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Five Steps to Creating Customer Lifetime Value

Posted by The Chief Outsider

As we approach the end of the year, it makes sense to think about keeping those customers your team has worked so hard to land this year, and building CLV – customer lifetime value.

We’ve long heard about the costs of keeping clients vs. obtaining new ones. The common belief is that it’s 50% easier to sell to existing clients than to new prospects. According to Bain and Co., a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. Gartner Group says that 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of its existing customers.

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A Prescription for Content Growth

Posted by Joe Grace

How healthcare CEOs can advocate a balanced contextual diet for their enterprise

By now, we’ve all heard the phrase “content is king”—and it seems that most industries or businesses in today’s marketplace are able to benefit from an association with linguistic royalty.

Consumers in the fiefdom of “King Content” are hungry for information – finding that the wisdom to be gleaned from business-driven prose makes them savvier, and better informed.

For healthcare CEOs, the elevation of content from marketing tactic to strategy is a natural confluence of interests — from hospitals to medical technology companies to health websites, we’re all striving to achieve a more concise, novel way to relate to our patient community.

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Attention CEOs: Your Agency of Record Is Strangling You

Posted by Joe Grace

Why you should fire your AOR and build your own virtual agency created exclusively for your company’s unique needs

If you are interested in marketing or advertising, you may have also been a fan of Mad Men, the wildly popular AMC television show about a 1960s New York ad firm fighting to stay atop a glitzy heap of competitors lining Madison Avenue. The show conjured up days of vintage marketing grandeur where the print, television, and radio ad were king. As the show came to a close in late spring, a new slew of blogs and articles sprung up on the Internet regarding the stark difference between marketing’s yesteryears, and the increasingly segmented and fragmented media world we market in today.

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Do CMOs Really Matter? Harvard Business Review Says Yes!

Posted by Geoff Roach

The October 2015 issue of Harvard Business Review contains an interesting article that discusses the value that Chief Marketing Officer bring to organizations, Do CMOs Really Matter? The business press and academic studies have questioned the value of having a marketing person as a member of the executive team over the past few decades. As you can imagine, the answers have varied. 66% of CMOs recently surveyed indicated they are continually under pressure to demonstrate the value of marketing.

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Why You Should Stop Your PPC Ads Now

Posted by Stijn Hendrikse

A Call to Return to Marketing Basics—for the Good of the Consumer and Lead Gen

When I’m interviewing a talented applicant for a marketing position, I’m not only interested in their qualifications and experience, but the value they can add to my company, how creative they are in generating solutions and new ideas and -- just as important -- their knowledge of, or at least their desire to, understand my company’s customers.

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Rebooting Your Marketing Strategy to Meet B2B Buyer Expectations

Posted by Karen Hayward

Before the digital marketing boom, sales teams were the hunter-gatherers – the ones that had to go into the forest and slay or harvest what our company would subsist upon. In those days, the typical B2B marketer was asked to sharpen the arrows, restring the bows – and hope that our prep work was good enough to ensure an acceptable bounty.

When the sales team shouldered 100 percent of the prospective buyer’s journey, it was up to us to ensure the prospect knew about your company, could call or visit the office for more information, and were loaded down with a highly polished set of sales materials (and telephone script) that hooked them on the notion that yes, we are the definitive answer to their problem.

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Hiring the Right Marketing Consultant: A Quick Guide

Posted by Pete Hayes

Different Kind of Hiring

Hiring a marketing consultant is not exactly like hiring an employee. Here’s why:

  • A consultant should bring value more quickly to your company
  • The problem you are trying to solve is likely finite, not on-going
  • You should expect a consultant’s fees to be disproportionate to a salary

So in a nutshell, you should be on the lookout for a firm with an individual who has the experience and track record to quickly add value, and expect this impact will come at a premium as compared to hiring an employee.

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Four Ways a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Can Catalyze Your Company’s Growth

Posted by The Chief Outsider

Companies seeking a catalyst for growth or working to manage the choppy waters that often result from a changing competitive landscape or economic swings have a relatively new and effective option to consider. Increasingly, these businesses are turning to firms like Chief Outsiders, that are able to plug in part-time “Executives-as-a-Service” who can make an immediate impact.

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The Importance of the Elevator Pitch

Posted by Geoff Roach

Marketers talk about messaging, positioning, and the resulting, but ever-elusive, elevator pitch incessantly. We should, for those ideas are key to what we marketers do. In many instances, it's a long time and a lot of work to see if we got it right.

If you ever want to see the immediate impact of a strong elevator pitch, or lack thereof, visit a farmers' market in the south of France. Recently, I visited such a market in Cavaliére, a part of the town of Le Lavandou in the Var. Situated directly on the Mediterranean between St. Tropez and Toulon, visiting Le Lavandou is like stepping into a post card.

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Events: A Cornerstone of Your Brand

Posted by Michael Morrison

Events are a common part of most companies’ marketing and communications mix, but how often can any of us say that an event we planned or attended was anything more than ordinary? Sure, it may have been good, maybe even great. But did the event surprise and delight the people attending? If you’re one of the fortunate few who has hosted or attended a killer event, good for you. Now tell me… how exactly did the firm hosting the event benefit?

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