Executive Marketing Positions:

  • Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Pep Boys
  • Chief Operating Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, Windward Builders
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Century Fasteners & Pumps
  • Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Kobacker Corporation
  • Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Thom McAn Footwear Division, Melville Corporation
  • Sr. Vice President, Strategic Services, Arnold Communications


  • Go-To-Market and Growth Strategies
  • Brand Positioning, Messaging, Differentiation and Value Creation
  • Sales, Marketing and Operations Integration and Alignment
  • Lead Generation and Prospect Nurturing
  • Customer Experience Road Mapping
  • New Product Introduction and Market Expansion
  • Customer Segmentation, Opportunity Prioritization and Targeted Messaging
  • Digital and Traditional Channel Integration
  • B2B, B2C Best Practices including Private Equity Portfolio Companies
  • Team player, highly effective member of client leadership teams with the ability to direct and complement internal marketing departments and outside resource

 How Dennis Can Help Grow Your Business

  • Accelerate Growth for Slow Growing or Stagnant Companies:  Deliver Market Facing Insights, Strategies and Campaign Executions to drive growth for operations and sales driven companies.
  • Branding, Positioning and Differentiation: Ease downward pricing pressure. Differentiate and de-commoditize. Define the brand promise that can be delivered consistently, motivates customers and prospects and enhances perceived value.
  • Sales, Marketing and Operations Alignment: Roadmap the customer experience. Codify, package and brand project management and customer care processes.  Invaluable sales support tool and marketing messaging. Enables operational consistency and business scalability.
  • Customer Segmentation and Growth Opportunity Prioritization: Identify, understand  and prioritize customer segments - lifetime value, cost of acquisition, purchase considerations and process, needs, wants and messaging. 
  • Lead Generation and Prospect Nurturing: Continuity of contact, remarketing and retargeting programs to feed the top of the funnel and move dialogue and relationships toward sales close opportunities.
  • New Revenue Streams - Product Introduction and Market Expansion: New product development from concept to market receptivity testing, introductory and expansion campaigns.
  • Marketing Audit: Assess marketing strategy, activities, budgets, internal and external resources, processes and results in light of business growth objectives.
  • Multi Industry Best Practice Experience: Operating company executive and managerial experience in retail, manufacturing, and construction-b2b and b2c.
  • External and Internal Messaging and Alignment: Make your brand both a potent competitive weapon and an internal unifying force.
  • Customer, Prospect, Market and Competitive Research: Quantitative and Qualitative review and analyses for deeper understanding of growth related influences and dynamics.

Success Stories

  • Successful new product introduction for Scotts Miracle Gro in multinational launch
  • Increased sales for residential construction company 200% in 2 year period
  • Introduced service bays as part of Pep Boys offering. Updated and reformatted all marketing communications for 140 store retail chain.
  • Repositioned Royal Composites Aerospace Company to become one of fastest growing companies in state of Nebraska

Fundamentals of Brand Strategy

Dennis Bailen Biography

Prior to joining Chief Outsiders, Dennis Bailen was the founder and principal of Core Strength Marketing, a strategic branding consultancy located north of Chicago.

Dennis is a seasoned marketing executive with expertise in brand development and integrated marketing programs. He has held senior marketing positions in both ad agency and client environments and he has taught marketing and advertising at several colleges and universities. He has worked with a wide range of regional, national and international companies including McDonalds-where his agency represented over 300 restaurants throughout the northeastern U.S. AT&T Wireless, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida. Pep Boys-where he was VP of Advertising, Scott's Lawn Care Products-where he led a new product development team and introduced Pull N Spray to international markets, Royal Engineered Composites and a host of others.

As COO/CMO, Windward Builders, Dennis developed an integrated operations and brand strategy codifying, "productizing" and packaging the project management and customer care processes resulting in a 200 % growth over a 2 year period.

As Vice President, Marketing Communications for Pep Boys, Dennis successfully introduced the service bay concept to this traditional DIY retailer and revamped their entire communications program.

As a consultant, Dennis repositioned a company, Royal Composites, a manufacturer of parts for the aerospace industry including a new name, logo, website, continuity of contact program, trade show strategy and social media program helping them to become one of the fastest growing companies in the state of Nebraska.

Dennis is a marketing change agent who is focused on brand strategy and positioning. "A well-defined and executed brand is both a potent competitive weapon and an internal unifying force." Dennis is a proven leader and team player with the ability to direct and complement internal marketing departments and outside agencies. Dennis is a certified Vistage Speaker on Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing. He has given highly scored workshops across the country to both Vistage CE and Key Groups.

Dennis has a BS in Communications and an MS in Advertising from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

He designed the Associates Degree program in Advertising for Parkland College and was the program's lead instructor. He has been an adjunct professor at Emerson College ; Mt Ida College; University of North Florida, and a guest lecturer at Tufts University.

He authored the test materials and student workbook for, Basic Advertising, a college text published by Grid Publishing.


“I really found it refreshing working with Chief Outsiders. Dennis devoted his time to us and it was real work. He wasn’t just saying do this, do that…we made him turn the wrench, hand-in-hand with our staff. He’s very professional and not afraid to speak up. He looked at everything from a marketing perspective and we’re still working with that internally. He played the role of CMO very well while he was here helping us identify our brand. He’s very committed and has very good communication skills. He dedicated the time and was always available."

"It felt like he was one of the management team. When we hired people in the marketing field, they grew probably ten times faster by working with Dennis and Chief Outsiders than they would have just being here at Steffes. If you had a specific project, they could bring real value back to you and help your marketing people look at it another way. If you don’t have a marketing department, they’re great to help educate and find the areas that you may be struggling in.”

Joe Rothschiller, President, Steffes Corp.

“Chief Outsiders offers a strategic level of marketing which is absolutely outstanding. They get people to focus on where they are going with marketing. Dennis is part of that and really good at it. Through the process we learned more about business-to-business branding.”

Tom Schneider, VP Sales and Marketing, Steffes Corp.

"Bottom line, working with Dennis and Chief Outsiders has reinvigorated our entire company. We’re getting a tremendous amount of value from what they bring to the table. Employees see where we are going and they are excited. It’s been contagious to everyone here. At our second meeting, Dennis came with ideas, potential brochures, and a new logo. I’ve never seen someone so prepared. Now we have a marketing direction with a program that’s measureable.”

Jeff Plotka, Owner and CEO Precision Work, Inc.