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Stuart Johnson

Works with CEOs and executive leadership teams at consumer product companies to deliver sustainable advantage and business growth through insight-driven strategy, innovation, resonant campaigns and programming, online channel expansion, and cohesive, measured go-to-market processes.

About Stuart

A strategic, entrepreneurial, and human-centered business leader, Stuart builds businesses through insight-driven growth strategy, brand management, product management/innovation, ecommerce channel development, and disciplined go-to-market.

With 25 years of progressive executive experience in consumer-centric businesses like PepsiCo, Starbucks, and Reebok as well as small and mid-sized companies, Stuart helps executive teams strengthen their competitive advantage and drive profitable growth through rigorous, insight-driven strategy applied rapidly through product innovation, resonant campaigns and programming, and disciplined cohesive go-to-market execution. Continuously sharpening operations for higher productivity and measurable results, Stuart challenges and supports teams to do their best work, grow as leaders, have fun, and drive results.

How Stuart has Helped Businesses Grow

  • Repositioned brand portfolio and restaged offerings to be “fit to compete.” Re-ignited growth through global brand repositioning, rapid product innovation, and re-engineering of go-to-market for integrated launches. Drove 60% sales growth at Accell Group. Turned and sold company to a private equity firm in 24 months.
  • Helped traditional brands enter and grow online channels. Planned and launched four brand stores and won Vendor Of The Year with Amazon for Accell Group to triple sales from online channels. Launched two brand stores in 75 days and restaged Amazon to become a top account for PMI.
  • Reformulated and rebuilt growth strategy for multicultural consumer growth platform at Frito-Lay. Planned, developed, and launched $200 million of innovation. Grew sales +35% and margin +5 margin points. Launches delivered the highest marketing ROI in the company.
  • Led team health workout process. Created team charter, operating policies, and hygienic routines to rebuild and sustain organization performance. Moved organization from non-performing to high-performing and doubled the business in 2 years.      
  • Built and launched innovation pipeline through new retail partnerships and programming that doubled sales and achieved the highest profit in history for Aladdin brand at PMI. Added $26 million of sales over 18 months. 
  • Achieved double-digit comps and #1 growth in company launching three tea innovation platforms across channels at Starbucks. Led planning, development, and launch of 42 new products to support international double-digit comp store sales growth.
  • Two-time winner of PepsiCo Chairman’s Award for significant contributions to the advancement of company strategy and earnings growth.


Executive Experience

  • CMO & CDO, Accell Group North America
  • VP & GM, Digital & Ecommerce, PMI Worldwide
  • VP & GM, Aladdin Brand & Business Unit, PMI Worldwide
  • VP, Brand & Marketing, Newton Running
  • Strategy Director, Fitch
  • Global Category Director, Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Strategy Director and Senior Brand Manager, PepsiCo/Frito-Lay
  • Global Strategy Director, Reebok International


  • MBA, Babson F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business
  • B.A., English Language and Literature, University of Colorado Boulder


To provide some context, international category at Starbucks spans 4 regions and 50+ markets. Stuart led our food category and then expanded his responsibilities to the significantly larger beverage segment. Both positions require an ability to articulate and influence strategy while discovering, designing, aligning and delivering innovation platforms and supporting marketing across the world. Stuart navigated the senior management expectations and cross-functional requirements with confidence and contributed significantly to the f & b plans and programs throughout his tenure.

Stuart brings an exceptionally sharp strategic mind with an unbridled energy to actively advance important initiatives and get work done for his customers in the market. He is quite a creative and conceptual innovator while being pragmatic and focused on results. Stuart is also quite good at bringing together, focusing and motivating teams and people to get work done. Coupled with his previous years of experience in brand management at places like Frito, Stuart is quite an impressive business leader.

-Murray Darling, VP, International, Starbucks


I had the distinct pleasure of working with Stuart back in the early stages of my career and he had a very formative presence on my career. Stuart is strategic but also has no issues leading execution. He is decisive but also collaborative. As a leader, he provides great direction, empowers his employees but also holds people accountable if they do not deliver against expectations. His is extremely empathetic and I would place a wager that most who have ever worked with Stu wish that they could have other bosses like him. To this day, I try to think about how Stu would handle various managerial situations to try to emulate some of his empathy.

On top of his professional skills, both functional and executive leadership, Stu his a hard core endurance athlete. Why is that relevant? I am a firm believer that if you have the discipline, will power and tenacity to get through a 50-mile race, powering through tough business situations is easy.

- Jeremy Bjork, VP, Digital Marketing, Hanes Brands


Stuart operates as a Brand manager and Strategic Chief of Staff. Stuart quarterbacked several of the biggest multimillion dollar initiatives during his tenure on my team including new product intros (Doritos Guacamole, Lays Honey BBQ, Mexican National Soccer Team Promo, Spike Lee Directed TV spot to name a few). More importantly, Stu provided the strategic intellectual horsepower that helped evolve our Multicultural Business growth platform from a "products from Mexico" model to "ethnic inspired products with broad appeal." Stu is a man of high integrity, strong values, and infectious passion that is an asset to any team and organization.

-Jaime Vasquez, VP Marketing, Frito-Lay North America


Stuart is the “Total Package Leader” who brings together sales, marketing, product and operations to effectively plan and grow a brand. Stuart quickly set strategy, built the plan, organized the team around it, and inspired his people through execution. Stuart took the Aladdin team through unprecedented growth. It was exciting to see Stuart and his teams achieve outstanding results on Aladdin brand.

Stuart was then asked to develop and implement an ecommerce strategy for PMI. He dove into ecommerce and quickly establish himself as an expert. While developing a “Best in Class” ecommerce solution” for PMI Stuart was able to deliver significant growth from the ecommerce channel. Prior to his departure from PMI Stuart launched a new ecommerce partnership that will continue to grow PMI’s ecommerce business for the foreseeable future. Stuart is a great modern business leader and innovator, an asset to any leadership team.

-Tom Clemente, CEO, CF Global Holdings


Stuart is a strategic, practical, soulful leader.

He knows how to grow a p/l, an organization and a Brand. He's got a unique ability to find the key insight from a business analysis, organization/people problem or consumer need. And then leads his teams with incredible urgency to develop and execute plans to capture the big wins, while reducing the pre-existing problems. He is thoughtful in how he guides the organization and makes decisions, and also how he carries himself.

He's driven significant growth across rather diverse business situations: scaling the Starbucks Brand, multiple product categories and retail operations in over 60+ countries; repositioning the Tazo Brand into a mainstream, omni-channel business; building a niche, high-performance athletic shoe Brand. This demonstrates how transferable his skills, drive and personality are.

-Steve Seto, VP Marketing, ProService Hawaii


Stuart is a strong leader, who has a knack for taking complex ideas and multiple messaging and simplifying it to its essence…that perfectly hits home with the audience. That is the mark of smart, persuasive and effective marketer. Stuart has a very sound strategic marketer mindset, and is not afraid to go deep that leads to valuable discussions and a much better outcome. I am impressed with Stuart’s roll up the sleeves work ethic across all marketing functional areas. Stuart is someone that can span Chief Marketing Officer, digital marketing stud, or data analytics guru, whatever the company needs. Highly recommended.

– Chuck Frizelle, VP, Full Swing & Top Golf Swing Suite

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Industry Experience Specialties
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Brand Strategy/Refresh
  • Product Innovation
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Market & Consumer Insights
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