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Take the 2 Minute Naked Truth Test

Posted by The Chief Outsider

Avoiding That Birthday Suit Surprise

In the fable called "The Emperor's New Clothes" the value of an honest, objective and outspoken opinion is apparent for all to see.  And that kind of perspective is what Chief Outsiders just love to provide.

Whether or not you need an Outsider's Perspective is a testable proposition. To do so, simply ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is it possible in a business you manage that an insular or status quo mentality has taken root?
  2. Could there exist sacred cow programs that need to be scrutinized? 
  3. Is it possible that potential new revenue streams or strategic partnerships are not being aggressively suggested or tested?
  4. Are new product ideas based on recent insights about consumers' wants and needs lying dormant? 
  5. Could your team be unknowingly off-strategy or just settling for activity as a suitable replacement for productivity?
  6. In a world of emerging digital media and rapidly changing media efficacy, might you have a media mix that--although it is is pretty much just like all of your competitors'--could be leaving your advertising expenditures badly sub-optimized?


Ferreting Out Waste, Generating Opportunities

If you answered yes or maybe to even one of those questions, an Outsider's Perspective could be worth a lot to you. Ferreting out marketing inefficiency and waste, generating game-changing opportunities and creating competitive advantages, are what Outsiders are perfectly suited for. The value of an Outsider's perspective is all about honing in on smarter, faster ways to go to market with a winning proposition. And that means generating new growth, revenue and profit and/or eliminating hidden waste.

A wonderful old adage you've no doubt heard before, goes something like this. "If you always do what you've always done, you'll pretty much get what you've always got." In today's hyper competitive fast-changing marketplace, that old saw needs to be modified to "If you always do what you've always done, you'll get significantly less than you used to get."  Innovative thinking and being deliberatively retrospective about your marketing and sales approach is more critical today than ever. And now with Chief Outsiders offering fractional CMOs, it can be done with the highest level of expertise and yet at a cost that is highly tolerable and appropriate for mid-sized and growth companies.

- Jim McDonald, CMO    

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