Executive Marketing Positions

  • CEO, HearAid Foundation
  • SVP & CMO, Isagenix
  • SVP & CMO, Arbonne International
  • SVP Marketing & Corporate Communications, St. Joseph Health System
  • VP of Family Meals & Multicultural Marketing, ConAgra Foods
  • Director of Strategic Brand Management, The Walt Disney Corporation


  • MBA, Harvard Business School
  • B.S. Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Finance, Fundaçao Getulio Vargas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Success Stories

St. Joseph Health System (SJHS)

  • When the US Government announced that within 5 years, Medicare and Medicaid payments would be tied to clinical outcomes AND patient satisfaction, this major health system was ill prepared to face such challenge.
  • Adriana led the design and implementation of the first ever quantitative industry study that talked not only to patients of the SJHS but also Competitors, to understand the strengths and weaknesses of SJHS hospitals and of the Industry as a whole. 
  • As a result, with such study in hand, the SJHS had 4 years to prepare for better outcomes and patient satisfaction, a competitive advantage that solidified their position as a health care provider under the new Medicare/Medicaid payment structure.

Clorox Healthcare Division

  • Clorox had been selling products to healthcare customers for 10 years, basically leveraging the functional benefits of the products.  Customers were not “segmented”, except based on hospital/business size, so each customer was looked at individually and the sales force carried the task of tailoring the portfolio for each customer.  The Clorox Healthcare team was looking for a go-to-market strategy that will be based on customers’ needs, in addition to the functional benefits of the products themselves.
  • Adriana led the initiative that segmented the broader audience into groups in a meaningful way, based on attitudes, priorities and specific needs, then looked at each segment based on what matters most to them and why, what motivates them, and how to convert them to loyal customers.
  • As  result, the Clorox Healthcare team gained a forward-looking perspective and a framework for understanding where the customer base is headed, and devised new go-to-market strategies and plans to leverage these learnings competitively.  

Adriana Lynch Biography

Adriana Lynch has over 20 years of experience in Strategy and brand Management.  Her global experience has demonstrated significant success in the creation and execution of award-winning strategies to improve product positioning, brand recognition and revenue for start-ups as well as companies in turn-around situations.

A wiz at brand strategy, turn-around, and start up situations, Adriana has over 25 years of experience having held management positions with The Walt Disney Co., Häagen-Dazs, Pillsbury International, Procter & Gamble (P&G), and St. Joseph Health System. After being classically trained in Brand Management at P&G Brazil - where she managed Pampers and Always - Adriana came to the USA and got her MBA from Harvard, graduating in 1996 with Second Year Honors.

Additional highlights of her career include;

  • Serving as the lead marketing executive that drove the advertising strategy for two consumer brands (Chef Boyardee and Progresso Soups) that resulted in EFFIE awards for business building campaigns, generating $300 million in revenue over three years;
  • Leading the breakthrough quantitative research with a major US HealthCase System to understand the decision-making process of patients. With 5,000 interviews, the study is statistically significant by market, resulting in a consumer-centric approach to plans and strategies
  • Leading the turnaround of a privately-held company on the skin care and cosmetics industry, reversing top line erosion in record time, from a decline of -1.5% in February 2010, to a positive growth of 5% by December 2010; and
  • Reinventing the marketing strategies for Isagenix (Health and Wellness leader in the MLM space) doubling its growth rate year-over-year (from 30% in 2012) to 60% in 2013, and 62% in 2014.

Adriana’s global career has taken her throughout Asia, Russia, Middle East, Greece, Israel, and Latin America. Her international background, Brazilian origin, and the extensive work she has done in Latin America, make Adriana uniquely qualified for International projects and Hispanic marketing.

Adriana speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish, and English.  In November 2014, she won the "CMO Maverick of the Year" Silver Stevie Award; and in 2003 she received the American Business Association “Woman of Distinction” award.