When your retail or consumer goods company requires growth, Chief Outsiders consumer-savvy executives quickly deliver practical, hands-on strategic and tactical marketing guidance.

Execute proven strategies to grow sales and market share in a matter of months. With Chief Outsiders, our seniority and our tenure set us apart. We've been in the trenches, planning, doing, measuring and learning – the hard way. We bring hands-on retail and consumer goods industry knowledge by marketing specialty right to the table. We can help you:

  • Achieve dramatic increases in retail margins and profits

  • Launch new products and revitalize existing brands

  • Streamline distribution and differentiate the company within the marketplace

  • Create and execute digital marketing strategies to build awareness and loyalty

Chief Outsiders knows retail and consumer goods.  Our perspective is informed by deep experience guiding and assisting consumer-focused companies with a variety of needs across the global omni-channel retail and consumer goods landscape.