning, productivity and results should improve. The more you do, the more things should happen. Better yet, you should be more effective at using the resources you have. But how do you know?

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Applying NBA Insight to your Business

Posted by Doug Rainbolt

It’s been fascinating to watch the accelerated adoption of data analytics in the sporting world. It’s not limited to understanding post game statistics. It’s extended to predicting the future. Having powerful and deep insight into today’s competition, including the physical and social attributes of the athletes competing, can provide predictive capabilities about future competition.  

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Insights, Integration, and Impact: A CEO’s Guide to Hitting Targets Every Time

Posted by Dawn Werry

Is it possible to hit our growth targets every time? American sharpshooter Annie Oakley, also known as “Little Sure Shot,” would say it is. In fact, legend has it that the famous markswoman was known to consistently slice a playing card perfectly in half with a single bullet – and as a child, she was so reliably successful at game hunting, that she used her skills to pay her parents’ mortgage in full.

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