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The Marketing Health Check: 5 Questions to Ask Right Now to Prep for 2018

Posted by Don Lee

Another calendar year is just about in the books – and the atmosphere around most businesses is decidedly festive. Your staff, no doubt, is thinking about spreading cheer, forgetting about old acquaintances, and making plans for that dead zone between Christmas and New Year’s when the most mission critical strategic consideration is whether to drive or fly to grandma’s house for the holidays.

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The New Sales Funnel: How to Revitalize Your Messaging to “Wow” Today’s Consumer

Posted by Karen Hayward

For sales-driven organizations, 2017 marked the year that the baton was finally – and permanently – passed to the consumer.

This was the year, it was declared, that all of the growing technology megatrends finally gave the consuming public the upper hand in the relationship with marketers. This means that, despite all of the efforts and resources we’ve invested into outbound sales and marketing efforts, heretofore, we’re simply going to find ourselves several paces behind an educated and savvy buying public.

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Sold, not Bought: The Marketing of Unfamiliar Solutions

Posted by Bob Sherlock

Several years ago I met Davis, an executive in Ohio, who segmented his product lines into “Bought, not Sold” and “Sold, not Bought.”

“Bought” products, he said, were familiar to prospective buyers. They had self-diagnosed what they needed and self-prescribed a product solution for that need. Often, they’d previously purchased a product in the category.

By contrast, a “Sold” product presented an unfamiliar solution—so the prospect couldn’t self-prescribe, and may not have self-diagnosed. In fact, their need could be latent and wouldn’t be recognized without prompting.

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Business Executive Develops Decision-Making Skills in Peer Advisory Group

Posted by Neil Anderson

Vistage Member Increases Decision Making Skills with Higher Impact, Higher Confidence, and at a Faster Pace

Chief Outsiders Fractional CMO, Neil Anderson, has a conversation with Vistage Member and President of Linx Multimedia, Travis Deatherage, about his experience with Vistage, an executive coaching organization that provides leadership training and business coaching to CEOs and Executives.

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Turn it Around: Apply the Visions of a Microsoft CEO to Your Business

Posted by Gary Fassak

I just finished the new book, “Hit Refresh,” written by Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. More than just a memoir, the tome is a mid-course report of Nadella’s learnings about life and leadership, and how he is applying these lessons in specific ways to turn around Microsoft. 

Nadella likens the techniques in “Hit Refresh” to those of refreshing a web page – every time you do it, some of the content stays, and some is replaced by new content. Repeated refreshes over time creates a whole new web page, just as repeatedly learning, and then applying these lessons to our lives, creates a more capable, up-to-date person.

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