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Execute high-yield healthcare growth strategies with Chief Outsiders. As a leading healthcare marketing consulting firm, our seniority and our tenure set us apart. We've been in the trenches, planning, doing, measuring and learning – the hard way. Our medical marketing consultants bring hard-won healthcare industry knowledge by marketing specialty right to the table.

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The Healthcare Industry Landscape

Healthcare CEOs have a lot on their plates. They must tend to business concerns in an industry where the bottom line and saving lives depend on succeeding with both. They struggle to retain employees in a competitive marketplace. And, they must market their products and services, without appearing to profit from the ailments of patients.

In the high-stakes healthcare industry, CEOs benefit greatly from leveraging the instant talent, rich playbook, and tribal power of Chief Outsiders. Taking healthcare business marketing off the plate of a CEO makes him or her more efficient with other priorities, resulting in happier employees and healthier patients. The entire community benefits.

With no expensive long-term contracts, the company chooses exactly how much to use their Chief Outsiders fractional CMO. The CEO decides how long and how deeply to engage, then focuses on other priorities knowing their CMO has marketing under control. It’s all about optimizing the business of helping patients and saving lives.


Chief Outsiders provides consultants who can create and execute on both marketing and sales strategies for a firms throughout the industry:

Healthcare Marketing Consultant
Healthcare Sales Consultant
Health Insurance Marketing Consultant
Biotech Marketing Consultant
Urgent Care Marketing Consultant
Pharma Marketing Consultant
Medical Marketing Consultant
Hospital Marketing Consultant
EHR Marketing Consultant
Medical Device Marketing Consultant

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Responsibilities of a Healthcare CMO

Now, more than ever, executives in the healthcare industry must focus their energy on helping sick patients get better. Time spent worrying about administration becomes a luxury. Indeed, marketing may be the last thing on a healthcare CEO’s mind.

The current scenario makes Chief Outsiders a smart investment for a CEO in the medical field. Healthcare marketing consulting firms provide leaders in the healthcare industry with their own fractional CMO. In other words, your business gains the instant talent of a part-time, hands-on CMO consultant.

These are a few of the most important responsibilities of a CMO:

Offer unrivaled expertise and actionable insights

First, Chief Outsiders CMOs deliver new levels of insight. A CEO in healthcare may not have in-depth strategic and tactical marketing knowledge, let alone the time and energy required to conceptualize and execute a comprehensive marketing plan. A part-time CMO, with a rich playbook and experience in healthcare companies of all shapes and sizes, provides a tremendous amount of value.

Provide greater time savings

Secondly, a fractional CMO frees up time for the healthcare CEO to focus on more pressing tasks. In the current climate, marketing concerns diminish when compared to the challenges presented by COVID-19. Chief Outsiders empowers a healthcare CEO to focus more on providing patients with the best care possible while their fractional CMO optimizes marketing.

At Chief Outsiders, our CMOs are both analytical and creative, and they possess extensive knowledge in a wide range of disciplines. Partner with us and meet your organizational goals in no time.

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Healthcare Marketing Consultant | Marketing Consultants for Health Care

healthcare marketing consultantThe average healthcare company spends more than $8 million a year on marketing. With that type of investment on the line, and given the competitive landscape of the healthcare industry, the demand for healthcare marketing consultants is on the rise. A healthcare marketing consultant plays a vital role for healthcare companies by leveraging their expertise to drive health advances and facilitate practice growth. They specialize in developing marketing strategies and initiatives that promote health and wellness services across various business verticals.

Consulting firms specializing in healthcare marketing, such as Chief Outsiders, offer a pool of experienced fractional chief marketing officers with expertise in healthcare. Engaging the services of a qualified healthcare marketing consultant can provide companies with immediate access to industry-specific knowledge and strategic insights.

Healthcare marketing consultants assist healthcare organizations in reputation management, ensuring a positive public image and fostering trust within the community. The consultant's responsibilities extend to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, dialysis centers, and imaging centers, as they work closely with these institutions to develop and execute effective marketing strategies. They also provide guidance on optimizing the healthcare marketing budget, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently for maximum impact.

By collaborating with a seasoned healthcare marketing consultant, companies can enhance their visibility, build brand credibility, and effectively engage their target audience in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

Below are the different types of Healthcare Marketing (and even Sales) Consultants, as well as some thoughts on Healthcare marketing, strategy, and marketing mix:

Healthcare Marketing Consultant
Healthcare Sales Consultant
Healthcare Business Consultant
CMO for Healthcare
Fractional CMO for Healthcare
Healthcare Strategy Consultant
Healthcare Marketing Strategy
Healthcare Marketing Agency


Healthcare Sales Consultant | Healthcare Fractional CSO | Healthcare Fractional VP of Sales

Healthcare Sales ConsultantA Healthcare Sales Consultant is the crucial link between medical sales representatives and the healthcare industry, driving business development and fostering long-term sales success through both inside and outside sales strategies. With a strong focus on building relationships and expanding customer bases, they utilize their expertise to develop effective sales strategies and maintain a robust online presence in industries such as pharmaceutical and medical aesthetic sales. In a role as a fractional VP of Healthcare Sales, a Healthcare Sales Consultant can also implement comprehensive training programs that enhance the skills and knowledge of sales representatives, ensuring they deliver exceptional customer service. Finding an experienced fractional Healthcare CSO means you can access expertise that extends to diverse areas of healthcare, including plastic surgery and pharmaceuticals.


Healthcare Business Consultant | Healthcare Business Consultants

healthcare business consultantA seasoned healthcare business consultant has more value to companies than market awareness. Chief Marketing Officers – like those at Chief Outsiders – are essentially healthcare business consultants, who will work directly with the CEO and the C-suite to help your company unlock its full potential, supporting practice growth and success within the healthcare industry. They provide valuable insights and strategies to healthcare organizations, focusing on various aspects such as branding, advertising, consumer ratings, patient experience, and the lifetime value of a patient. The consultant works closely with healthcare practices to develop and enhance their brand identity, ensuring that it resonates with their target audience. They offer guidance on effective advertising techniques, helping practices reach and engage potential patients through targeted marketing campaigns.

The consultant also emphasizes the importance of consumer ratings, assisting practices in managing their online reputation and improving patient satisfaction. By optimizing the patient experience, they contribute to patient loyalty and retention, recognizing the long-term value that each patient brings to the practice. Whether it’s a big-picture assignment – like a full digital transformation of your marketing presence – or helping to manage your marketing resources, including in-house staff and agency relationships – a healthcare business consultant is committed to helping you attract new patients, build a strong brand, and maximize the lifetime value of their patient base.


CMO for Healthcare | Chief Marketing Officer for Healthcare Services

chief marketing officer or healthcareA Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Healthcare Services is someone who has walked in your shoes – and today can leverage those experiences to activate marketing initiatives and strategies within your healthcare organization. A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Healthcare Services is responsible for ensuring that the patient experience remains at the forefront of all marketing efforts. The CMO collaborates closely with clinical leadership to align marketing campaigns with the organization's objectives and values. They also prioritize infection control as a key factor in messaging and promotional activities to instill confidence and trust among patients and the broader community. Embracing digital health, the CMO incorporates innovative technologies and platforms into marketing strategies to enhance patient engagement and improve accessibility to healthcare services. The CMO also conducts thorough assessments of market trends and competitive landscapes to identify opportunities for growth and expansion. Membership programs are often developed and promoted to foster long-term patient loyalty.


Fractional CMO For Healthcare| Fractional CMO For Healthcare Services

fractional cmo for healthcareA fractional CMO for healthcare services comes prepared to be a trusted, C-level professional at your company. Despite their fractional engagement, they offer numerous benefits, especially for large-sized businesses with complex marketing needs. A Fractional CMO provides expert marketing leadership and guidance without the commitment of a full-time executive position, allowing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. They can help healthcare organizations establish and maintain an authentic brand across multi-location healthcare settings, ensuring consistency in messaging and positioning. A Chief Outsiders fractional CMO doesn’t just craft strategy or provide advice, they are thought leaders– veteran marketers who are uniquely equipped to be accountable to the C-suite, and are often tapped to oversee execution and deliver results from marketing initiatives.

Through a comprehensive marketing assessment, a Fractional CMO identifies areas of improvement and develops strategic plans tailored to each specialty, such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedic, and pain management. They collaborate closely with clinical leadership to align marketing efforts with organizational goals and ensure effective communication strategies. Additionally, a Fractional CMO brings expertise in digital marketing, including the utilization of teleservices and virtual visits, expanding reach and accessibility to patients.


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Healthcare Strategy Consultant | Healthcare Strategy Consultants

healthcare strategy consultantThe fractional CMOs from Chief Outsiders, unlike the typical healthcare strategy consultant, are hand-picked for their executive-level, go-to-market expertise as well as their ability to develop growth objectives alongside your leadership team. When engaged, our healthcare strategy consultants come prepared to assist you and your team in developing effective strategies for growth and success. They specialize in leveraging their knowledge of healthcare technology and industry trends to assess and optimize the infrastructure and operations of healthcare organizations. Healthcare Strategy Consultants also work closely with national, state, and local government entities to ensure compliance and navigate regulatory frameworks. They provide location-specific healthcare marketing expertise, tailoring marketing strategies to target specific patient populations and promote services effectively. Additionally, Healthcare Strategy Consultants offer guidance on product marketing, assisting organizations in optimizing their offerings to meet the evolving needs of patients and the market. They collaborate with the marketing department to conduct comprehensive marketing assessments, identifying areas of improvement and developing strategic plans for scalable growth. Through their expertise, Healthcare Strategy Consultants empower organizations to navigate the complex healthcare landscape, adapt to industry changes, and drive sustainable growth while delivering high-quality care to patients.


Healthcare Marketing

healthcare marketingHealthcare marketing is focused on promoting healthcare services and enhancing the patient experience. Experienced healthcare marketers understand the complexities of the field – which is why a Chief Outsiders fractional CMO – battle tested and prepared to deal with the rigors of your specific marketplace – is a great choice when revenue growth and competitive positioning are essential.

An experienced healthcare marketer utilizes various digital marketing strategies to reach and engage healthcare consumers effectively. By leveraging platforms such as websites, social media, and search engines, they create targeted campaigns to attract and educate prospective patients. Marketing automation and healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) systems enable healthcare providers to streamline their marketing efforts, personalize communication, and nurture patient relationships. Developing a comprehensive marketing plan, healthcare marketers employ content marketing to deliver valuable and relevant information to healthcare consumers, positioning themselves as trusted sources of medical knowledge. In an ever-evolving healthcare industry, the effective use of healthcare technology is imperative for successful marketing initiatives.


Healthcare Marketing Strategy

healthcare marketing strategyDeveloping a robust healthcare marketing strategy is essential for healthcare organizations to attract and retain prospective patients. This is why at Chief Outsiders, we employ CMOs who are experienced at creating and implementing next-generation healthcare marketing strategies. For example, they are adept at spearheading content marketing strategies, which allow healthcare providers to create and share valuable and educational content that resonates with prospective patients. By optimizing content for search engines, healthcare organizations can ensure their services are discoverable to those actively seeking healthcare information. Additionally, incorporating medical marketing into the strategy helps showcase the expertise and services provided by the healthcare practice, capturing the attention of prospective patients. Reputation management is another key aspect, as online reviews and patient testimonials significantly influence the decision-making process of prospective patients. Healthcare SEO and location-based SEO strategies enable organizations to target local audiences effectively. Omnichannel marketing, including social media marketing and other digital platforms, ensures a consistent brand presence and enhances the patient experience across various touchpoints. Understanding the competitive dynamics of the healthcare industry is crucial for effective marketing strategies that focus on acquisition and retention of prospective patients. This is why aligning with our corps of Fractional Chief Marketing Officers is essential. They have the experience in embedding with your leadership team and understanding your business objectives with enough clarity to develop fresh and impactful marketing strategies that will power product launches, reach your target audience, focus your buyer personas, and ensure compliance in a stringent regulatory environment.


Healthcare Marketing Mix

healthcare marketing mixOptimizing a company's healthcare marketing mix is of paramount importance in the realm of services marketing. With the widespread use of social media and the increasing focus on patient safety and satisfaction, healthcare organizations must strategically position their health services to effectively reach and engage healthcare consumers. This holds true not only for public hospitals but also for medical organizations across the spectrum.

A fractional CMO is well positioned to formulate your medical marketing mix – using marketing mix modeling to develop the right blend of strategies and tactics for your business. A fractional CMO with medical marketing experience can be utilized as the owner of your marketing function – someone who can serve as the most senior marketing executive in a business, without the need for you to bear a full-time cost. A fractional CMO reports directly to the CEO and leverages advanced analytics and monitoring online reviews to help healthcare practices gain valuable insights into patient experiences and perceptions. Additionally, fractional CMOs help healthcare companies maintain brand consistency and effectively convey core marketing messages across all touchpoints – a particularly critical task for multi-department healthcare organizations.


Healthcare Marketing Agency | Health Care Marketing Agencies

healthcare marketing agencyA healthcare marketing agency comes with a broad range of services that can help you reach your target businesses or consumers. Ideally, you will want a chief marketing officer – your senior-most marketing executive – to ensure appropriate oversight of the agency’s activities, ensuring that they deliver against a well-defined and well-honed marketing strategy. With a fractional CMO – like those who are part of the team at Chief Outsiders – you can have peace of mind that your healthcare products or services will reach the right target. Under the guidance of a battle-tested Chief Outsiders’ fractional CMO, your healthcare marketing agency will be held accountable for their efforts surrounding your brands and practice areas.

One of their primary responsibilities of a healthcare marketing agency is to develop and implement effective medical marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience. This includes creating compelling content optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance online visibility and attract prospective patients. Also, healthcare marketing agencies monitor patient satisfaction and conduct business reviews to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to enhance patient experiences. They utilize advanced analytics to gather insights and conduct customer loyalty analysis, enabling healthcare organizations to understand and improve satisfaction and loyalty metrics.


Healthcare Marketing Consultants FAQs

Question: What should I expect from a healthcare marketing consultant? 

Answer: An experienced healthcare marketing consultant can help companies drive revenue growth through targeted product launches, reputation management, healthcare brand awareness, case studies, and content marketing. They can also prepare you for the kind of accurate and meaningful marketing that is relevant to medical practices and healthcare providers.

Question: How much does a healthcare marketing consultant cost?

Answer: Compensation for marketing consultants varies, depending upon the skill and experience of the consultant. Typically, marketing consultants collect a fee or retainer for a block of time dedicated to your company.

Question: What are the responsibilities of a healthcare marketing consultant? 

Answer: A healthcare marketing consultant takes a best practices, hands-on approach with your existing marketing resources to focus on sales pipeline development, go-to-market planning, and account-based management strategies. Their responsibilities for biotech include marketing strategy, digital marketing, management of the customer journey, demand/lead generation, brand development, and the assurance that your company is meeting its marketing KPIs. They report to your CEO and provide executive-level counsel to the C-suite.

Question: What is a healthcare marketing consultant?

Answer: A healthcare marketing consultant is able to develop go-to-market strategies with a keen ability to navigate the complex medical environment. Accountable to the CEO, a healthcare marketing consultant has the business acumen and experience to manage all aspects of your marketing stack – everything from full digital transformation to the management of your marketing resources, including in-house staff and agency relationships.

Question: How do I hire a healthcare marketing consultant? 

Answer: You can likely find healthcare marketing consultants with a varied amount of experiences, or partner with a company like Chief Outsiders which has a corps of battle-tested fractional chief marketing officers with deep experience in the medical arts.

Question: What skills does a healthcare marketing consultant need?

Answer: A healthcare marketing consultant should be able to operate the marketing engine of your company, while understanding and navigating a marketplace that is quite complex. They should be as comfortable with accountabilities to the C-suite as they are with managing agencies, staff, and other resources that comprise your marketing stack.