Fractional CMO Marketing Case Studies

At Chief Outsiders, we don’t believe growth happens by accident. Growth depends on effective strategy and efficient execution based on relevant insights. You can learn more about our Growth Gears market-driven approach.

Marketing Success Stories:

SaaS PlatformCEO Mike Mansbach - PunchTab
Retail/ConstructionCEO Mike Feigin - MainStreet America
Operating Partner John Kish - Riverside

Manufacturing CASE STUDIES

Manufacturing companies see a significant amount of their business through repeat customers, but that is no reason to overlook marketing to attract new customers. Strategic approaches such as focusing on a target expansion region, assessing customer impressions in order to tailor brand image, and establishing industry authority offer even the most established manufacturing companies opportunity to expand.

Media & Entertainment CASE STUDIES

More than many other industries, media and entertainment companies need to be aware of digital and print media. In some cases, the key to growth or improvement for these companies is to differentiate themselves. In others, a trained eye is needed to leverage existing assets to drive customer engagement. From marketing automation, to adjusting retail practices, see the ways in which we have helped companies overcome growth hurdles and sizably increase revenue.

Professional Services CASE STUDIES

The way people seek professional services has evolved; a clear majority now consult online resources before enlisting a professional. They seek assurances of industry expertise, ethics, and fidelity -- and marketing efforts should not overlook these factors.

Financial Services CASE STUDIES

Understanding clientele is crucial for providers of financial services, allowing them to establish sought-after qualities such as trust, consistency, transparency, and professional sophistication.


How can tech companies grow revenue, reduce risk, and increase partner recruitment? From integrated digital marketing strategies to educate buyers, to repositioning towards your ideal customer, check out the successful strategies implemented by Chief Outsiders in our tech marketing case studies.


Tracking and understanding consumer behavior and activity across all channels is crucial for software companies looking to connect with their customers at the right time, through the right channel. Data-driven marketing strategies lead to optimized customer engagement. See how Chief Outsiders helped SAAS businesses develop and execute targeted growth strategies.


Retail marketing needs are highly individualized, but are under-girded by consistent factors. Key strategies should be developed with a thorough understanding of the market and clientele. Other important considerations include communication between distribution outlets and decision-makers, and staying abreast of the continually evolving habits of consumers.


How to translate the complexities of modern healthcare to clear messaging to customers? From overall organizational branding to tailored messages from specific services, clientele, and donors, Chief Outsiders can help healthcare companies develop business strategies for sustainability and expansion. Because of the complex nature of this industry, it is also crucial to develop clear segmented objectives for sales, marketing, and business.

Agriculture CASE STUDIES

Agricultural businesses face a unique set of challenges based on their niches. Whether the sales target is major distribution outlets or small farmers’ markets, key strategies include identifying the customer base, developing differentiation, and utilizing consistent branding.

Distribution CASE STUDIES

Since distributors work with and through partners, strategic branding and analysis of methods and channels establish a position for growth. Some methods unique to the distribution model include segmented sales teams, product rebates, and cooperative marketing approaches.


Chief Outsiders helps the energy industry update its marketing strategies to appeal to the expectations of a younger demographic moving into decision-making roles, and maintain positive branding in periods of political and financial volatility. For instance, we can implement strategies to shift the image of traditional services companies to that of a leading-edge tech company. We craft business strategies that will attract new customers, reacquaint you with existing customers, and keep you current.

Marketing Case Studies Show Real Results

Whether you are looking to position your organization for high-velocity gains or to strategically manage growth, having a marketing professional on your team will lead to a more focused and informed approach.

For companies without the resources or inclination for a full-time CMO, Chief Outsiders offers a tailored solution. Our fractional CMOs step into your organization when needed to provide strategy and guidance wherever your organization needs it, whether that is in the development of products and services, diversification, market expansion, or analysis.

The above marketing case study examples show you a bit of our track record with real companies looking for concrete results. Take the next step - call today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation quick assessment to find out how Chief Outsiders can help you position your organization for growth. 

Dennis Ratner, CEO, Founder, Stylist, RATNER companies

"I highly recommend them..."

"Choosing Chief Outsiders proved to be a huge asset. They quickly assessed our needs and assisted with execution for results. I highly recommend them as a resource for any growing organization that needs more depth than they currently have on staff as a complement."

- Dennis Ratner, CEO/Founder/Stylist, RATNER companies