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Growth Insights for CEOs

All About That Base

Posted by Michael Morrison

Simply stated, a company markets because it is looking to get from one place – its base – to another place.

They want to go from a position of low visibility to a position with higher visibility.

They have a reputation for doing one thing, and want to expand their audience’s perception to include other things.

Mostly, of course, they want to go from their current level of sales, revenues and profits to a level where they enjoy more of all these things, most certainly profits.

As with any journey, where you are at the start – your base – is an essential element when planning for your company’s growth.

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Top 12 (Plus 1) Leadership Skills I Learned from Boy Scouts

Posted by Pete Hayes

Robert Fulgrum reminded us that “All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” when he published his book of the same name. We’re told that if we:

  1. Share Everything
  2. Play Fair
  3. Don’t Hit People…

…along with 13 more basic principles we will surely have a successful life. Well, he didn’t exactly say that, but certainly he asserts our lives would be more peaceful and our society less caustic.

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How to Brand the Service Component of your Business

Posted by Dennis Bailen

In the two previous posts I discussed the concept of branding a service delivery process and some of the benefits of pursuing this approach. Then I offered some real-life examples of effective service and discovery process brands.

In this final installment, I will present steps to guide you as you create your own service process brand. In the simplest terms, it means standardizing and naming an existing process, then promoting it to customers. 

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2016: The Time Is Right for Remote Work

Posted by Stijn Hendrikse

A funny thing is happening today inside the walls of corporate offices across America – nothing.

It wasn’t too long ago that enterprises wouldn’t dare consider allowing their employees to work offsite – not only because of a long-held belief that on-site team collaboration was absolutely essential to the corporate dynamic, but because, it was thought, there is no possible way that employees would be more productive working from their home. 

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Branded Service Processes Create Value and Profits for these Companies

Posted by Dennis Bailen

In my previous post, I introduced the concept of branding a service delivery or discovery process and outlined some of the benefits of pursuing this approach. In this installment, I will share some real-life examples of service process branding to give you a better idea of how it works. 

Below are three examples of branded service delivery. The third is explained in greater detail to more fully illustrate execution of the concept.

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Business Plans Gone Bad: Five Ways To Fix Your Focus

Posted by Deborah Fell

At some point in history, when the first caveman took on a business partner for their fledgling wheel manufacturing business, it became necessary for them to complete a business plan.

After all, how would our cave-bound friends decide who was responsible for construction, supply chain, sales and marketing and testing? 

We can only hope that in those simpler times, business planning consisted of a couple of grunts and a handshake. Today, the business planning cycle has taken on a life of its own. Except for the grunts, pretty much the entire process has been transformed into a rigorous set of meetings, a forest’s worth of documentation, and enough headaches to cause a measurable spike in Advil sales in your locality.

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Brand Your Service Delivery Process to Grow the Business

Posted by Dennis Bailen

In this post and the two that follow, I’m going to share a straightforward approach to increasing profits that most of the companies I encounter fail to exploit. Implementation is within the reach of small and medium sized companies and the potential rewards should grab the attention of CEOs.


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More Than Words: Three Ways To Leverage Influencer Marketing and Social Amplification For Growth in 2016

Posted by Karen Hayward

Renowned author and TED speaker Bryan Kramer recently honored me by asking for my predictions about social and content marketing trends for 2016 to share with his worldwide audience.

For the uninitiated, Kramer is a leading expert on the use of sharing and social influence for marketing – someone who is sought out by Fortune 500 companies and conference organizers to keynote on the subject. Someone who wrote the book on social sharing, as it is practiced today. And now, here he was, asking me to contribute to his future-looking trend list for 2016.

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How to Build a SaaS Company

Posted by Stijn Hendrikse

I was recently engaged to help a software company, Atera, prepare to launch as a global SaaS provider. Having operated for some time, the company sought to remake itself by adopting a new business model. Since new opportunities often emerge from ongoing business activities, this type of transformation is not unusual.

I would like to present here some of the critical elements and steps in the process of getting the Atera SaaS product to the point of launch.

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Automating Ourselves: A New Era of Productivity

Posted by Stijn Hendrikse

Today’s Automation Tools are Designed to Make Your Digital Tasks Flow More Smoothly

I recently hired Danielle, an administrative and marketing assistant, to help me with my workload. Since I haven’t been able to use technology to fabricate more hours in the day just yet, Danielle helps me to optimize the hours that I do have – as a crucial piece of my team, she assists me with administrative support, the management of my business schedule, and various marketing projects.

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