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Being Ferdinand Magellan: Four More Key Predictive Indicators for Forecasting Your Growth Trajectory

Posted by Paul Sparrow

Now that you’ve spent some time pondering the first four of my recommended key predictive indicators for forecasting your company’s growth and success, it’s time to look at the last four in the series – and prepare to lift the anchors. The next KPIs of utmost importance to nearly every B2B enterprise are the following:

5.  Average Sales Cycle

A command of your average sales cycle will keep your sales organization honest (and humble) – and will also provide you with more confidence in sensibly predicting new revenues. It’s also especially helpful to examine when it’s coupled with the Lead to Client Conversion Rate.

Measure every deal that goes into the sales pipeline and track how long it takes for each to close. Average the combined figure (# days to close) – and voila, you have your metric, and with it, a prudent expectation! It’s not a perfect science, but it establishes a KPI you really need.

You might be tempted to look at this in terms of products, services, and customer groups, and I would encourage you to do so. But first, start with the overarching metric—how long does it take my sales organization to close a deal?

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Delivering Customer Value to and from the Cloud Computing Ecosystem

Posted by Doug Rainbolt

It would be an understatement to say that cloud computing has been anything short of transformational. It is both the predominant computing infrastructure in use today and a key go-to-market model, through which software and underlying data are delivered on-demand to users via the Internet. 

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Ready, Set, Innovate: Four Questions to Ask Before you Launch New Products

Posted by Sharon McLenahan

Taste can be a fickle thing. When a finicky public is constantly demanding the newest, best, and latest of your enterprise, it puts an insane amount of pressure on you to meet their changing demands. Companies often respond to this challenge by launching new products or services. This solution should be carefully considered, and prepared for.

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A CEO’s Guide to Modern Marketing Transformation

Posted by Craig Oldham

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. There’s a reason that some things – like the number of tires on a car -- or in this example, how we use shampoo – remain decidedly the same. The old axiom that tells us not to fix what “ain’t broke” has served humankind well for generations.

For successful businesses, it has been hard to argue with the status quo. For those fortunate to celebrate multiple years of exponential growth while deploying tried-and-true business strategies, it makes sense to keep doing what’s working.

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Adding a Revenue Stream

Posted by Bob Sherlock

After a week lakeside in Maine, I went into town to do laundry. That’s when I met Dinah.

Diminutive and grandmotherly, Dinah runs a VERY tight ship at her small laundromat. After patrons load dirty clothes into her washers, for example, she asks them to wash their hands before touching anything else. (I am not joking.)

The laundromat is just one of her lines of business. Some are unsurprising (altering and repairing clothes, and renting out the apartments upstairs). But one of her business lines came to my attention in an unexpected way.

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