Case Study: QueBIT

Repositioning and Rebranding to Expand into New Markets

“Working with Yvonne was an excellent way to get high-value marketing advice. She has the goods to back up the promise of the Chief Outsiders value proposition – high quality and focused resources to deliver results.”  

Catherine Jirak, COO and Principal, QueBIT 

QueBIT helps companies understand their business challenges and use existing data to make smarter decisions. Since inception, the company had grown its business through word-of-mouth and limited events. QueBIT engaged ChiefOutsider, Yvonne Brown, to develop positioning and deploy a new brand with a strategic marketing plan and lead generation program. The brand strategy resulted in a 2,000% improvement in webinar attendance and establishes QueBIT as a leader in the business analytics consulting space.


Customized Data Solutions

quebit-logoEvery year, companies of all sizes, in every industry, spend billions of dollars collecting data about customers, financial transactions and operational performance – just to let that data sit dormant in disparate databases.

In today’s competitive environment, it is critical for companies to leverage their data not only to improve business operations, but also to determine scenarios for growth – price sensitivities, changes in cost of goods sold, distribution and shelf space. Getting it right requires specialized expertise.

As a trusted expert in business analytics and award-winning IBM premier partner, QueBIT works with companies to understand their business challenges and determine how to use existing data to make smarter decisions.

QueBIT’s team of seasoned, business-oriented analysts provides customers with turnkey customized solutions that impact financial performance, demand planning, operations and marketing.

Big Data Pioneer

While ‘Big Data’ has been hot over the last several years, QueBIT’s team has been using the tools for over 20 years. “We work with clients across all industries to solve business analytics challenges so they can make critical decisions faster and act more accurately to move their business forward,” said Catherine Jirak, QueBIT COO and Principal. 

As an example, an automotive manufacturer needs to plan demand for products at a store level for each distribution channel. With QueBIT’s analytical models they are easily able to combine historical sales information on registration, make and model to more accurately predict future sales in each distribution center, channel and store. 

Delivering Quality and Accuracy

As customer expectations for quality and accuracy increase, QueBIT is committed to exceeding those needs.

“It’s all about delivering value to our clients each and every day,” stated Jirak. “Value is across everything we do – quality, accuracy, standards. We understand the types of decisions our clients make based upon the data, and take our role extremely seriously.”

Growth Strategy

Expand Beyond IBM Customers

Since inception, QueBIT had grown its business through word-of-mouth and limited events. Last year the executive team recognized that the company needed to address some critical issues quickly and reposition QueBIT in a way that would allow the company to continue its role as an IBM partner while expanding in new directions. 

According to Jirak, “We believed these issues would be solved with a clearly articulated brand that would allow us to acquire new customers whether or not they were working with IBM technologies.”

 Business Analytics Identity

“We needed to create an identity that presented a true picture of what we offer and position ourselves as 'the experts' in business analytic solutions, not just a technology or implementation consultant. A way to achieve this was to work with ChiefOutsiders to develop a clear and specific articulation of our brand and expertise,” emphasized Jirak.

Jirak reached out to the Vistage network for advice on potential partners to help in this critical initiative. Once she met with Yvonne Brown from ChiefOutsiders, she knew she had found the right partner with the right background to be part of their team. 

New Positioning and Marketing Plan 

The initial phase of the project consisted of developing a new positioning and brand. “From the start, Yvonne understood our business, advising us on what was best for QueBIT,” stated Jirak. “She gained credibility quickly and became a true member of our team. Our biggest objective was the overall marketing strategy – and Yvonne was able to work with us in a manner that yielded the best results.”

After a successful first phase, QueBIT extended the project to a second phase that included the deployment of the brand, the evaluation of a new market, the development of a marketing plan and the implementation of a lead generation program. 

Growth Achieved 

Entered New Markets

With Jirak’s assistance, QueBIT created a brand strategy that establishes them as a leader in the business analytics consulting space and positions the company for growth. Key elements of the strategy include:

  • Clear and simple messaging enabling everyone in the organization to articulate the company’s value proposition in a way that resonates with target audiences
  • Updated tools to communicate the new brand messaging:

o   Corporate identity brochure

o   Corporate presentation

o   Updated website

  • A strategic marketing plan aligning sales and marketing to specific segments, campaigns and offers

QueBIT now has a much better understanding of  new markets the company is evaluating for expansion. 

Increased Marketing ROI

A webinar program implemented during the contract resulted in a 2,000% attendance improvement over previous QueBIT webinars, elevating marketing program ROI to a completely new level. 

High-value Marketing Advice

“Working with Yvonne was an excellent way to get high-value marketing advice. It was a great experience for us. Over the course of our collaboration, she changed the way we approach marketing.

“Yvonne has the goods to back up the promise of the ChiefOutsiders value proposition – high quality and focused resources to deliver results. We will undoubtedly work with her again,” concluded Jirak. 


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