Become An Outsider

"We make big things happen for clients by building a company and culture that attracts the world's best marketers, who come to do the best marketing of their careers, surrounded by people they love to learn from." - OUR MISSION

Why Become a Chief Outsider?

If you're looking for a role where you can have huge impact on a client's business; where you can learn from and tap the expertise of some of the world's best marketers; with the flexibility of running your own assignments, but being part of a national firm that takes care of all the back office stuff, while working on your behalf to develop business --- then Chief Outsiders might be for you.

Take a peek at this summary of recent successes: Chief Outsiders one of Only 150 Companies on Inc 5000 List - 8 Years Running

We are an organization of C-level marketing executives.  Each of our CMOs have held the position of VP of Marketing or higher in one or more large operating companies (as opposed to careers at agencies or consulting firms). We are looking for C-level business executives who have a market based perspective, but also understand the operational and financial implications of a growth strategy.  All positions at Chief Outsiders are Partner level and require previous experience as a Vice President. By outsourcing the CMO role we greatly reduce the cost to a company of hiring a full-time CMO.  At the same time, client companies have access to the skills and experience of the full "Tribe" of marketing executives at Chief Outsiders. 

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What We're Looking For: Real CMOs

If you are an experienced C-level marketing executive, we believe that our unique approach offers you a dynamic and creative way to apply your marketing skills to help companies grow. You may be a good fit if you:

  • Do have experience reporting to CEO as VP of Marketing or CMO at several large companies
  • Don't have a resume primarily made up of agency roles, or consulting assignments

At Chief Outsiders, you will belong to a team of people (a "Tribe") with an incredible level of marketing experience. Being a part of the Chief Outsiders team means that your clients benefit from the support and experience of all of your colleagues. And through our peer review process, your marketing ideas and strategies will be tested and enhanced.

Chief Outsiders work with multiple companies at one time, helping the CEOs realize their vision for growth. Chief Outsiders possess 15-25 years of executive level marketing leadership with five or more years experience as a Chief Marketing Officer. Chief Outsiders have strong financial and business acumen, with a proven track record of accomplishments in the field.

Becoming a Chief Outsider is a dynamic and rewarding way to utilize your marketing experience and skills, when compared to being the CMO for a single company or joining a traditional marketing consultancy. Consider the following benefits of the Chief Outsider approach to executive marketing:

  • Tribe. Becoming a Chief Outsider means joining a team of experienced marketing executives who will be at your disposal for guidance, ideas and stimulation. You will have access to more experience than you have ever had as a marketing executive of a single company.
  • Variety. Chief Outsiders allows you to experience multiple types of business challenges and opportunities. You will be helping mid-sized companies grow; and when you’ve succeeded in one company, you’ll be able to take on new challenges.
  • Flexibility. Chief Outsiders allows you to balance your workload so you can take care of your life commitments. You can choose to work with one to several client companies, depending on your current situation.
  • Always Adding Value. Chief Outsiders individually and as an organization are always looking for ways to help companies grow. Our business development is driven by a culture of exploring the challenges prospective clients face, then sharing insights that add immediate value. In the long term, we enjoy the opportunity to have a lasting impact on the companies we serve.

Check Out Our Core Values  Do you share them? If you do, you may want to Read our Blog to see if you agree with our approach and outlook. Can you be the #2 Marketing executive who serves the #1 marketing executive – the CEO – and translate their vision into an insightful, measurable and actionable marketing plan? Can you oversee the implementation of that plan? Do you have the executive experience consistent with our growing roster of Chief Outsiders? If the answer to these questions is “yes” we very much want to hear from you.

"Thank you for creating an organization that has a culture of collaboration, caring, creativity and a passion to help organizations and people get better.  This is what motivates me to be a better person in all aspects of my life." - Don Lee, CMO & Partner 

Benefits to You?

There are many benefits of being a committed member of the Chief Outsiders "Tribe." Here's just a few for your consideration:

  • Extensive On-Boarding program including training in business development and consulting best practices
  • On-going training and collaboration platform for sharing of best practices
  • National brand, marketing programs, digital visibility and publishing platform
  • Full back-office support, invoicing, collections, distributions
  • Bi-monthly Tribe meetings, peer support, regional sales support, annual national conference