Healthcare Case Study

Regional Healthcare Provider Gets Smarter, Better and Faster with Interim Marketing VP

“Chief Outsiders filled a need during a critical period when I was not able to hire the resource we needed. Stijn Hendrikse was able to invest deeply in engaging the team, enabling us to deliver on an expectation to get smarter, better and faster.”

Executive Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs, Regional health care organization

During a period of strategic evolution, a large regional healthcare organization required marketing leadership to carry them through a pivotal transition. Unable to hire a traditional VP of Marketing, the executive over marketing needed a temporary resource to complement her own capacity and expertise. After initially interviewing independent contractors, the executive team turned to Chief Outsiders to fill the gap.

“The people that come from Chief Outsiders are used to being in interim roles, and they are able to jump in quickly with expertise, which is a tremendous advantage,” she reported.

New Energy and Perspective

With limited in-house digital marketing and analytics capability, the marketing department sought to modernize the operation and leverage digital channels to drive results.

“The engagement with Chief Outsiders enabled us to combine fresh perspective and technology talent with a team that deeply understood health care,” the EVP explained.

Acting as an interim VP of Marketing for several months,Stijn Hendrikse developed training expectations and provided opportunities for employees to acquire new digital marketing skills and roles. He also cultivated and recruited new talent to fill open roles and round out the team. 

“The team was grateful that he cared and sought to understand where they were in the evolution of their skill set and careers—and open doors for continued learning,” reported the EVP. “I expected Stijn to come in and drive metrics and outcomes.”

“I didn't as much expect him to drive engagement and make a difference from a human perspective, but it was great to see. Ultimately, that also drives outcomes!”

Growth Exceeds Targets

Armed with modernized skills, updated strategy, and improved analytics, the marketing team began to see results in the new year, beating initial targets in a variety of metrics. Newsletter subscribers more than doubled, and the organization exceeded its enrollment goals while keeping marketing resources relatively flat.

A Great Resource

The outside perspective, digital marketing experience, and interim leadership provided by Chief Outsiders enabled the organization to enhance marketing effectiveness during a critical time.

Stijn discerned the issues, brought in tools and training, and developed the team into a modern marketing group. He skillfully helped the organization take the next step on its journey to measuring and driving results.

“We were able to extend our capacity during an important time, identify needs and opportunities, and focus on results,” concluded the EVP. “Chief Outsiders is a great resource for experienced marketing leadership!”


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