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What is Account-Based Marketing and Why CEOs Should Care

Posted by The Chief Outsider

If you are the CEO of a B2B company, you may have heard of the latest innovation in generating revenue: Account-Based Marketing (ABM). This article will explain the why’s and what’s of ABM so that you can ensure your company is driving the maximum results. 

Let’s face it: your leads probably suck. They suck either because there aren’t enough of them, or the quality is poor. Most likely it is both. Your sales team is always asking for more and better leads – and you are too.

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Fractional CMO can be Key Step in Building a Management Team

Posted by The Chief Outsider

This is a guest post from Mark Rosenman of Newport Board Group.

There is a wide range of circumstances that lead companies to bring in a fractional CMO. The immediate need to strengthen marketing might be a response to an important development in the business: a growth spurt or a downturn, new capital or a change in management team or strategy. Some companies bring in a fractional CMO as part of an “asset light” business model that leans against bringing on permanent C-level executives at least for the foreseeable future.

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An Audience of One: Neuromarketing the New Reality

Posted by The Chief Outsider

If you buy into the old corollary that the “future is now,” be prepared to be blown away by what tomorrow’s future holds.

If you thought that today’s wave of marketing analytics tools represented a bold new frontier in how enterprises can track and nurture consumers through the buying cycle, well, in the words of Bachmann Turner Overdrive – “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

And, if you believed that the kind of brain-reading technology that served up personalized advertisements to Tom Cruise in the movie “Minority Report” was the stuff of fiction, it may be closer to reality than you ever thought.

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3 KPIs to get your Content Marketing Under Control

Posted by The Chief Outsider

Is your Marketing Team able to provide you a good view of how your Content Marketing efforts are performing?


Are they able to explain to you what the ROI is of the blog articles they are writing?

Can they show you the impact of the interviews with you and other members of the Executive team to develop Thought Leadership content?

Unfortunately, these questions are not often answered in the affirmative. Looking at your Marketing Dashboards, “Random Acts of Marketing” are often visible as "Random Acts of Content". Although the abundance of data available to your marketing team is unprecedented, it’s also a sad fact that most content marketing is still of the “spray and pray” variety.

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How to Build a Winning Healthcare Digital Marketing Team

Posted by The Chief Outsider

The Expanding Role of Digital Healthcare Marketing - The role of digital marketing as a key factor in achieving growth at community health plans continues to expand. However, having employed a traditional approach for decades, your health plan marketing organization may lag in the adoption of digital marketing methods and best practices. Your marketing ROI may even be slipping or is not accurately measured.

A recent ACHP (Alliance of Community Health Plans) survey shows that most health plan organizations consider digital marketing mediums to be more effective than traditional print and broadcast communications. Increased competition and the shifting consumer-to-patient journey amplify the urgency of adopting digital methods.

In addition, the need to more closely track the effectiveness of tactics and improve ROI amid pressures to reduce spending, mean that it’s time to enhance and refine your digital healthcare marketing efforts.

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