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Find new business opportunities for your Austin-based business and overcome your challenges to success with our proven, highly experienced marketing consultants.  Chief Outsiders, a 10 times Inc. 5000 company, began in & is very proud to remain based in Texas, the state renowned for its cultural heritage, larger-than-life attitude, diversity, and its fiercely independent legacy.

Although we work throughout the nation with many medium-sized businesses with , our over 120 Fractional CMOs and CSOs highly enjoy working with numerous clients right here in our very own backyard in Austin, Texas.

Our Experienced Marketing Executives Are Committed to Solving Your Business Growth Problems

Experienced CEOs know when a thorough analysis of their company's marketing strategy and performance is required. They seek to understand if the returns from all of their marketing efforts - email campaigns, event marketing, and online marketing -  justify the resource investment, and more importantly: why they are not meeting growth goals. 

In many cases, the issues are related to how marketing is organized, how it is staffed, and how effective the company’s “marketing stack” is. If your marketing outcomes are not meeting expectations, it might be time to utilize business and marketing consultation services. The decision-makers initiate a search and explore different approaches to the problem. Hiring a full-time marketing executive might be unnecessary if they already have an effective team in place. However, they contemplate whether the company might gain more from a Fractional CMO or a marketing consultant.

Hear what Austin-area-based CEO Client, JP Krueger, has to say about Chief Outsiders

Fractional CMO or Marketing Consultant?

Here are some definitions and considerations regarding different aspects and types of marketing consultants:

Why Hire a Fractional CMO
Contributions of a Fractional CMO
How to Choose Your Fractional CMO
Texas-Based Industries We Serve
About Austin

Why Hire a Fractional CMO?

why hire a fractional cmo

A marketing consultation company typically serves as an outsourced, external supplement to your marketing team. They offer services and recommendations from outside, on a fee or retainer basis.

A Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is a highly skilled industry marketing expert who functions as a part-time member of your marketing team. Although they may offer similar services as marketing consultants, Fractional CMOs go much further. Instead of merely devising strategy or providing advice, they are often also tasked with overseeing execution and delivering results.


Why Fractional CMOs Make Top Marketing Consultants
The primary advantage of working with a Fractional CMO over an external marketing consultant is their focus on both strategy and execution. They adopt a hands-on approach to various marketing responsibilities, get involved from creation to implementation, and leave your company with a clear path to growth. An external marketing and consulting firm, in contrast, typically adopts more of a hands-off approach to developing your marketing strategy. They work outside your team, deliver marketing and business consulting services, and, unless you grow your internal staff or marketing systems, must be retained year after year.

Fractional CMOs as Integral Marketing Consultants
A Fractional CMO is a vital part of your marketing team, providing similar services but with full commitment and accountability for execution as well, ensuring a robust return on your marketing investment. By offering comprehensive business marketing consulting services, the Fractional CMO oversees all aspects of your marketing strategy and ensures that your team is equipped to continue once the engagement concludes.

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Contributions of a Fractional CMO Include:

contributions-of-a-fractional-cmoBusiness plan development, comprehensive marketing strategy and execution, and  market analysis. Other services include product development and placement strategy, target identification and demographic planning as well as customer experience feedback, social media presence, marketing metrics and ROI. Companies focused on growth utilize the power of marketing to acquire quality leads and accelerate revenue streams. Let our Texas-based (or national, depending on your need) marketing consultants secure your long-term growth with data-driven, cost-effective, and highly customized marketing plans.

The Distinctive Fractional CMO Service by Chief Outsiders

Chief Outsiders matches your company’s needs with a top-tier, C-level marketing executive with industry experience. You and your marketing team will establish a close relationship with your Fractional CMO, facilitating productive collaboration to achieve your goals and accelerate growth. Only Chief Outsiders offers a team of experienced C-level marketing executives. Whether it’s generating more leads, developing departmental leadership, or assisting you in making strategic decisions swiftly, your Chief Outsiders Fractional CMO will address your most challenging growth issues.


How to Choose Your Fractional CMO


Step 1
Discovery Call: Chief Outsiders will schedule a call at your convenience to discuss your unique challenges and growth opportunities

Step 2
CMO Match: We assist in matching your situation and requirements with one or more fractional CMOs, facilitating your selection to ensure you get the right expertise and a good cultural fit.  We have experts in various industries all over the country, but if you need a local Texas-area expert you can meet with in person, we have plenty of those as well.

Step 3
Statement of Work: We create a customized statement of work to achieve the desired outcomes within agreed timeframes and costs

Step 4
Quick Start: Your CMO begins work in a matter of days, working month to month, without a long-term commitment.


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Texas-Based Industries We Serve

Save time, improve revenue growth, and deliver better patient experiences with Chief Outsiders’ top-notch business marketing consulting services.


Whether you are in the software, hardware, or services business, our tech-focused CMOs can help you implement strong lead and demand generation tactics.


Expand your cloud SaaS offerings into new markets and drive sustainable ARR and ARPU growth with data-driven marketing support.

Financial Services

We leverage our vast industry experience and executive-level talent to help financial service firms accelerate growth and enable business continuity.

Professional Services

Our marketing consultants help professional services firms boost client satisfaction, enhance web presence, and ensure steady revenue growth.


By maximizing data analytics and online engagement, we help consumer-focused companies stay on top of changing customer needs and market trends.


Grow your e-commerce store with optimized conversion strategies built to engage the right leads and boost transactions and average order value.

Travel, Hospitality, and Entertainment

We develop and implement B2B and B2C marketing campaigns that engage profitable markets, drive aggressive growth, and minimize costly risks.


Our fractional CMOs help marketing firms identify new market opportunities, increase demand, and ensure efficient process flows.


About Austin

Austin is located in the heart of Texas and is known for its vibrant cultural heritage, diverse population, and thriving economy. 


Population and Location:

Austin is located in Hays County, Travis County, and Williamson County. By population, Austin is currently the 10th largest city in the United States. 


Historical Root:

Austin has a rich history that dates back to the Native American tribes such as the Apache, Comanche, and Kiowa, who have left their mark on the state’s heritage. 


Economic Hub:

Austin is a thriving center of economic activity for both the state and the U.S. and home to numerous large and small technology companies. High-tech employment grew in Austin following the 2007–09 Great Recession as homegrown companies, such as Dell Technologies, added workers and an increasing number of other firms relocated to or expanded in the area, including Oracle, Apple, Google and Meta. Austin is also a leader in developing eco-friendly technologies, such as solar and wind power.


Cultural Scene:

Austin is a cultural powerhouse with Native American and Latino roots. The Tex-Mex vibe is an expression of pachanga, which is synonymous with “fiesta” but to the tenth power, as exemplified by Pachanga Fest, the premier Austin Latino music festival. The city is known for its unique blend of creativity, live music scene, and a distinct laid-back atmosphere. Austin is also home to the annual Austin City Limits Music Festival, which attracts thousands of music lovers from all over the world.


Urban Landscape:

The cityscape here appears more modern, newer, and cleaner than much on the Eastside. Austin is a major economic hub for both the state and the U.S. and home to numerous large and small technology companies. 


Austin Area Cities & Towns we serve:

City or Town              Zip Code


Bastrop                      78602

Bee Cave                    78733

Briarcliff                      78669

Buda                           78610

Cedar Creek               78612

Cedar Park                 78613

Coupland                   78615

Creedmoor                78610

Dale                            78616

Del Valle                     78617

Driftwood                  78619

Dripping Springs      78620

Elgin                           78621

Georgetown             78626

Hutto                         78634

Kyle                            78640

Lago Vista                 78645

Lakeway                    78734

Leander                    78641

Lockhart                    78644

Manchaca                 78652

Manor                       78653

Martindale                78655

Maxwell                     78656

McNeil                       78651

Pflugerville                78660

Red Rock                  78662    

Rosanky                   78953

Round Rock             78664

San Marcos              78666

Sattler                       78133

Spicewood               78669

Sunset Valley           78735

Taylor                       76574

Thrall                        76578

West Lake Hills        78746

Wimberley               78676


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