What can Industrial & Manufacturing CEOs do Right Now?

What can Industrial & Manufacturing CEOs do Right Now?

Fri, Jul 10, 2020 | Posted by Art Saxby

Industry Specific Advice for Marketing in a Time of Recovery from the Chief Outsider CMOs

The following summary encapsulates the highlights of a panel discussion for the Industrial Manufacturing sector hosted by Art Saxby and featuring CMOs Kimberly Miller, Atul Minocha and Dawn Werry. For the full benefit, view the discussion video in its entirety (15 minutes). Short of time? See the discussion highlights (6 minutes). 

When the pandemic first hit, events for the industrial manufacturing sector were changing daily. Now, at the start of the recovery phase the entire industry is adapting. Some companies have had to find completely new markets for their products, while others have started making completely new products. Across the board, supply chains have been disrupted. Buyer behaviors have changed and go-to-market strategies have had to adjust in order to keep business moving.

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