DMA Scorecard_1In the current environment of increased M&A activity, PE and investment bank dealmakers must increase the value extracted from every deal.

  • Quickly get the data you need to mitigate acquisition risk and extract higher sale multiples with a deep analytical Digital Marketing Assessment (DMATM) designed by experts in value creation.
  • Compare and contrast the target’s digital performance against competitors.
  • Add the DMATM to your due diligence tool kit to optimize your deals — B2B, B2C, Direct-to-Consumer, and eCommerce.
  • Includes Digital Marketing Scorecard with actionable growth and performance recommendations to achieve faster scale.

The DMATM generates Digital Marketing Scorecards against top competitors, including a Digital SWOT Analysis. We compare strategically, target to competition, and make Recommendations to drive sales growth, identify quick wins, and improve the target’s digital performance.

DMA Scorecard_2We evaluate and grade these key elements of digital marketing with supporting charts and graphs.

  1. Website Traffic Engagement
  2. Website User Experience
  3. SEO Analysis
  4. Social Media Engagement
  5. Paid Advertising ROI
  6. eCommerce Performance (optional)
  7. Digital Marketing Channel Analysis


Also leverage the DMATM to extract higher multiples of EBITDA from prospective buyers. For pre-sale diligence, the DMATM operates to “institutionalize” the asset, presenting the look and feel of a well-run marketing growth engine.

A key element of the broader “Quality of MarketingTM” or “Q of M” due diligence assessment, the DMATM enhances transaction diligence. Use it to optimize and polish both pre-acquisition and pre-sale diligence, then move forward with greater confidence.



  • Improve Marketing Efficiency
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Generate Incremental Leads/Sales
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs


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