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Super Bowl XLVI - Applications in Business and Life

Posted by The Chief Outsider

What can a mid-market executive leader take away from this year's (awesome!) Superbowl game and marketing fest?


Bud Light didn't simply run some ads. They introduced a product no one else has. "Platinum" and I want some. It's not premium. It's a whole new thing. A great reminder for companies who get stuck in products, services and features that don't change. Change some things. Make it different. And make sure people hear about it.

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Hyundai made a huge splash tonight with a series of ads. But they anchored the series about horsepower and performance on the initial ad that showed they had American workers in American factories making a difference. People cared. Makes me care about what they're building. Very important ingredient for Hyundai's success in America. Well done.


VW makes a huge statement about being fit and nimble. And recycles their success from last year's number one ad with Darth Vader at the last moment. They demonstrated precision in execution and will attract those seeking consistency and excellence.

Visualize the Future

Seinfeld and gang did a nice job of reminding us how powerful passions for a new future can be. The new Acura NSX is not available, but we now all want one. Can we create such demand with our own employees? Can we cast a vision and create a hunger to achieve it?

Belief is Powerful

Mario Manningham catches the pass of the night. And the game rolls onto the finish with a win for the Giants. He said he believed that if they had the ball at that stage of the game, they would win.

Faith in Each Other

Eli Manning said they won because they have faith in each other. A faith built on coach Coughlin's proclamation of love - sighting coach Wooden's revised hierarchy of achievement...where love replaces competitive greatness. I guess he's right.

It's no wonder the Super Bowl is so attractive to us. Not simply as consumers. But as business leaders, we see greatness. We see the result of hard work, perseverance, commitment, faith...and maybe even love for our team mates. Amazing.

- Pete Hayes, Principal & CMO     512-923-6512


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