Fractional Growth Executives for Private Equity

Chief Outsiders employs over 100 Fractional Chief Marketing and Chief Sales Officers

Our Fractional CMOs and CSOs each have over 20 years of experience leading marketing and sales for large organizations, including HP, Starbucks, AWS, Disney, Express Scripts, Philips, and MasterCard.

Executives-as-a-Service with unparalleled PE Experience

Chief Outsiders Fractional Growth Executives help Private Equity (PE) firms execute value-creation initiatives across technology, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, and consumer PortCos.

Due Diligence

Marketing & sales assessments

Identify Red Flags

Before any acquisition, meticulous due diligence is paramount to success. Tapping a growth executive with industry experience to assess the target company’s commercial operations and market position helps identify any red flags that may lurk beneath the surface.

Early Post-Acquisition

Kick-start value creation

Operationalize Quickly

Once an acquisition is finalized, the immediate post-acquisition phase sets the stage for growth. Here, the experience of marketing and sales experts is invaluable. For instance, pinpointing which go-to-market strategies to prioritize.



Align go-to-market & scale growth

Overcome Stalled Growth

As the investment matures, the focus shifts to scaling operations and embedding accountability. Our strategic operators offer a unique blend of strategic insight and hands-on operational knowledge, ensuring that all strategies are effectively implemented.


Optimize cost & post-exit narrative

Show Enterprise Value

In the twilight of a PE investment, the narrative shifts to positioning the company for a lucrative exit. Chief Outsiders' Growth Gears™ methodology offers a structured approach to ensure the company's growth narrative is compelling and backed by tangible results.

"Chief Outsiders forced us to look critically at all the things that we do and winnow out those that weren't pulling their weight."
Thoma Bravo PortCo


Chief Outsiders Services

Growth Assessment

Chief Outsiders' marketing and sales assessments uncover potential risks and go-to-market inefficiencies.

Fractional Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Our Fractional CSOs build productive sales teams, review comp plans, and optimize sales processes.

Fractional CMO

Over 100 Fractional CMOs enable PE firms to move fast with a marketing leader that delivers PortCo value.

Peer Review

Chief Outsiders' Peer Reviews allow PortCos to review go-to-market strategy with tenured CMOs and CSOs.

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