Executive Marketing Positions

  • Senior Vice President, Enterprise Database Marketing at Wells Fargo
  • Senior Vice President, National Home Equity Marketing at Wells Fargo
  • Vice President, Marketing Strategic Planning & Analysis at Wells Fargo
  • Vice President, Marketing & Product Management at Bank of America


  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences with a concentration in Economics and Business Administration, University of California, Berkeley


  • Building, fixing, managing and growing businesses.
  • Entering new markets. Introducing new products and services.
  • Strategic planning leadership. Building and executing sustainable go-to-market strategies.
  • Change leadership across products, teams and markets. M&A integration.
  • Reasoned problem solving, thorough analysis and insight, root cause analysis.
  • Anticipating and uncovering opportunities and roadblocks, getting to the truth.
  • Customer, Market and Competitor insight and analysis.
  • Metrics-driven direct response marketing & lead generation.
  • Product Development, Pricing and Management
  • Marketing effectiveness measurement. Reporting, Analytics and ROI Optimization
  • Marketing Resources Management and Strategic Vendor Sourcing
  • Organizational Development: Team Building, Alignment, Development and coaching.

How Bill Can Help Grow Your Business

  • Helping CEOs drive growth as a collaborative member of their leadership team by developing a go-to-market business strategy and overseeing its execution through targeted strategies and tactical initiatives. 
  • Driving efficient revenue growth return on marketing investment.
  • Market opportunity analysis and competitive assessment with recommendations for go-to-market options and investments to accelerate growth.
  • Assessing organizational effectiveness and guiding restructuring
  • Leading the development and implementation of multi-channel demand generation programs. Streamlining lead generation processes for higher conversion and close ratios.Identifying the drivers of customer profitability and delivering programs to increase it.
  • Identifying and entering new markets, channels, products and customer segments.
  • Leading M&A due diligence and post-merger/acquisition organizational integration.
  • Strengthening and/or building your in-house marketing team. Leading change management workshops to improve team alignment.
  • Marketing Plan development & implementation
  • Marketing Resource management review & recommendations
  • Installing marketing performance measurement & analysis disciplines
  • Marketing messaging alignment for consistency in messaging and brand promise alignment. 
  • Spearheading new initiatives for companies constrained by day-to-day operations
  • Managing product development, testing and launch readiness.
  • Facilitating Strategic Planning Workshops, Strategy Audits and Team Coaching 

Success Stories

  • Incubated and scaled new lead generation-driven channel for financial services company by securing funding, recruiting management team and installing technology to launch marketing programs that delivered 31% average annual new account growth in the channel over 7 years while simultaneously reducing new account acquisition cost by 9% annually over the same period. 
  • Challenged with improving the efficiency of a division’s marketing spend, led strategic purchasing project that pruned the number of marketing vendors by 80% and renegotiated agreements with remaining vendors, leading to a sustained 17% reduction in run-rate marketing costs (approx. $22M annually) and less time spent managing vendor relationships. As a result, the expense and time savings could be reinvested in added and more highly efficient lead generating marketing programs. 
  • Following corporate merger, led alignment of marketing teams, programs, practices and investments across company’s new national footprint. Led business integration effort that combined overlapping functions and introduced consistent planning, program management and success measurement across markets, saving $3.4 million annually over first 3 years.
  • As marketing director for start-up national home lending business, led development, implementation and rollout of multi-channel direct response TV, radio and mail programs. Developed business plans and launched test and orchestrated direct response creative development, media planning and results analysis. Built market selection models for identifying high potential sub-prime media markets. 
  • Launched residential construction and rehabilitation loan program for start up national lending company, originating $30 million in credit facilities for real estate developer clients, and developed credit policies and marketing strategies for new home equity lending product line. Managed underwriting and established national title and appraisal vendor network.

Bill DeWitt Biography

Bill DeWitt is a forward thinking executive marketing leader who brings extensive experience and an insights based approach to helping companies achieve their growth goals. Bill helps clients dig into complex growth challenges, uncover market opportunities, craft strategic growth plans and turn them into reality. Focused on outcomes, nothing satisfies Bill more than helping clients develop and implement impactful and lasting growth solutions. 

Bill’s passion and expertise is helping small, midsize and large companies grow by building new channels and products, entering new markets, transforming underperforming products, channels, and teams, and leading merger and acquisition related organizational change. 

Bill brings deep experience in the financial services sector where at Wells Fargo, he was a senior executive, business builder and team leader responsible for data driven marketing, thought leadership and ROI. Prior to Wells Fargo, Bill was an executive at Bank of America’s where he was a Marketing & Product Management leader responsible for home equity lending growth. Bill also has experience driving growth in the real estate investment securities industry and most recently consulted with clients in both the financial services and real estate sectors.

Bill has served as both a marketing leader with a strong business orientation and an organization leader with a strong marketing orientation. He brings a global business perspective grounded in the sales, operations, finance, risk management, strategic planning and general management roles he’s also held. He understands how a market-based approach can quickly align and bind a mid-market organization and propel it to previously unseen heights. 

Naturally curious about what makes consumers and organizations tick, Bill loves probing, listening and learning to help clients discover patterns, uncover opportunities, anticipate problems and uncover risks to growth in order to better manage them. Bill’s approach is collaborative and his typical roles include marketing leader, strategic advisor, thought partner, operating leader, coach, and sleeves rolled up implementer.   

Bill’s marketing philosophy is rooted in the belief that great companies understand the differentiating brand promise that creates a preference for their products and services and they live that promise throughout their organizations and across all consumer touch points. One of the most impactful ways Bill works with CEOs is in helping them identify and clarify their company’s brand promise and then guiding the alignment of the company’s marketing messages and organization around delivering on that promise across all consumer touch points to accelerate revenue growth.

Bill is passionate about architecture, remodeling homes and enjoying the outdoors. A fifth-generation Californian, Bill lives near San Francisco and in his spare time can be found cycling, skiing and hiking in the Sierras.