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An experienced global chief marketing officer with deep B2B and B2C experience and a proven record of success, John helps CEOs accelerate growth by better understanding their customers, defining more relevant and compelling products and services, building effective marketing strategies and organizations and crafting digitally enabled go-to-market plans. A seasoned executive and consultant with an analytical but pragmatic approach, John unlocks growth by bridging customer centered strategy with effective operational execution.
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Navigating Growth During the Economic Sugar Crash

Navigating Growth During the Economic Sugar Crash

Thu, Aug 4, 2022 | Posted by Pete Hayes

Everyone “knows” we’re in a recession except the economists. We feel the pain of collapsed 401k's, higher fuel and food prices, so isn’t that enough to declare a recession? And shouldn’t my business be hunkering down to ride this out?

In today’s chaotic economy, we are more likely to react to news headlines and stock market trends than market insight. We might completely abandon a core strategy, or delay critical execution tactics, based on the sick feeling in our guts. One way to solve this is by tapping the reliable data and forecasts published by ITR Economics.

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