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    Art Saxby, Experienced Interim CMO, Marketing Strategy Consultant

    Art Saxby

    Manufacturing, Commodity and Branded Products, Professional Services

    Pete Hayes, Technology CMO, Business Marketing Consultant

    Pete Hayes

    Technology, Business and Professional Services, Digital Strategy and Social Implementation


    Slade Kobran, Marketing Strategy Consultant

    Slade Kobran- Managing Partner

    B2B, Business Services, Professional Services, SaaS

    Joe Grace, Interim CMO

    Joe Grace

    Direct To Consumer: Health, Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition, Skincare, Rx, OTC, MedTech, App Installs

    Yvonne Brown, Interim CMO

    Yvonne Brown

    Technology, Telecom, Enterprise Software/SaaS, Prof & Business Services, Manufacturing, B2B, B2G.

    Janet Brey, Chief Marketing Outsider

    Janet Brey

    Technology, Professional Services, SaaS, HRMS, Digital Marketing, Product Launch/Go-To-Market Strategy


    Mauricio Barberi

    Software/SaaS, Analytics, IT, B2B, Branding, Digital, Lead Gen, Integrated Marketing, Product Strategy


    Gary Fassak

    Growth Strategies, Consumer Goods & Services, Distribution Optimization, Go to Market Strategy, Sales


    Topher Wurts

    B2B, B2C, Non Profits, Startups, Sales, BizDev, Tech, Mobile, Financial Svs, CRM, Competitive Research


    Robert Anstine

    B2B, B2C, Consumer Products, Packaging, Printing, Go To Market Strategy & Execution, Sustainability


    Kenn Adach

    Consumer Products, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Rx to OTC, DIY, Strategy, Innovation, Communications


    Mark Shuster

    Consumer Products, Natural/Organic, Growth Strategies, Product and Channel Expansion, Licensing


    Ian Gomar

    Branding, Omni-Channel, Retail, Digital Marketing, Go-to-Market Strategy, Turnarounds


    Dana Lanham

    B2C & B2B, Consumer Goods, Customer Insights, Strategic Planning, New Market & Product Development


    Rich Oprison

    B2B, B2C, e-commerce, Retail, Product Launch, Health & Wellness


    David Vroom, Business Growth Consultant

    David Vroom- Managing Partner

    Manufacturing Consumer Goods (Durable/Non-durable), Market Expansion, Acquisitions

    Dennis Bailen, Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Dennis Bailen

    Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Brand Development, Strategic Positioning, Growth Path Identification

    Sean Klunder, Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Sean Klunder

    Positioning, Differentiation, Digital Marketing, Technology, Cloud & SaaS, Product Launch, Growth Strategy


    Pam Cabalka

    B2B, Technology, Healthcare, Education, Startups, New Products and Markets, Strategic Positioning


    Mark Coronna

    Growth Acceleration, Marketing Strategy & Alignment, Digital Transformation, Integrated Marketing


    Sharon McLenahan

    Growth Strategies/Plans, B2C, B2B, Consumer Goods/Services, Turnarounds, Repositioning, Innovation


    Bob Sherlock

    Manufacturers, Distributors, B2B Services, Software, Value Messaging, Pricing, Finding New Markets


    Don Lee

    Professional Services, Legal, Industrial, PE, SaaS, Strategy, Leadership Alignment, Brand Activation


    John Lenzen

    B2B, Tech, Services, Software/SaaS, Digital Marketing, Positioning, Lead Gen, Growth Strategy


    Tom McCrary, Part-time CMO, Business Strategy Consulting

    Tom McCrary- Managing Partner

    Growth Insights/Strategy/Execution, Organizational Alignment, Business Vision Creation/Activation


    Dawn Werry

    B2B, Industrial, Digital, Go-to-Market Strategy, Brand Positioning & Licensing, New Products & Markets


    Paul Sparrow

    Purpose-Driven Companies, B2B, Strategic Growth, M&A, Sales, Software/SaaS, Healthcare


    Deborah Fell

    Growth Strategies, Marketing Plans & Assessment, Targeting, Messaging, Digital, Fitness, Hospitality


    Jay Dunn

    eCommerce, Retail, SEM, SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Strategy, Conversion & Acquisition, Sales Growth


    Evan Eckman

    Growth Gears: Insight, Strategy, Execution | Consumer and Industrial Products and Services


    Beth VanStory

    Digital & Omni-Channel Strategies, Positioning & Messaging, B2C, Startups, Coaching


    Catherine Brink

    B2B, B2C, Consumer Products, Strategic Planning, New Market Development, Startups


    Bill Andrews

    Manufacturing, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Marketing & Sales Alignment, Culinary


    Janet Roberts

    B2B, Growth Strategy, Brand Positioning, Tech, Mobile, Telecom/IT, Go-to-Market, Product Launch


    John Callahan

    Manufacturing, New Products & Markets, Strategic Positioning, Sales & Marketing Alignment


    Craig Oldham

    Digital Lead Gen, eComm, Omni-Channel, B2B, Insurance, Telecom, Non-Profit, Distribution


    Ahmet Abaci

    Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Retail, Market Penetration, Go-to-market strategy, Product Innovation


    Clay Spitz, Consumer Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Clay Spitz - Managing Partner

    Helping CEOs and business owners achieve accelerated growth and greater success.

    Rex Bull, Interim CMO, Part-Time Marketing Executive

    Rex Bull

    B2B, Technology, Software, eCommerce, Transportation, Logistics, Healthcare, Financial Services

    Jim McDonald, Marketing Strategist

    Jim McDonald

    Retail, Technology, Hospitality, Wellness, Loyalty, Education, Direct Response, New Products, Digital

    Matthew Benner, Interim CMO, Business Marketing Consultant

    Matthew Benner

    Financial Services, Telecom, Internet Hosting, Energy

    Beth Somplatsky-Martori, Business Marketing Consultant

    Beth Somplatsky-Martori

    Packaged, Durable and Electronic Consumer and Industrial Goods, Brand, Product & Process Innovation

    Mary Doize, Interim CMO

    Mary Doizé

    B2B, SaaS, Start-ups - Fortune 500, Go-to-market, Reseller Channels, Positioning, Messaging & Launch

    Jon Rice, B2C, Restaurants, Franchise Marketing, Multi-Channel Media, Product Licensing

    Jon Rice

    B2C, Restaurants, Franchise Marketing, Multi-Channel Media, Product Licensing


    Andrea Overman

    Healthcare, Technology, Business Services, Growth Strategy, Product Mgmt & Launch, Sales Enablement


    Neil Anderson

    B2B, Technology, Services, Enterprise Software, Digital Marketing, Positioning, Sales Enablement


    Ed Valdez

    B2B, B2C, UX/CX: Retail, SaaS, Mobile Tech/SW, Telecom/IT, Edtech, Emerging Tech (IoT, AR, VR, AI, etc.)


    Jeanne Sherman

    B2B, B2C, Retail, Manufacturing, e-Commerce, Lead Gen, Digital, New Products


    Jeff Greenberg

    Communications, Internet, Entertainment, Technology, Sales, Lead Gen


    Karen Hayward, Business Marketing Consultant

    Karen Hayward- Managing Partner

    Technology, SaaS, Adtech, Prof & Business Services, Go-to-Market, Lead Generation, Sales Enablement

    Atul Minocha, Interim CMO, Business Strategy

    Atul Minocha

    B2B & B2C, Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive, Technology, Software, SaaS, Startups

    Adrian van Haaften, Chief Marketing Outsider

    Adrian Van Haaften

    Tech, SaaS, Cloud Go-to-Market, Demand Generation, Startups & Mid-Size, Growth Strategy, International

    sharon Spooler, Chief Marketing Outsider

    Sharon Spooler

    B2B, B2C, Financial Svcs, Technology, SaaS, Predictive Analytics, Go-To-Market, Lead Gen, Omni Channel


    Sandy Barger

    B2B, B2C, Go-To-Market, New Product/Svc Launches, Product Mgmt, Messaging, Lead Gen, Mkting Tech


    Rob Talbot

    Brand Development, New Market Entry, Go-To-Market Strategy, Direct to Consumer, B2B, E-commerce


    Doug Rainbolt

    Tech, Startups, B2B, Growth Strategies, Go-to-Market, Strategic Positioning, Demand Gen, Turnarounds


    Bill Stewart

    Growth & Turn-around Strategies, New Products, eCommerce, Consumer Goods, Retail Strategy


    Chris Wallner

    B2C & B2B Product Management, Banking, Credit Unions, Tech, SaaS, Mobile, Pricing, Go-To-Market


    Kirk Thompson

    Brand Development, New Product/Svcs/Tech Innovation, Hospitality, Hotel, Restaurant, Retail, F&B


    Steve Seto

    Brand Strategy, Customer Insights, Full-Funnel B2B & B2C Marketing, New Product Innovation


    Brian Ricci

    Consumer Goods, Retail, Lead Gen & Sales Conversion, Channel Development, Go-To-Market, Digital


    Stijn Hendrikse

    Technology, Healthcare, Cloud & Saas B2B Marketing, Startups, Mid-Size & F500


    Bill DeWitt

    Growth Strategy, Demand Gen, Customer Mgmt, Direct Response, Analytics, Financial Svcs, Real Estate


    Anthony Reeves

    e-commerce, Amazon, Branding, Design, Messaging, GTM Strategies, Content, Commerce, Customers


    Adriana Lynch

    Consumer Products, Health & Wellness, Skin Care, Healthcare, Leisure & Hospitality, Food

    Chief Outsiders Advisory Boards

    Why hire a single consultant when you can have an entire team of executives working for you? As a Chief Outsider client, you'll not only have added top talent to your senior management roster, you'll have the benefit of a unique CMO Advisory Board assembled just for you. This Advisory Board, made up of other Chief Outsiders management consultants, supports your CMO with insight and resources to further reduce risk and accelerate your growth outcomes. 

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