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Mark Coronna earned note as one of the first ecommerce industry executives, and built a career leading marketing efforts for some of the most revered names in software and financial services, including Deluxe Corporation, Wolters Kluwer Financial and US Bank. Coronna is a globally experienced executive with consistent growth, turnaround and repositioning results across multiple industries and business sizes. He is known for accelerating business growth through deep knowledge of marketing, business development, and technology management.
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Avoiding the “Popcorn-Tin” Syndrome: Three Steps to Strategic Marketing Success

Avoiding the “Popcorn-Tin” Syndrome: Three Steps to Strategic Marketing Success

Thu, May 23, 2019 | Posted by Jeff Greenberg

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

I had an epiphany about marketing strategy recently—and I’d like to credit it to this quote from the great Sun Tzu, but instead, it happened thanks to a large tin-can of popcorn

Let me explain: I was working with a client that, shall we say, was not focused on strategy, and the head of marketing, shall we also say, was, instead, keenly focused on doing stuff to show their worth. In this “Marketing of Things” mindset, this marketing leader (who shall remain nameless) felt the best marketing ploy du jour was a large can of popcorn. Across the country, clients received multiple varieties of popcorn, along with a note asking for more business. I’m sure plenty of people enjoyed sharing the kernels of this marketing leader’s laborsbut few, if any, made the connection to the company’s servicesand even fewer picked up the phone.

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