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Chief Outsiders' part time marketing executives figured out our strategy. Steven Shang
Illustration: Interim CMO working as part of management team.

How It Works

If you're a business that has never had a VP of Marketing, or CMO, you've likely experienced a number of growth-limiting challenges. Chief Outsiders provides part-time marketing executives to growth and mid-sized businesses for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). And when we place a Chief Outsider with your company, you get access to the human capital of our entire executive marketing team by virtue of our peer review process. Also, we recognize that division general managers of larger companies may require additional "bench strength" to meet their growth challenges. Here's how we think about our role:

Your Marketing Right Hand

The CEO should be the #1 marketing visionary for the company.  Our job is to be your marketing right hand to help articulate and implement your market-based growth vision.

The Chief Outsider’s job is to translate the CEO's growth vision and value proposition into an insightful, actionable and measurable strategic marketing plan that delivers results. We call our marketing executives Chief Outsiders, because they provide an external market-focused perspective along with the skills and experience to discuss and debate the business and financial implications of marketing and growth strategies.

Your Chief Outsiders outsourced CMO oversees the implementation of the plan including providing direction and guidance to agencies and the internal marketing team. All of our executives bring strong business and financial acumen and have experience in finance, operations, and sales. We develop business plans and marketing strategies that are backed up by great research, believable financials and align the entire organization.

Our Peer Review Process Assures Greater Value

When you engage a Chief Outsiders outsourced CMO, you gain access to an entire team of experienced and skilled executive marketers.

The Chief Outsiders’ team of CMOs comes from a broad range of industries.  While there are strong commonalities in the level of experience of the team members and in our belief in how marketing can help significantly grow a company, our differences can be a great strength also.  Utilizing that depth of experience can be very powerful.

Our team structure, tools, oversight and Peer Review process means that Chief Marketing Outsiders have access to an incredible level of executive marketing expertise within the Chief Outsider team. The growth strategies we will develop for you and your company are tested, reviewed and enhanced by our team. Our Peer Review process ensures that your growth plan and major deliverables have been discussed and debated in order to benefit from an experience base broader than any one person could deliver alone. 

Lower Marketing Costs and Risks

We greatly reduce the cost and risk of hiring a full-time Chief Marketing officer.

One of the greatest risks your growing company faces is not having the resources or expertise to develop a successful marketing strategy. Another risk is to spend a lot of money on a full-time CMO with no guarantee of marketing success. CMO outsourcing provides a part-time marketing executive who is a part of the company's team – but at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CMO.

Senior marketing executives are expensive and difficult to recruit and their impact on a company is difficult to predict. Chief Outsiders finds the right marketing executive for its client companies. The CEO can drop the contract at any time, or ask for a different marketing executive. You may only need your CMO for a few months to establish a strategic initiative, or for a year to fully oversee implementation or perhaps stay on in an advisory role. It's up to you.

Unlike Traditional Marketing Consulting Firms

What makes Chief Outsiders different from traditional marketing consulting firms is our executive operational experience. All of our CMOs have been a VP of Marketing or higher at an operating company. You'll find that our experience in larger organizations helps us quickly assimilate and integrate with your executive team, adding value as peers, not career consultants. Like consultants, Chief Outsiders' outsourced CMOs provide strategic guidance. Unlike traditional consultants, we stick around to oversee implementation, adjusting the plan to assure success.

Large Company Consulting Needs?

Chief Outsiders are often asked to help larger companies with their toughest marketing challenges. You'll find these strategic services are just as applicable to the large enterprise or one of their divisions as they are to a growth compay.

Meet Our CMOs
Our CMO outsourcing services deliver part time marketing executives at reduced cost. We are unique in providing seasoned interim CMOs or outsourced CMOs, all of whom are united in creating purpose-driven marketing solutions with profitable results.