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CPG Fractional CMO | Consumer Packaged Goods Fractional Chief Marketing Officer


CPG-fractional-CMOWhen agencies run awry and tools fall into tumult, it may be time to hire a Fractional CMO for your CPG business. A Fractional CMO in the consumer goods industry (B-to-C) is the CEO’s secret weapon -- pivotal in steering brands through the complexities of today's market. As a flexible and battle-tested leader, the fractional CMO provides strategic direction for digital marketing and social media initiatives, infusing brands with a fresh perspective. Fractional CMOs – like those on the team at Chief Outsiders – are at the top of their game, offering a comprehensive suite of CMO services that drive sustainable business growth. As a valuable collaborator within the leadership team, the fractional CMO leads business assessments that identify opportunities for growth and formulates action plans to enhance consumer goods business performance. With well-honed digital marketing experience, a CPG Fractional CMO is adept at conversion rate optimization and digital asset management, and can leverage a deep understanding of sales and marketing dynamics to enhance customer experiences and maximize sales potential. Whether on a full-time or part-time basis, the fractional CMO can roll up their sleeves, working to optimize paid search strategies, execute conversion rate optimization tactics, and aid in devising exit strategies. Their expertise extends to account-based marketing, web design, and crafting comprehensive marketing plans. Proficient in marketing technology and analytics tools like Google Analytics, they ensure customer experience management remains at the forefront.

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cpg-specialist[Op-Ed] To Revive Their Might, Big CPGs Must Harness Old-School Marketing Wisdom

The CPG industry is in a storm, and big ships are floundering. Although revenue has grown with inflationary pricing, some of the big CPG companies’ unit volume has fallen well short of their rate of revenue growth. CMO Evan Eckman shares why unmatched scale is not the biggest advantage in this Op-Ed in Financial Times' CPG Specialist.


Alumni marketing leaders from the world’s Top-20 most recognized CPG companies.

Chief Outsiders Fractional CMOs bridge the gap between marketing fundamentals and today’s best practices in marketing technology to transform your company’s topline growth and bottom-line results.

After a FREE comprehensive and confidential assessment of your company’s marketing needs, Chief Outsiders will craft a targeted project scope with your pick from thirty world-class CMOs on our staff to lead the assignment. Your Chief Outsiders Fractional CMO can start immediately for 60 days or for 6 months or more. Let us become an integral part of your executive team to transform your marketing strategy, optimize your budget, and lead your marketing team to maximize your results.

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CPG Marketing Consultant | Food, Beverage, Household Merchandise Fractional CMO


In the world of consumer packaged goods (CPG), there’s a thin line between products that are shelf superstars and those that are bound for the bin. Though many factors determine success, a CPG marketing consultant can polish the diamond and leverage tools and experiences to foster success. A CPG marketing consultant can weave together comprehensive strategies that encompass various facets of digital marketing and social media engagement. This includes optimizing sales strategies tailored to the nuances of diverse CPG brands, integrating impactful media strategies for sales and marketing alignment, and managing marketing resources to foster success. When a CPG company retains a marketing consultant from the Chief Outsiders’ team, leadership is more effective, agencies thrive, and team members are motivated to work efficiently. A CPG marketing consultant also excels in crafting compelling social media strategies that resonate with target audiences and capitalize on data-driven marketing insights. Beyond marketing, the consultant provides invaluable retail guidance, harnessing e-commerce expertise to bridge the gap between online and traditional retail spheres. Their multifaceted skill set encompasses vital aspects such as intellectual property protection, package labeling, and regulatory guidance, ensuring compliance with industry standards and consumer expectations. Through this lens, a CPG Marketing Consultant is not only a strategist but a guardian of a brand's reputation, growth, and market relevance.

The Consumer Packaged Goods field has a wide variety of segments; we have execs with expertise spanning the gamut:



CPG Sales Consultant | Consumer Packaged Goods Fractional Chief Sales Officer



Dollars are happiest when they have friends. A CPG Sales Consultant is a company’s best way to make sure that dollars never become lonely. This critical role helps a CPG company drive success within the consumer packaged goods landscape by maintaining a sharp focus on sales. You’ll often find a CPG sales consultant using their superpowers to cultivate thriving relationships with key accounts and retail partners. Through meticulous business development efforts, they harness their expertise to amplify packaged goods sales and empower emerging brands, startups, and established entities alike. And like the Chief Sales Officers who constitute the corps at Chief Outsiders, they can be invaluable during reorganizations and turnarounds, injecting renewed growth momentum into businesses. Armed with a strategic sales strategy, they purposefully align goals with market trends, ensuring sustained growth for consumer packaged goods. Their expertise goes beyond the surface, collaborating closely with consumer packaging engineers to optimize product presentation and appeal on retail shelves.

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All of Our Executives Work with Clients Nationwide

Food Marketing Consultant


food-marketing-consultantHiring a Food Marketing Consultant is a strategic decision that can catapult your business ahead of competition in the hot-dog-eat-hot-dog world of food and beverages. With expertise in the culinary arts and deep experience culled through an understanding of the intricacies of the industry, these consultants bring an unmatched level of insight to the table. From optimizing social media presence to guiding product development, they craft comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of food businesses. Also, a food marketing consultant can unlock market research insights to empower data-driven decision-making, ensuring your brand resonates with your target audience. Whether you're a farm seeking to enhance your local food visibility or a food brand aspiring for nationwide recognition, food marketing consultants possess the acumen to design and execute impactful marketing plans that drive customer acquisition. By collaborating closely with you and your senior leadership team, these consultants leverage their business consulting skills to provide sustainable solutions that elevate your market presence.

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Frozen Foods Marketing Consultant



Embracing the expertise of a marketing consultant for your company in the frozen foods industry is a bellwether move that can yield unparalleled benefits. In an era where frozen foods are gaining momentum as a convenient and reliable option, the guidance of seasoned professionals in this sector is invaluable. These marketing consultants possess an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of food product development and are well-versed in crafting tailored marketing strategies that resonate with both consumers and industry stakeholders. When developing and implementing a strategic blend of social media, content marketing, and targeted campaigns, they can propel your frozen food business to the forefront of the market. With years of experience, their comprehensive grasp of frozen food marketing ensures enhanced brand awareness, which is a pivotal factor in standing out amidst competition. Moreover, these experts are attuned to the specific challenges and intricacies of cold chain fulfillment, refrigerated storage, and the better-for-you (BFY) trends that are reshaping the industry. Whether you specialize in dairy products, frozen prepared foods, or other refrigerated frozen offerings, these consultants tap into their proficiency in food process engineering, food safety, and food and beverage manufacturing to optimize every aspect of your operations.

Beverage Marketing Consultant



Having the right marketing talent in the beverage industry can mean the difference between flat results, and those that fizz! Hiring a skilled marketing consultant specialized in beverage marketing is the best way to move products for your burgeoning, bustling beverage business. With their finger on the pulse of the industry, these consultants have seen it all when it comes to strategies that define the beverage marketplace. Using their well-earned digital marketing chops, a beverage marketing consultant can create tailored strategies that resonate with today's tech-savvy consumers, ensuring your brand's visibility across various online platforms. Whether you're introducing a new bottled water product or seeking to revamp an existing beverage brand, these consultants bring a wealth of experience in beverage development, packaging, and innovation. They can guide you through the intricacies of beverage packaging and branding to win the popularity contest at the shelf. The most seasoned consultants will leverage their extensive network include beverage distributors, experts, and industry insiders, lifting the velvet rope to invaluable insights and connections that can drive growth and expansion. Joining forces with a seasoned beverage marketing consultant can help you tap into their adeptness at sourcing and identifying trends that resonate with your target audience, setting your beverage brand on a course for refreshing success.


Wine, Beer, and Liquor Marketing Consultant



Retaining a marketing consultant in the realm of wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages, can yield a plethora of advantages for your company when buying decisions are made in the blink of an eye. In a digital age where consumer preferences and trends evolve rapidly, the expertise of a wine, beer, and liquor marketing consultant can guide you through the landscape of wine marketing, beer promotion, and the broader world of alcoholic beverages. The most experienced marketing consultants bring a deep understanding of brand development and an acute awareness of the unique nuances that define alcohol brands, making them well-equipped to navigate the complexities of liquor and wine marketing. Their experience with KPI definition and reporting enables them to tailor marketing strategies that align with your business goals, fostering a clear and measurable path to success. They also are adept at leveraging cutting-edge techniques like geofencing to reach consumers with pinpoint accuracy, optimizing the impact of your alcohol branding efforts. Whether you're a craft brewery, a vineyard, or part of the wider alcoholic beverages spectrum, a marketing consultant can offer tailored insights that enhance customer experiences and drive brand loyalty.

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Nutrition Products Marketing Consultant



The crowded nutritional products vertical needs someone who is equal parts futurist, logistics whiz, and public advocate. It takes all of these skills and more to navigate the realm of nutritional supplements, health foods, and wellness businesses. Nutrition product marketing consultants must be able to devise strategies that ensure your products gain prominence in a crowded market. Their expertise extends to influencer marketing, a powerful tool to connect with your target audience authentically. Through targeted influencer collaborations, they can help your products reach a wider audience of health-conscious consumers. In the digital realm, their proficiency in search engine optimization (SEO) can enhance your brand's visibility in online searches, increasing organic traffic and driving engagement with your offerings. If you are a women-owned business with a toehold in the burgeoning field of nutrition and wellness, consultants can bring to bear the unique skills to tailor marketing strategies that align with your unique identity. Other consultants may offer specialized insights that extend to green businesses and sustainable brands, enabling you to effectively communicate your commitment to health and sustainability. You’ll also want to leverage their skill in crafting messaging that resonates with wellness practitioners and health-conscious individuals alike.

Dietary Supplements Marketing Consultant



In a dietary supplements industry that's teeming with fierce competition, enlisting the services of a marketing consultant can supplement your brand’s visibility and success. A dietary supplement marketing consultant can help your nutritional supplements and essential vitamins stand out, leveraging their in-depth understanding of the diverse product landscape within the industry. In the digital marketing strata, they can harness the power of social media platforms to target health and fitness enthusiasts who are actively seeking solutions. Their adeptness in content marketing, including the creation of on-demand webinars, positions your brand as a valuable source of information, establishing trust and credibility with your audience. Whether it's hair, skin, and nails, herbal, joint health, keto, collagen, elderberry, or essential oils, consultants tailor marketing approaches to fit each product's unique selling points. They also recognize the potency of affiliate marketing, effectively leveraging influencers to endorse your brand and expand its reach.



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Toiletries Marketing Consultant



With the average consumer forking over nearly $200 in the U.S. for toiletries each year, it’s important to differentiate. A seasoned marketing consultant is the driving force behind securing your company's coveted share of the consumer market. A strategy consultant in this specialized field possesses an arsenal of marketing insights tailored to propel toiletries companies to the forefront of consumers' minds. Their expertise in internet marketing and digital strategies, along with their fractional CMO services, ensures a comprehensive approach that aligns with the brand's unique vision. With their adept guidance, marketing campaigns are meticulously designed and developed, optimizing search engine results and enhancing brand visibility. Collaboration with a marketing agency expands their potential impact, as the consultant spearheads initiatives that resonate with diverse target audiences. From innovative design development to content optimization, their strategies extend to gift sets, paper weights, tote bags, and beyond, all meticulously crafted to captivate potential customers. This strategy consultant also taps into the dynamic potential of website, blog and podcast strategies, employing agile methods that adapt to shifting consumer preferences. By outsourcing CMO services, business owners can seamlessly integrate expert insights and stay attuned to market dynamics.



Cleaning Supplies Marketing Consultant


cleaning-supplies-marketing-consultantLooking to polish your bottom line and scrub away ineffective marketing strategies? A dedicated marketing consultant with experience in the cleaning supplies vertical can be a vital asset for companies aiming to carve a distinctive niche in the market. The right consultant brings a deep understanding of the needs and demands of cleaning companies, then creates strategic blueprints that transcend regional boundaries, ensuring national recognition. Their expertise extends across various sectors, from commercial cleaning to specialized floor care solutions. This consultant's comprehensive approach encompasses not only product promotion and merchandising but also reputation management and detail-oriented alignment of sales strategies. In the world of commercial cleaning, marketing consultants can help you forge partnerships with cleaning supply brokers to enhance product reach. For janitorial supply companies, their expertise shines in areas such as sanitization, regulatory compliance, and the management of cleaning chemicals. They have the strategic mind and know-how to activate sales channels, effectively targeting industrial, business, government, and educational customers. For the latter groups, they know how to navigate the GSA schedule, opening doors to government procurement opportunities. From glass cleaners and floor cleaners to furniture cleaners and pet odor removers, they facilitate private-label solutions that resonate with clients. The consultant's adept strategies extend to specialized areas, including carpet and floor crews, and custodial services, ensuring a holistic approach to meeting client needs in a landscape governed by quality, safety, and efficacy.


Houseware Marketing Consultant



For companies wanting to pan for gold and whisk up sales success in the housewares industry, the decision to retain a skilled marketing consultant can be a game-changer. With insights tailored to the nuances of the housewares market, a housewares marketing consultant brings a veritable recipe book of insights. This becomes particularly relevant when considering the dynamic landscape of consumer staples and consumer discretionary spending. Retaining a consultant well-versed in the housewares industry gives you a magnifying glass into morass of data analytics – helping you to pinpoint emerging trends, ensuring that they align with evolving consumer preferences. Unlocking digital advertising, content marketing, and lifestyle-focused strategies, a marketing consultant can help bridge the gap between traditional retailing and the digital age, effectively engaging the modern consumer. A consultant with a housewares pedigree can manage your affiliations with bodies like the International Housewares Association.


Household Cleaning Products Marketing Consultant



As the household cleaning industry continues to focus on green cleaning and eco-friendly products, your marketing messages need to resonate with a much more conservation-minded audience. Enlisting the services of a seasoned household cleaning products marketing consultant can be a transformative strategy for household cleaning product companies looking to lean into the pivot. An experienced consultant can develop tailored digital marketing strategies that resonate with potential customers looking for healthier alternatives. Whether it's a residential cleaning company aiming to promote baby-safe cleaning or a commercial cleaning company emphasizing eco-friendly practices, a marketing consultant can create a compelling online presence that showcases the benefits of these products and services. By leveraging effective digital and social media marketing, such as highlighting mop-free cleaning solutions and non-toxic cleaning chemicals, a consultant can establish the cleaning company as a reliable source for modern, health-conscious consumers. Furthermore, reputation management strategies can be employed to bolster the company's standing in the market and ensure that its commitment to sustainable practices shines through.

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Paper Products Marketing Consultant



This is not a tale of “pulp” fiction: Partnering with a marketing consultant who is knowledgeable about paper products can yield remarkable advantages. The world of forest products, including paper packaging, is evolving rapidly, and a marketing consultant can help you navigate this transformation with finesse. From traditional paper mills to modern digitalization endeavors, a paper products marketing consultant brings expertise that spans the spectrum. Most importantly, they can help businesses adapt to the digital transformation landscape, ensuring their offerings remain relevant and appealing. You can rely on a paper products marketing consultant to address principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to make sure you align with the values of the modern consumer and resonate with the increasing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. A paper products marketing consultant can help you better engage the public sector, cater to energy and natural resources sectors, or craft consumer product strategies that can drive growth while fostering sustainable practices.


Beauty Care Marketing Consultant | Skin Care Marketing Consultant



A beauty care marketing consultant can make sure your marketing strategies are ready for their closeup! Cracking the code of the beauty care industry requires the expertise of a seasoned marketing consultant who can unlock a plethora of advantages. From skincare brands to personal care products, the consultants’ adeptness in digital marketing and social media strategies can propel beauty brands to the forefront of consumer consciousness. In an era where online presence is paramount, a consultant's prowess in content marketing, influencer collaborations, and search engine optimization (SEO) can ensure a beauty company's products and services receive the visibility they deserve. Navigating the complexities of beauty industry advertising and engaging beauty influencers requires finesse, and a marketing consultant brings this finesse to the table. Their efforts will result in increased media mentions, greater traction with influencer marketing, and other results that can establish your brand as a top player in the competitive beauty landscape.

Cosmetics Marketing Consultant



In an era where even YouTubers and TikTokers are now cosmetics peddlers, you’ll want a cosmetics marketing consultant to help you maintain and grow your share. This rapid market evolution means that  a consultant well-versed in beauty marketing can be an indispensable partner to you, your leadership, and your company. From beauty branding to innovative packaging design, their expertise in digital marketing and social media strategies can make sure you stay atop the consumer consciousness. In an age where a strong online presence is non-negotiable, a consultant's mastery in content marketing, web design, and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can ensure cosmetics companies achieve maximum visibility. Navigating the intricacies of influencer marketing, public relations, and media mentions necessitates finesse, and a marketing consultant brings precisely that. Influencer collaborations can enhance brand identity and establish a cosmetic brand as a prominent player in the competitive beauty landscape. The right marketing consultant can help your cosmetics businesses curate captivating narratives and power up your product offerings.


Pet Products Marketing Consultant



We live in a nation of humans who want the best for their four-legged fur babies, avian acquaintances, and fin-bound friends. As a result, sales of pet products are constantly on the rise – and with a seasoned pet products marketing consultant, you can be sure to get your share. A marketing consultant well-versed in pet marketing knows how to navigate this unique landscape. They can help craft compelling marketing strategies that resonate with pet owners and optimize digital marketing campaigns for pet products. Whether it's promoting premium pet foods, devising comprehensive pet care solutions, or enhancing the visibility of pet products through display advertising on platforms like YouTube and Amazon, a skilled consultant understands the vagaries of pet industry marketing. Leveraging tools like Google Ads and ecommerce marketing, they can propel pet businesses to new heights, capturing the attention of pet enthusiasts and translating it into sales.


Office Supplies Marketing Consultant


cmo-Dave-MacintoshThe realm of office supplies, ranging from essential office products to specialized items, requires a strategic and “tack”-tical approach to capture the hearts and wallets of potential buyers. A proficient office supplies marketing consultant can develop a multi-faceted strategy that combines the power of social media engagement, ecommerce SEO, and local SEO tactics to ensure strong online visibility. By optimizing for search engines and strategically placing targeted advertisements, they can increase sales, enhance digital presence, and encourage customer engagement. A skilled consultant is also adept at implementing loyalty and rewards programs that foster lasting customer relationships, driving not only sales but also profitability. Regardless of whether it’s office janitorial products, facility solutions, or even trade show novelties, a well-crafted marketing strategy can transform a business's fortunes in the office supplies industry, establishing its brand as a go-to destination for businesses seeking stationery, breakroom beverages, promotional products, and beyond.

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Merchandise Marketing Consultant



A merchandise marketing consultant can be a transformative asset to any business, offering a wealth of expertise and strategies that can lead to shelf space and consumer acceptance. At the top of your marketing food chain, they can establish category leadership and revenue management, refine business plans and organizational design, and develop insights that drive growth and efficiency. A merchandise marketing consultant should excel in retail marketing, able to utilize their expertise in talent development, retail consulting, and supply chain optimization to enhance overall operations. With a keen understanding of category management and omni-channel marketing, they can optimize shopper experiences across various touchpoints, leveraging shopper marketing techniques that resonate. They collaborate closely with sales reps and act as brand ambassadors, ensuring that product safety and compliance are paramount. In the digital strata, they craft e-commerce shopper marketing strategies, driving sales through this ever-growing channel. By identifying category opportunities and optimizing e-commerce fulfillment networks, they serve as growth strategists who shape retail spaces in alignment with corporate and channel strategies. A merchandise marketing consultant's influence can even extend to employee appreciation and engagement, fostering a motivated workforce that remains attuned to industry trends and committed to achieving business objectives.

CPG Marketing Consultant FAQs

Question: What should I expect from a CPG marketing consultant?

Answer: Expect a CPG marketing consultant to bring expertise in consumer packaged goods, devising strategies to enhance brand presence, consumer engagement, and market reach.

Question: How does a CPG sales consultant work? 

Answer: You A CPG sales consultant employs their industry acumen to optimize sales strategies, enhance distribution channels, and establish key retailer relationships for effective product placement and market expansion.

Question: Why do I need a CPG fractional CMO? 

Answer: A CPG fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) offers a cost-effective solution, delivering high-level marketing leadership and strategic guidance on demand, tailored to your company's needs.

Question: What are the responsibilities of a food and beverage marketing consultant? 

Answer: A food and beverage marketing consultant is responsible for creating targeted marketing strategies, enhancing product positioning, identifying market trends, and fostering brand loyalty within the competitive F&B landscape.

Question: What is a CPG Fractional CSO? 

Answer: A CPG Fractional Chief Sales Officer (CSO) is a seasoned professional who provides part-time sales leadership, leveraging their expertise to optimize sales processes, drive revenue growth, and enhance sales team performance.

Question: When should I hire a Beauty Care marketing consultant?  

Answer: Consider hiring a beauty care marketing consultant when you're launching new products, rebranding, expanding into new markets, or aiming to strengthen your online presence and engagement with target audiences.

Question: How do I find a good merchandise consultant? 

Answer: To find a reputable merchandise marketing consultant, review their past client successes, seek recommendations from industry peers, assess their expertise in your specific product category, and ensure their approach aligns with your business vision.