Executive Marketing Positions:

  • CMO Omega Engineering (Interim)
  • CMO Paperless Solutions
  • VP Strategic Initiatives, VP Market Development, VP Business Development, PowerTrunk Inc (A Hytera Company)
  • President, Volny Consulting
  • VP Marketing, Comverse Technology
  • Director of Marketing, Staffware (now TIBCO)

Customer Testimonials


  • MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • BA, Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania
  • International Baccalaureate, The British Schools, Uruguay


  • Technology, wireless and wireline telecom, enterprise software/SaaS, manufacturing, professional services, non-profit.
  • Startup to mid-sized B2B, B2B2C and B2G companies looking to enter new markets and stimulate existing markets.
  • Identifying growth opportunities, detecting problems, evaluating initiatives/acquisitions.
  • Developing differentiated and compelling brands, messages and content.
  • Combining digital and traditional programs with automation to build awareness and generate leads within tight budgets.
  • Assisting foreign companies evaluate and enter the North American market.
  • Fluent in English, Spanish and French, understand Portuguese.

Where Yvonne Can Help Your Company

  • Improve marketing ROI despite tight budgets by creatively blending strategy, branding, programs, prospecting and metrics.
  • Identify and evaluate growth opportunities with existing and new customers, markets, products, partnerships and acquisitions.
  • Increase lifetime value by truly understanding your customers -- and competitors.
  • Transform your brand and market position to compete more effectively.
  • Increase awareness and qualified leads with effective digital and traditional programs.
  • Launch into new markets and stimulate existing markets.
  • Develop tools and content that assist your sales team to move prospects through the buying process.
  • Strengthen and/or build your in-house marketing team.

Success Stories

  • Introduced Teltronic/PowerTrunk, a wireless telecom company to the US market. Responsible for evaluating the opportunity and implementing programs. Within two years, the company won the two largest multimillion dollar bids awarded.
  • Refocused marketing strategies for an enterprise SaaS business, increasing revenues by 84% within a year.
  • Facilitated the US entry of a European technology company: evaluated trends, competitors, demand, barriers, price points and product requirements. Insight became an indispensable guide for the investment.
  • Rebranded or launched out of stealth mode over 20 companies: positioning, brand, naming strategy, website, digital strategy, collateral, launch event and analyst meetings.
  • Implemented focused prospecting activities that significantly increased the pipeline of B2B professional services, telecom and enterprise software companies such as CGI, Aravo and SDL.
  • Transformed positioning of Comverse Network Systems from a traditional telecom organization to a versatile competitor in the mobile market. (A $1B mobile tech company).

Yvonne Brown Biography

With over 25 years in global technology marketing and business development, Yvonne Brown is a strategic thinker who rolls up her sleeves to execute creatively and efficiently. She offers an unusual blend of analysis, strategy, branding, communications, operational and prospecting capabilities to help companies grow to the next level.

Yvonne Brown is a skillful advisor with an ability to put her finger on the issue, ask the right questions and make accurate business diagnoses. Successful at creating strategies to steer organizations into new markets and stimulate existing markets, Yvonne has a proven ability to understand market direction, to identify new business opportunities and outline product requirements. Resourceful and versatile, she is skilled at developing differentiated value propositions, brand strategies and programs that increase organizational awareness and market share. 

Prior to joining Chief Outsiders, Yvonne was founder and president of Volny Consulting, a marketing and business development firm. The company was focused on assisting domestic and international technology companies to expand their business by entering new markets, developing better brands and reaching out to prospective customers.

Yvonne evaluated market trends, competitive environments, regulatory issues and product requirements to provide the insight for companies such as RYMSA, Teltronic, and Soundbite to decide if and how to enter new international or domestic markets. She also identified and evaluated potential acquisitions and investments.  

Yvonne also launched and rebranded numerous companies such as Scalable Displays, CVM Solutions, PowerTrunk and LaserSharp to position them for the next level of growth. Combining creativity and efficiency, Yvonne increased their organizational awareness and revenue by developing differentiated value propositions, brand positioning/strategies and well-executed go-to-market programs such as webinars, seminars and tradeshows.Professional services and SaaS enterprise software companies such as CGI, Aravo and SDL outsourced their prospecting and lead qualification services to Yvonne. 

While Vice President of Marketing, Comverse Technology, a $1B provider of software and systems for converged billing and active customer management, mobile Internet, value-added and managed services, Yvonne transformed the brand of the company from a traditional voice-mail organization to a competitor in the mobile market. While heading the marketing operations at Staffware, a CRM software company, Yvonne revitalized strategic positioning, communications, channel marketing and lead generation in North, South and Central America. The company grew from $400k to $7M in two years. She also held several senior marketing positions at PictureTel during years of its peak growth in the videoconference space: strategic planning, market research, product marketing and programs.

Her other consulting experience includes Brooks International where she reengineered operational procedures to achieve major cost reductions through improved resource utilization, ABT Associates where she managed a banking and telecom consulting practice, and consulting contracts with Arthur D. Little and The MAC Group.

Born and raised in Uruguay, Yvonne is a citizen of the United States, Uruguay and Great Britain. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French, and understands Portuguese. Her cross-cultural perspective adds value to Yvonne’s marketing activities. 

Yvonne earned her MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, with a semester abroad at the HEC in France. She has a BA from Bryn Mawr College and an International Baccalaureate from The British Schools in Montevideo, Uruguay.



“We were working at a very fast pace, and Yvonne’s capable execution allowed us to take our time to find a permanent CMO while moving forward at full speed. The quality of her work has been excellent! We got invaluable insights and useful, actionable information presented in a way that integrated into our business. It’s been thoughtful, complete and timely. That was particularly difficult because the mandate changed continually during this time of transition.”

Joe Vorih, CEO, OMEGA Engineering: Manufacturer and distributor of sensors and instrumentation for measurement and control



"Our startup had a short period of time to execute our first product launch, and Yvonne stepped in just when we needed her. A true marketing expert at the CMO level, she very quickly came up to speed on our business and helped us define our marketing strategy. Yvonne was absolutely instrumental in planning and executing the launch, calling on her network of contract tactical resources for support when necessary. An energetic team player, Yvonne is a pleasure to work with. I recommend her to any company in need of direction with their marketing strategy."


Sam Sesti, CEO, ONU: CAD to 3D visualization software



“Thank you, Yvonne.  I thoroughly enjoyed the strategic workshop yesterday. You asked great questions to help us understand our business from a different perspective and really helped us focus. My mind was popping with ideas throughout the day and I have the sense that this is just the beginning of an infusion of fresh thinking.  The day was re-energizing.  We definitely have a lot of work ahead but I think we all feel refreshed and empowered by the refocusing that you facilitated.”


Jon S. Brandt, CEO, Sage Day Schools: Private schools for emotionally fragile children


“Yvonne was instrumental in developing a cohesive strategy and messaging for our entrance to the VR training market, allowing us to stay focused on creating the best possible product. With her help, we more than quadrupled our inbound leads. All the other elements have to be right to do that.” 

Sean Hurwitz, CEO, PIXO VR


“Working with Yvonne was an excellent way to get high-value marketing advice. It was a great experience for us. Over the course of our collaboration, Yvonne changed the way we approach marketing. She has the goods to back up the promise of the Chief Outsiders value proposition – high quality and focused resources to deliver results. We got a lot of value out of working with her and will undoubtedly work with her again.”

Cathy Jirak, COO, QueBIT: Business analytics software


“We wanted to rebrand to increase awareness, but Yvonne’s recommendations went beyond what we expected to include market and business strategies. Her insights were perceptive, on target and well-supported, helping us quickly coalesce and move forward with a clear direction. We’re now in the process of adjusting our strategy and brand to better support our mission and also secure our financial viability into the future.”

Alisa Jones, President and CEO, La Comunidad Hispana: Health care and social services nonprofit


“I have utilized Yvonne's services in four different companies - each for different objectives and deliverables. In each occasion, I have found her insight, consistency, and high standards of output to be something my organizations and I can absolutely rely on. As my ‘environments’ tend to be stressful and seemingly difficult to work within, Yvonne has been steadfast and focused, while blending both tact and dogged-determination, in ensuring that we meet our own objectives. Not only is her management of the client fantastic, whether it is strategic marketing (branding, go-to-market strategy), tactical marketing (websites, materials, etc), or market outreach (prospecting), Yvonne delivers the highest of quality.”

Douglas Markle, EVP Sales and Marketing, HICX Solutions: SaaS and On-premise Supplier Information Management Platform


“Yvonne helped us decide if and how to enter the U.S. market. She evaluated the opportunity, identified a means of entry, and found a company for us to partner with. Yvonne is a skillful advisor with a remarkable ability to put her finger on the issue and ask the right questions to uncover what is actually happening. Able to synthesize and conceptualize a business situation to make an accurate diagnosis, Yvonne is a valuable resource and will deliver no matter what we need her to do.”

Juan Ferro, CEO, Teltronic S.A., Spain: Land mobile radio terminals, mobiles, and infrastructure


“After our successful growth in Latin America and Europe, we were ready to enter the U.S. wireless market. Before investing, we needed to evaluate the business environment. Yvonne produced an outstanding analysis of the U.S. market and the opportunity for our company which became the foundation of our business plan. Not only that, she identified the specific high-level contacts we needed to break into the U.S. market, outlined the specific products target companies were looking for, and analyzed their unmet needs. The work was EXCELLENT and has become an indispensable guide for us as we move to the next step.”

Ramon Guixa, CEO, RYMSA Telecom, Spain: Design and production of antennas for telecommunications, broadcast, defense, and space


“We asked you to help us understand the critical market requirements that would drive our product development strategy for a particular project. The quality of the study was excellent. I have no doubt that we will work with you again!”

Jean-Claude Christeler, VP Business Development, MicrOptix Technologies: Hand held analyzing spectrometers


“Thank you, Yvonne, for your excellent work helping us develop our U.S. business. We wish to emphasize how much we have liked and benefited from this collaboration. Rest assured that we will count on you again as the need arises.” 

Andres Nubla, CEO, RYMSA Space, Spain: Antennas and passive devices for satellites