THE Playbook for Explosive Growth: 4 Goldmine Strategies

Gain more marketing leverage to capitalize on market recovery: In this chapter of Chief Outsiders’ webinar series, we will briefly look back one year ago as the market dropped, and then look ahead to the future to capture gains as it recovers. According to our Chief Outsiders/ACG NY survey in April 2020, many of you planned to make improvements in your value proposition to be well-positioned when markets returned; we shared methods for how to effectively do so. If business disruption issues have kept you from important progress, there is still time. Where you will be in 1-2 years depends on a few critical decisions and subsequent actions. For example: how has the customer buying process changed? In what way do sales & marketing roles and approaches need to shift due to these changes? What channel approaches are key to success? Whether your goal is to grow faster than the market rise, be disruptive or ride the upswing to reclaim lost revenue and profitability, a few goldmine strategies can help you make sense of the landscape changes, make better decisions and take actions to increase marketing leverage.

Clay Spitz
Managing Partner

Deborah Fell
Area Managing Partner & CMO


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