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Please Don’t Call Me a Marketing Consultant

Posted by The Chief Outsider

Rare is the CEO who likes to be told what to do.
Rarer still is a consultant who doesn’t like telling others what to do.

And that’s why I don’t want to be called a consultant—but I do want to be called a member of Chief Outsiders. We’re an experienced group of business leaders with a flair for marketing and an understanding of what a good business and marketing strategy can do to propel a business forward.

I’m a few months into my Chief Outsiders experience and am glad I joined forces with the talented team there.  We’re off and running, helping a variety of engaging businesses find new growth and efficiency opportunities. For example, I’m working with a provider of artists’ paints to leverage their outstanding dedication to their customers in new ways.

Admittedly, we’ve struggled a bit as an organization in succinctly defining exactly what exactly it is we do. What we don’t do is come armed with dog-eared PowerPoint presentations with a new logo on the cover page, tell our captive audience what they’re doing wrong, then flash a few models and our credentials.  In other words, we are—for better or worse—fighting the stereotypical image of a consultant.

So what do we do? Well, it varies with every client. We start by listening to the company’s needs, find a Chief Outsider with relevant experience (and yes, if we don’t have one we’ll pass or make a referral), and work with the company to determine how we can be of help. Perhaps it’s taking the place of a marketing director while the company looks for a permanent hire. Or maybe it’s identifying new markets and/or products for the company. It could even be setting an e-commerce strategy and helping build an online presence. See, that’s the catch—it depends.

In the end, though, working with Chief Outsiders is working with someone who becomes a part of your business. He or she will be a part-time member of the executive team, pacing the floor with you or covering it with confetti in celebration. And when it’s time we’ll say goodbye and hopefully count you as a friend.offerings wheel resized 600

Check out the embedded chart developed by Pete Hayes, one of our two principals at Chief Outsiders. We’re flexible in how we can help. You could start with our sharing an outsider’s perspective during a free assessment. Or you could jump all the way in and bring aboard a part-time CMO—whatever fits your needs. Each of the circles looks to me like a wheel or gear. It’s your choice as to how much you’re looking to set in motion.

So what should you call us? I like Enablers. Trusted Advisors works for me too (and takes me back to my days at Crutchfield, where helping the customer was more important than making the sale). Heck, I don’t care what you call us.

But do give us a call to explore what we can do for your business. 855.777.2443


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