Meet the Chief Outsiders CMO Team

All of our Chief Outsiders have "been there, done that" experience as a vice presidents of marketing or C-level executives at an operating company. They understand the operational and financial imperatives of business to collaboratively define growth strategies and execute your marketing plans.


Art Saxby, Experienced Interim CMO, Marketing Strategy Consultant

Art Saxby, Principal and Founder

Manufacturing, Commodity and Branded Products, Professional Services

Pete Hayes, Technology CMO, Business Marketing Consultant

Pete Hayes, Principal

Technology, Business and Professional Services


Slade Kobran, Marketing Strategy Consultant

Slade Kobran

B2B, Business Services, Professional Services, SaaS

Joe Grace, Interim CMO

Joe Grace

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing, Health Services 

Todd Chambers, Interim CMO, Business Marketing Consulting

Todd Chambers

Interactive/Social Marketing Strategy, Brand Development, Marketing Automation, Technology

Phyllis Savar Levy, Interim Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Consulting

Phyllis Savar Levy

Product/Service/Process Development, Food, Healthcare, Brand & Market Strategy

Yvonne Brown, Interim CMO

Yvonne Brown

Technology, Telecommunications, Enterprise Software, Professional Services, Industrials

Andrea Levine, Marketing Strategy Consultant

Andrea Levine

Consumer and Business-to-Business, Broad Industries

Robert Anstine, Interim CMO, Industrial and Consumer Marketing Strategy

Robert Anstine

Industrial and Consumer Products, Food, Beverage and Consumer Packaging

Ameeta Soni, Chief Marketing Outsider

Ameeta Soni

B2B, B2G, SaaS, Technology, Industrial, Professional services, Global Markets


David Vroom, Business Growth Consultant

David Vroom

Manufacturing Consumer Goods (Durable/Non-durable), Market Expansion, Acquisitions

Dennis Bailen, Marketing Strategy Consulting

Dennis Bailen

Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Brand Development. Strategic Positioning, Growth Path Identification

Sean Klunder, Marketing Strategy Consulting

Sean Klunder

B2B digital marketing, product management leader, SaaS, brand and product strategies


Tom McCrary, Part-time CMO, Business Strategy Consulting

Tom McCrary

Consumer Products/Services, Professional/Financial Services, Hospitality and Travel, Energy

Barbara Fowler, Expert Business Strategy Consultant

Barbara Fowler

B2B Marketing, Professional Services, Education Technology, Global Markets

Richard Browne, Marketing Strategy Consultant, Interim CMO

Richard Browne

Industrial & Consumer Durables Marketing, Product Strategy, Pricing Optimization, SEO, Acquisitions

Inga Broerman, Business Marketing Consulting

Inga Broerman

Technology, Nonprofit, Demand Gen, Data Analytics & ROI, Social Media, Product Marketing

Joseph Kuna, Business Marketing Consultant

Joe Kuna

Direct Marketing, Consumer Products & Services, Digital and Offline Media Integration


Clay Spitz, Consumer Marketing Strategy Consulting

Clay Spitz

Consumer and Business Services, Retail

Rex Bull, Interim CMO, Part-Time Marketing Executive

Rex Bull

Information Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation

Sharon Fortmeyer-Selan, Tech Business Marketing Consultant

Sharon Fortmeyer-Selan

Technology Hardware and Software, Energy, Professional Services

Jim McDonald, Marketing Strategist

Jim McDonald

Retail, Technology, Hospitality, Wellness, Loyalty, Direct Response, Sports Marketing, Mobile Wallet

Susan Morgan, Interim Chief Marketing Officer

Susan Morgan

Technology Start-ups, Energy, and Professional Services

Ricky Holloman, Experienced C-Level Marketing Executive

Ricky Holloman

Technology Start-ups, Energy, Industrial Firms

Matthew Benner, Interim CMO, Business Marketing Consultant

Matthew Benner

Financial Services, Telecom, Internet Hosting, Energy

Kenni Driver, Marketing Strategy Consultant

Kenni Driver

Technology, Education, Entertainment, Publishing and Emerging Markets

Beth Somplatsky-Martori, Business Marketing Consultant

Beth Somplatsky-Martori

Packaged, Durable and Electronic Consumer and Industrial Goods, Brand, Product & Process Innovation

Mary Doize, Interim CMO

Mary Doizé

B2B Software, SaaS, Start-ups, Fortune 500, HRMS, EdTech, and CRM Solutions

Michael Robinson, Service Development & Launch, Marketing & Sales Technologies, Traditional & Online Marketing, Client Experience

Michael Robinson

Service Development & Launch, Marketing & Sales Technologies, Traditional & Online Marketing

Jon Rice, B2C, Restaurants, Franchise Marketing, Multi-Channel Media, Product Licensing

Jon Rice

B2C, Restaurants, Franchise Marketing, Multi-Channel Media, Product Licensing


Atul Minocha, Interim CMO, Business Strategy

Atul Minocha

B2B & B2C, Industrial, Health, Automotive, Technology

Charles Born, Experienced Part Time Marketing Executive

Charles Born

Technology, Professional Services, Cloud Platforms, CRM/Call Center, eCommerce/Payment Platforms

Karen Hayward, Business Marketing Consultant

Karen Hayward

Technology, SaaS, Competitive Positioning, Go-to-Market Strategy, Lead Gen

Mark Lange, Marketing Strategy Consultant

Mark Lange

Technology, B2B SaaS, Social, Cloud, IT and Hardware

José Marrero, Chief Marketing Outsider

José Marrero

Consumer Products and Service Positioning, B2B & B2C Demand Generation

What We Care About

Beyond helping companies grow, Chief Outsiders CMOs are involved in a broad array of community service activities. Check out what we're up to HERE.