Market Trends 2020

Growth Insights from 50+ CMOs with Experience Leading 900 Companies & Fortune 500 Brands
In January 2020, more than 50 of Chief Outsiders’ fractional CMO consultants – experienced C-level executives for Fortune 500TM companies, now serving mid-sized businesses – provided their highly informed perspectives* on what to expect this year.
Executive Summary

Recession Likely to Impact Growth, But No Need to Worry About the Trade War

The Tribe’s economic and budgetary outlooks are generally positive amid the impact of tariffs and the U.S. China Trade War on growth. They view any effects as negligible (Q2).

However, the Tribe believes a recession is likely---which would negatively impact companies’ performance (Q3)---but again not because of tariffs or bad trade relations with China (Q2). Rather, due to a loss of business and consumer confidence.

CEOs Creatively Attacking Economic Headwinds with Innovation, New Tech

The Tribe believes the best way for a growth-minded CEO to overcome economic headwinds will be to innovate, implement new marketing technology and outsource marketing efforts (Q4). The top capabilities needed to accomplish marketing goals are:

  • Strategy development
  • Customer experience and insight
  • Market research and competitive insights
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*Chief Outsiders has worked on the management teams of over 900 companies

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